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33 Videos of Chants, Songs, and Protests of the Egyptian Revolution, January-February 2011


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Editor's Note:

This is a special effort from the Editor to the readers of Al-Jazeerah to show them some of the aspects of the Egyptian Revolution against the dictator Mubarak and his regime.
The videos include scenes of the protests, chants, slogans, and songs of the revolution. Though they are all in Arabic, they will reach the hearts because they are coming out of the hearts of the Egyptian people, who suffered a lot on the hands of Mubarak and his dictatorial, oppressive, and corrupt regime.

There will be other similar pages about other Arab revolutions.


The Most Decisive Moments in the Egyptian Revolution:
January 25, 2011
The first day of the revolution

The Egyptian security forces attacked protesters on the Tahrir Bridge with hot, boiling water, to prevent them from reaching the Tahrir Square.

Determined to reach the Square, the protesters response was to start prayers to get strength from God, Who gave them His support. They did not run away, while the security forces did. Then, they proceeded to the Tahrir Square, occupied it, allowing more protesters to reach it, launching the revolution all over the squares of the country.

The Decisive Confrontation on Tahrir Bridge, leading to the Tahrir Square
January 25, 2011
The first day of the revolution

Tahrir Square: January 25, 2011
The first day of the revolution

Tahrir Square: January 25, 2011
The first day of the revolution

The moment of announcing the resignation of Hosni Mubarak in the Tahrir Square and streets of Egypt

Tahrir Square, January 28, 2011
Diplomatic car ran over 20 protesters

Security forces fire at protesters in Tahrir Square

Central security forces run away under pressure from protesters, the sirens are intended to intimidate protesters

A young man stops the security tanker spreading hot water on protesters

An Egyptian woman TV hostess speaking against Mubarak's regime in front of the security forces, ready to crack down on protesters

A young girl leads a confrontation against security forces

Another protest led by a young girl

From the Tahrir Square
Egyptian revolutionary women singing at the end of the video

We are students, workers, and farmers
But he (Mubarak) is a thief

Songs celebrating Mubarak's departure from office

I'm not coward, I'm staying in the Square, until you (Hosni Mubarak) leave,
Tonight Egypt is reborn, our nation is reborn

Popular songs against the dictator Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak Void, No More

Hosni Mubara, Leave

We defend Egypt with our souls and blood

Popular slogans and chanting against Mubark and his regime

O Mubarak, you're liar, liar, leave, leave

We dream of change
Za Za is a thief



Concert songs:
My country is beautiful

In every street in my country, the voice of freedom is calling.

Long Live Freedom
Long Live Egypt,
Long Live Tunisia,
Long Live Palestine
Revolution until victory
Social justice, no corruption, no dictatorship

Egyptian Rap:
"Against the Government of Corruption and Oppression"

Singers singing as the martyrs of the Revolution:
"My Country, I love you"

My children and I are willing to be sacrificed for my country,
My darling Egypt!

Egypt in my mind

Bahiya, bright you are, Egypt


If the people one day decide to live in dignity, then God responds,
then the night will end, and the chains will be broken


We all demand that he leaves office
Down with Hosni Mubarak
The People want befalling the regime


One of the leaders of the Egyptian Revolution:

Asma Mahfoudh

Urging the Egyptian people to come out to the street on January 25, 2011
Challenging Egyptian men to get out to the streets, announcing that she is no longer afraid, and will be out there in the morning of that glorious day


The Freedom Cry in Tunis: Bin Ali ran away:

Abdul Nasser Al-'Awaini giving the glad tiding that the dictator Bin Ali, left the country




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