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News, July 11, 2009

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VIDEO SMUGGLED out of Israel reveals what really happened when the Israeli Navy resorted to an act of piracy and illegally boarded the Free Gaza boat

Peace and Solidarity

 As you are all aware,  Viva Palestina, USA Aid Convoy will be at Rafah Border we hope on Monday, we have had reports that Cynthia Mckinney will be with the Convoy.

Check out: 
EXCLUSIVE - VIDEO SMUGGLED out of Israel reveals what really happened when the Israeli Navy resorted to an act of piracy and illegally boarded the Free Gaza boat

Let us hope that they all have a smooth journey and get in to Gaza with minumum effort. A privillage which is withheld from so many Palestinian people.
Below you will see links for Photos of the Viva Palestina team whilst in Egypt

Photos from Sue Thompson Global Peace Advocate, International Artist and Photographer, with the assistance of funding from Help International (HI) of Palestine and United Kingdom, have been able to take part in the Aid Convoy from USA, Viva Palestina. Sue's  joined with the convoy in USA , met with George Galloway, Head of the US Convoy in Cairo.

With the assistance of HI representatives, who; ''Aspire to enhance the Palestinians lives by building / creating positive living conditions; psychologically, socially and culturally to ensure a better and fairer 'just' life for the people of Palestine. '' she will be taking photos of the war raged community, especially of the children, to help promote awareness and the plight of children around the world via her “Source of Peace” during Exhibition Showcases .

For anyone wishing to join IMORB at Rafah Border email us or   call
Nada Kassass (0020) 0... Arabic/English
Paki Wieland (0020) 0187358621 English
Iman Badawi (0020) 0197910753 Arabic/English

PLEASE note:

As soon as you arrive in Egypt we suggest that you get an Egyptian number and buy only a
Vodafone it's the best network working at Rafah gate.

Bring a sleeping bag and a tent too if possible.

Bring a spray or something to protect you from mosquitoes, they are not dangerous but there's a lot of mosquitoes there.

Bring wet wipes to use when there isn't enough water.

LADIES: PLEASE dress appropriately you will be camping on the street! i.e not shorts or sleeveless clothes,

Last but by all means least KEFIAH IB MOUSA HAMED , travelled back to Mansoura, an Egyptian city last night where they were staying to take her for Kidney dialysis. Kefaya, 57 good educated and nominated as a parliament member, she lost her husband during the Intifada and her house in the last war. She has been in Egypt for treatment since May 16, and todate has spent around 60.000 Eg. pounds. Doctors said that she needs a Pancreas transplant as well because she's diabetes and that can be done in France. Her son's kidney's tissues did not match so they'll try her daughter who is in Gaza now.
The good news is that our friend Jane from France who was with us at the sit-in but returned to France yesterday, says she will try to help and get her to France.
The police at Rafah gate threatened the lady's family as they do with everybody and told them better not deal with us, but they refused that.

Remember  British Citizens Jenny Linnell and Natalie Abou Chakra  continue to be refused exit at the Egyptian Border with Gaza to  return via Egypt to the UK, we again ask you to  write to the US/ UK/ Egypt Embassy Consulate to ask for a better way of allowing people passage, especially when sick or injured.

In Solidarity
from all
International Movement to Open Rafah Border

"Only a united world against oppression will help unite and free all of Palestine."

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country

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