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  Mumbai Attacks, Hindu Supremacists, and the War of Terror

By Mohammed Khaku, December 1, 2008

Recent Mumbai attacks were quite similar to 9/11, which were preplanned, well organized and very professional and I as a Muslim writer condemn unequivocally and in the strongest possible terms the evil acts of terror in financial capital of India, Mumbai. Targeted victimization of innocents has no justification and American Muslims stand with our fellow citizens of all faiths in repudiating acts of terror.
The unjustifiable disregard for innocent lives and the devastating destruction caused by such senseless acts of violence is an outrage. There can be no excuse or justification for such brutal acts. No religion permits violence on innocent lives and equally no religion should be blamed for the violence carried out by individuals.

Muslims of Lehigh Valley and myself express our deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to the loved ones of those killed or injured in these senseless and inexcusable acts of violence against innocent civilians. I am confident that the diverse communities of India will work together in harmony to prevent the nation from descending into sectarian violence.
India has always prides itself on being a democracy, yet has worst human rights record. Over past few years India has been gradually relapsing into religious extremism and numerous separatist movement have mushroomed due to the official patronage to Hindu extremist.
In last 60 years Muslim, Sikh, Dalits and Christian minorities in India have been treated so badly by the Hindu Supremacists that fibber of the country is going to fall apart sooner or later and United States is partially responsible for letting the growth of Indian (not Hindu) terrorism – with its mix of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and ethnic insurgencies – go unnoticed for so many years. This cocktail mix of wrong policies will break India in numerous parts based on religion and ethnicity.
Indian rulers should gaze on their own country and the conditions that prevail; the Hindu militant, separatist movement and economic disparities are profound and coming together to destabilized India. While there is a vigorous debate between those forces within Indian establishment who want to take India towards the dangerous and suicidal US-Zionist Israel nexus and those who want to India to stay independent and have good relations with Pakistan, China, Russia and Iran.
I see the Mumbai bombings seem to be the desperate move of the separatist and supremacists who want to blame everything on 'Muslims' but also want to enjoy the full benefits?  However, the three main beneficiaries of the so-called war on terror apart from defense industry are WE (US), Israel and India? All three countries have killed innocent people in the name of counter terrorism and all three have occupied lands of millions of Muslims in Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine. And this time, President Elect Barack Obama will NOT ask the country like Pakistan;”are you with us or against us" because the target this time is Pakistan itself.

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