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Opinion Editorials, January 19, 2009


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CEASEFIRE CONTINUES, Troops pull back, Gunboats continue to fire on Gaza shore, Factions split on truce          

Israeli Terrorist War on Gaza: Killing 1,350 Palestinians, Including 417 Children, 108 Women, 120 Elderly, 14 medics, 4 Reporters, 5 Internationals, Injuries 5,450 Civilians  

Condy Rice and child killer Tzipi Livni (im, 1/18/09). Gordon Brown and child killer Tzipi Livni (im, 1/18/09).
A Palestinian child killed by Israeli terrorists in Gaza (1/18/08).
Victims of the Israeli terrorist war on Gaza White phosphorus bomb hit a Gaza school Arab leaders met in Kuwait at the end of the Israeli war on Gaza (Xin, 1/19/09).






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