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Biden-Macron Phone Call Defused Tensions Over Australia
Submarine Deal, Reaffirmed Commitment to US-EU Strategic
Alliance, September 23, 2021

2 Escaped Palestinian Political Prisoners Turn themselves in, Scores of Palestinians Injured and Abducted by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, September 20, 2021 Biden Seeks Talks with Macron Amid Tensions Over Australia Submarine Deal, France Pulls out of UK Defense Talks, September 20, 2021 SpaceX's Private Inspiration4 Splashes Down Safely in Atlantic Ocean, After Completing First All-Civilian Mission, September 20, 2021 Mali Prime Minister Defends Military Partnership with Russian company Wagner, Fueling French-Russian Rivalry, September 20, 2021

Two Palestinians Killed, Scores Injured, Abducted, Houses Demolished by Israeli Occupation Apartheid Regime Soldiers, September 8, 2021 Redistributing Mafia Assets, The Palaces and Ruins of the Drug Bosses Around the World, September 8, 2021 China, US Discuss Curbing Emissions, Fossil Fuels, Chinese Foreign Minister Says the World Needs to Come Together, September 8, 2021 Sudan Requests Replacement of Ethiopian Troops in Abyei, Summons Ethiopian Ambassador over River Floating Bodies, September 8, 2021

























































































































































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