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5 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Occupation Forces, Including Two Children and Three Fighters Executed by an Israeli Death Squad

Two Palestinian children killed in IOF missile attack

[ 21/08/2007 - 04:40 PM ]


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stationed north of the Gaza Strip fired a land-to-land missile at a group of children playing in Beit Hanoun city, north of the Strip, killing two of them.

The missile exploded in the midst of those children tearing the bodies of two of them into pieces while three others were wounded including one who is reportedly in a critical condition.

Eyewitnesses said that the two children, both 13 years old, were of one family and were playing with a group of children in the area where past IOF shelling had killed many children.

IOF death squad execute 3 resistance fighters after surviving missile raid

[ 21/08/2007 - 03:53 PM ]


An Israeli occupation forces (IOF) death squad (special unit) afternoon Tuesday executed three Palestinian resistance fighters in Qarara north of Khan Younis city shortly after escaping an air raid that targeted them, PIC correspondent reported.

He said that an IOF warplane fired a missile at the Quds Brigades members in the area but only one was wounded and the others escaped unharmed. However, he added that an IOF special unit that was near to the scene attacked and executed the survivors.

Clashes took place and the IOF unit arrested a fourth resistance fighter who was wounded in the raid and carried him to the Kissufim military position.

The Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, mourned the three fighters and vowed an "earthshaking" reprisal. Abu Ahmed, the spokesman of the Brigades, charged that the IOF soldiers killed the fighters in "cold blood".

Six of the Qassam fighters, armed wing of Hamas Movement, were murdered last night in a similar IOF air raid east of Breij refugee camp in central Gaza and a PFLP activist was killed Tuesday morning in Nablus city, bringing to ten the number of Palestinian activists killed by the IOF in less than 24 hours.

Three Palestinians killed in Israeli occupation forces raid in Khan Younis Gaza Strip 

Date: 21 / 08 / 2007 Time: 14:16

Khan Younis Ma'an  

Three Palestinians were killed and another was injured in an Israeli occupation forces air raid against a civilian car at Al-Qarara east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources confirmed on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses said that an Israeli occupation forces reconnaissance plane launched two rockets at a car carrying members of the Al-Quds Brigades. The air raid took place in the area of Al-Qarara, hundreds of metres away from the Israeli military post of Kissufim.

Gun battle

Medical sources and eyewitnesses in the area said that the Israeli forces opened fire on ambulances, hurrying to the scene. A gun battle then took place between Israeli forces and Palestinian combatants, protecting the ambulance crews as they tended the injured.

Palestinian medical sources reported that the bodies were transferred to Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis. The victims were named as 22-year-old Awad Al-Masri, Muhammad Abu Salim, aged 23, and Shadi Saqqa, aged 20, all members of the Al Quds Brigades of Islamic Jihad.

Al Quds Brigades spokesperson, Abu Ahmad, told Ma'an "the activists were about to undertake a Jihad operation when they were targeted by Israeli fighter jets."

Abu Ahmad also reported that the activists were merely injured by the air strike, but an Israeli undercover unit approached their vehicle and delivered fatal gunshots.

Funeral procession

Al Quds Brigades activists attended the funeral procession for the three assassinated members in Khan Younis on Tuesday.

The brigades issued a statement declaring that "targeted killing will not deter our will to resist and to free the whole Palestinian lands."


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