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Obama Forces Stage Massive Takedown Of Head Financier of Mossad Forces in the US, Bernard Madoff  

By Sorcha Faal

and as reported to her Western Subscribers, December 21, 2008

Russian Intelligence Analysts are stating today that US Military and
Police Forces loyal to President-Elect Obama have staged the largest
takedown in American history of a foreign Nations spy service operating
within its borders.

According to these reports, New York financier Bernard Madoff [pictured
top left] was the target of Obama Forces as he is believed to have
masterminded the financing of Israel’s vast espionage operations in the
United States since the 1960’s.

Mr. Madoff, who holds duel citizenship in both the United States and
Israel, was apprehended this past week while attempting to flee the
United States and move billions of Mossad funds out of New York, and
which was thwarted by US District Court Judge Louis Stanton who said
‘the order he issued appeared necessary to prevent Madoff or an agent
from moving funds out of the court's jurisdiction and to "preserve the
status quo" for whatever may come from future proceedings’.

These reports further state that the powerful US Attorney, and Obama
ally, Patrick Fitzgerald was behind the takedown of Madoff and his
Mossad backers who Fitzgerald has been investigation since the 2005
arrest of Pentagon Official Lawrence Franklin, and who was charged with
passing American Military secrets to the powerful American-Jewish Lobby
AIPAC which is known to be one of Mossad’s most powerful front
organizations operating in the US.

To the power of the Mossad’s influence of the United States Government
through the use of its ‘lobby’s’ we can read:

“The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) which directly
lobbies the legislative branch of the U.S. Government

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
which "is the main contact between the Jewish community and the
executive branch" of the U.S. Government.

These two key groups aim to present policy makers with unified and
representative messages via the aggregation and filtering of the
diversity of opinions held by smaller pro-Israel lobby groups and the
American Jewish community at large. The diverse spectrum of opinions
held by American Jewry is reflected in the many formal pro-Israel
groups, and as such some analysts make a distinction within the Israel
lobby between right-leaning and left-leaning groups.

US Foreign Policy scholars John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt define the
core of the lobby as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the
Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the Anti-Defamation League
and Christians United for Israel.Other key organizations which they
state work to benefit Israel, in many cases by influencing US foreign
policy, include the American Jewish Congress, Zionist Organization of
America, the Israel Policy Forum, the American Jewish Committee, the
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Americans for a Safe Israel,
American Friends of Likud, Mercaz-USA, and Hadassah.

Chaim Waxman in 1992 in the American Jewish Yearbook listed more that 80
Jewish organisations specifically devoted to Zionist and pro-Israel
activities. Fifty one of the largest and most important come together in
the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations,
whose self described mission includes “forging diverse groups into a
unified force for Israel’s well-being” and working to “strengthen and
foster the special US-Israel relationship.”

Reports from Israel are detailing how the takedown of Madoff by Obama’s
Forces are also now affecting the Mossad’s many front operations in the
US called foundations, and as we can read as reported by Israel’s
Haaretz News Service:

“An alleged $50 billion fraud by Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff
has caused deep ripples in the Jewish philanthropic world, forcing the
closure of two prominent U.S.-based charities and threatening the
financial lifeline of a slew of other groups.

The Chais Family Foundation, a California-based charity group invested
entirely with Madoff, was forced to shut down operations on Sunday after
years of donating some $12.5 million annually to Jewish causes in Israel
and Eastern Europe, the JTA announced.

"I can confirm that the Chais foundation has closed," the JTA quoted
Chais President Avraham Infeld as saying on Sunday. "All of its funds
were exposed with Mr. Madoff. We have made a decision regrettably and
with much pain to close down the foundation."

The Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation, a Massachusetts-based group
which financed trips for Jewish youth to Israel, was also forced to
close on Friday because the money that supported its programs was
invested with the former Nasdaq chairman.”

The timing of this takedown of the powerful Mossad backed Jewish Lobby,
and its associated spies, by Obama’s Forces, these reports continue, was
due to President-Elect Obama’s plans to ‘radically shift’ American
foreign policy away from Israeli influence upon his taking office.

