News, June , 2007


Israeli Occupation Forces Kill Two Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza

WEST BANK, Palestine, June 6, 2007 (IPC + Agencies) -Israeli occupation troops killed two Palestinains on Wednesday. a Hamas militant was killed in an Israeli Air Force Strike in the northern Gaza Strip, and an elderly man during a raid in the West Bank, Palestinian security source reported.

Israeli Occupation troops killed two peoples on Wednesday, a Hamas militant in an Israel Air Force strike in the northern Gaza Strip, and an elderly man during a raid in the West Bank, Palestinian medics and security sources said. In a related context, the occupation forces arrested seven residents of Nablus City, while those troops stormed in Jenin, the villages of Qabatia and Kufr Alrai, north West Bank.

A gunman of Al-Qassam Brigades was killed by a missile fired by a drone. Medical sources reported the unmanned warplane shot Kamal Sa'ad, 21, and injured him seriously.

In Hebron, Israeli Occupation Forces assassinated an elderly man and wounded 6 of his relatives.

Witnesses reported that soldiers came to a house in Hebron before dawn and shot a man, killing him on the spot, then shot his wife, wounding her and other 6 of his relatives. ]

Medical sources identified the killed man as Yahia Al-Jabari (67 years old), and the injuries were Aljabari's wife Fatma ,65, Al-Jabari's ,30,sons Kamel, Rajeh, 19, Maher, 14, and two others shocked.

In a related context, the Occupation Forces arrested 7 residents from Nablus and the near villages, and transferred them to unknown place. Security sources reported that that large IOF troops surrounded a number of houses and inspected the Old City of Nablus, arresting Mohammed Lobbada, Ameen Eshtyia and Awadallah Eshtyia from Nablus. Another Force of the Israeli Occupation stormed Zawwata Village west of Nablus and arrested Abdullah Ramadan, Jihad Nashata, Firas Mismar and Ammar Mismar and took them to an unknown place.






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