To Obama’s implementation of his new foreign policy shift towards the
Arab World and against the Israelis we can read as reported by the
Christian Monitor News Service:

“During the campaign, President-elect Obama put the goal of repairing
America’s image abroad – and in particular in the Muslim world – at the
top of his foreign-policy agenda. Mr. Obama began defining how he
intends to do that this week by discussing his plans to deliver a major
speech in an Islamic capital, perhaps within the first 100 days of his

Obama’s plan, still in the formative stages, immediately set off
speculation over where the new American president would choose to
deliver his message and what he would say.”

And, to the ‘major Islamic capital’ where Obama would make this historic
speech to the Arab peoples of the Middle East, these reports state, lies
at the ‘very heart’ of the Obama Forces ‘immediate need’ to takedown
Madoff and Mossad, as the only Arab capital that could be utilized that
is that of the secular but Islamic leaning Turkish capital of Istanbul
as the traditional American allied Nation of Egypt was ruled by Obama
Forces to be ‘totally unacceptable’ as that Nations continued horrific
abuse of its citizens, and its being ruled by the despotic ‘president
for life’ Mubarak, have deemed it unsuitable to be used in attempting to
re-portray the United States ‘new image’ to a highly estranged Arab

In knowing this fact, these reports continue, Madoff and Mossad had
begun the launching of a coup against the Turkish government, and of
this plot we can read in part:

“Daniel Levi, Daniel Guney or Tuncay Guney? Who is this person whom the
prosecution in Turkey last week said it wanted to summon to interrogate?
According to reports in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, he is a Mossad
agent who was a member of the right-wing nationalist underground known
as Ergenekon. It is alleged that Ergenekon planned to topple the
pro-Islamic government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Another Turkish newspaper, Yeni Safak, reported that documents were
found in Guney's apartment that allegedly link members of Israel's
business community with important Turkish figures also involved in the
Ergenekon affair.

According to other reports in the Turkish press, Guney was an agent of
the Turkish intelligence service who penetrated both the ranks of the
Turkish police's intelligence service and the Ergenekon organization so
as to expose the identity of its members. In 2004, Guney was smuggled
out of Turkey and clandestinely sent to the United States; he
subsequently moved to Canada, where his name appears in the membership
list of Congregation Beit Yaakov as Daniel T. Guney.”

To the final ending of this sage it is not in our knowing, other than to
state that as of this date, and nearly 4 years removed from his initial
arrest, the Israeli Pentagon spy Franklin and his AIPAC cohorts have yet
to be prosecuted by Fitzgerald as the implications of the American
people knowing the full extent of Mossad’s penetration of their
government is being too catastrophic to contemplate.

The same reticence against moving against Mossad however, cannot be said
against the US Military, which due to its longstanding regulations
forbidding Jewish Americans to enter into its high ranking Officer Corp
or its Intelligence Services due to their duel US-Israeli citizenship,
has left them as the ‘last protector’ against having their Nation be
used solely for the benefit of Israel, and which Obama is now utilizing
to its fullest effect in his attempt to shift his country away from that
catastrophic path.

December 15, 2008


Madoff monitored by feds; Obama reacts to scandal

By LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press Writer Larry Neumeister, Associated Press Writer –

Thu Dec 18, 6:11 pm ET Play Video CBS 2 New York  – Charities Among Hardest Hit In Madoff Fraud 


Bernard Madoff spent his first day under electronic monitoring Thursday as President-elect Barack Obama said the scandal brought on by the disgraced investor "has reminded us yet again of how badly reform is needed."

The effects of the $50 billion fraud has spread around the globe, and a Michigan-based foundation created to grant money to get healthy food into urban areas is among the latest to say it is going out of business because of the scandal.

Obama mentioned the Madoff saga as he named three veteran regulators to help clean up financial debacles that he said occurred because government overseers "dropped the ball." The Securities and Exchange Commission has come under fire for failing to detect Madoff's alleged deception despite repeated warnings, especially from a Massachusetts investor who has been sounding the alarm for the past decade.

He told a colleague in the late 1990s when he first noticed something was amiss, "This has to be a Ponzi scheme," according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Madoff had his bail conditions modified Wednesday. He must be at the Upper East Side residence from 7 p.m to 9 a.m. and wear an ankle-bracelet to monitor his movements. His wife was ordered to surrender her passport.

Cameras awaited Madoff as he walked out of the courthouse Wednesday toward his black SUV. Minutes later, a smirking Madoff was swarmed by more cameras as he entered his apartment building, with the scrum at one point turning into a shoving match between Madoff and a journalist.

Madoff's chaotic return to his $7 million apartment came on a day when the fallout over the scandal spread through the nation's capital, with the Securities and Exchange Commission taking heat and Congress jumping into the fray.

The chairman of the House capital markets subcommittee, Rep. Paul Kanjorski, D-Pa., announced an inquiry that will begin early next month into what may be the biggest Ponzi scheme ever and how the government failed to detect it. The SEC is also looking into the relationship between Madoff's niece and a former SEC attorney who reviewed Madoff's business.

Madoff, who has already surrendered his passport, made his appearance in the courthouse to shore up conditions of his bail package. The judge had required him to find two additional co-signers to vouch for Madoff, but he was apparently unable to find anyone as the cloud of scandal swirls around him.

Judge Gabriel W. Gorenstein responded by approving a modification to the bail package. As a result, Madoff had to sign over his Upper East Side apartment and his homes in Palm Beach and the Hamptons.

In Washington, SEC Chairman Christopher Cox again found himself on the defensive after days of withering criticism that his agency did not do enough to root out the fraud.

"We have thus far no evidence of any wrongdoing by any SEC personnel," Cox told reporters at SEC headquarters. "We need to go about this in a thorough, professional way."

SEC Inspector General David Kotz is looking into the agency's failure to uncover the alleged fraud in Madoff's operation. One area Kotz said he will examine is the relationship between a former SEC attorney, Eric Swanson, and Madoff's niece, Shana, who are now married.

As an SEC attorney, Swanson was part of a team that examined Madoff's securities brokerage operation in 1999 and 2004. Neither review resulted in any action against Madoff. In a statement about Swanson's role, the SEC compliance office cited its strict rules prohibiting employees from participating in cases involving firms where they have a personal interest.

A spokesman for Swanson said that he and Shana Madoff met at a breakfast in October 2003, started dating in April 2006 and married last year.

Another potential conflict also emerged in Washington on Wednesday.

U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey removed himself from the probe because his son, Marc Mukasey, is representing Frank DiPascali, a top financial officer at Madoff's investment firm. The Justice Department refused to say when Mukasey became aware of the conflict but confirmed he was removing himself from all aspects of the case.

DiPascali was the Madoff employee who had the most day-to-day contact with the firm's investors. Several described him as the man they reached by phone when they had questions about the firm's investment strategy, or wanted to add or subtract money from their accounts.

The events unfolded the day after Cox delivered a stunning rebuke to his own career staff, blaming them for a decade-long failure to investigate Madoff.

Credible and specific allegations regarding Madoff's financial wrongdoing going back to at least 1999 were repeatedly brought to the attention of SEC staff, Cox said. He said he was gravely concerned by the apparent multiple failures over at least a decade to thoroughly investigate the allegations or at any point to seek formal authority from the politically appointed commission to pursue them.

Cox's critics said that targeting the staff was Cox's attempt to salvage his own reputation.

"He put in place the people he is now shifting the blame to," said Ross Albert, a former SEC senior special counsel and federal prosecutor and now a private attorney in Atlanta.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., suggested Cox bears some of the responsibility for what went wrong.

"I served in Congress with Christopher Cox, but I don't think he's going to make the All-Star team," said Reid.


Associated Press writers Pete Yost, Lara Jakes Jordan and Marcy Gordon in Washington and David B. Caruso in New York contributed to this report.

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