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Which German debt? If the Germans owe anyone then it is the Palestinians, not the Israelis

By Andrew Winkler, March 4, 2008

The German people has enough of preferential treatment for Israel. "We have paid our debt to the Jewish people", a group of German university professors recently told their shocked Israeli hosts.[1] “Germans paid nothing compared to damage,” was the swift answer back  by the Holocaust industry.[2] 

Which debt to the Jewish people, is my question? If the Germans owe anyone then it is the Palestinians, not the Israelis. There wouldn't be a Jewish state in the Holy Land, if it wasn't for Germany. The horror stories spread by Judeo-Bolshevik commissars, the confessions coerced in the Stalin style Nuremberg Trials, the gruesome propaganda pictures of piles of typhus victims made it impossible for world opinion to say no to the Zionists’ wishes.

The Nazis and the Zionists were working hand in hand for the same political goal: the relocation of ALL European Jews to the future Jewish state.  That’s precisely why Germany’s Jewish banking elite brought Hitler into power: to make the unwilling Jews pack and leave. Why else did the Nazis get along so well with America’s ruling elite, the Bush’s and their Jewish bosses? All this information is freely available in books and on the Internet. Most people just don’t pay attention.

And spare me that bullshit of the six million murdered Jews. Fair enough, the Nazis did a bloody good job at scaring the hell out of the Jews. That’s what they got paid for by their Jewish bankers. The Jewish media also did their part to fan the hysteria. The fact is that not six million but two hundred thousand Jews died in the concentration camps. That number is confirmed by both the official International Red Cross report and the immaculate German ‘death book’ records.

Most of the Jewish prisoners have died from typhus and not from gas. If they had stayed where they were, probably more of them would have been killed by the Allieds, together with the 3.5 million slaughtered German civilians. Those Talmudic phantasies about gas chambers and six million murdered Jews have been debunked for decades. No heresy law and organised bullying can make that undone.

I can hear some readers asking about the countless witness stories. But has anyone actually seen a gas chamber? Nobody has. Even the Polish staff of the Auschwitz concentration camp has admitted on video that the gas chambers shown to tourists have been built after the war for ‘educational purposes’. Educational purposes, yeah right! [3]

Elies Wiesel, the Holocaust industry’s most prominent eye witness, has a different story altogether. According to his ‘autobiography’, the victims got burned and not gassed.[4] How reliable are eye witness stories that differ so profoundly in the description of the same event?

And let’s not forget about the third of the Holocaust victims who were supposedly gassed with the exhaust fumes coming from the diesel engine of a captured Russian tank.[5] Ever tried to kill yourself with the exhaust fumes of a diesel car? It didn’t work, right? Unless you are an asthma sufferer. Because it doesn’t contain any carbon monoxide like the fumes from petrol cars.

Of course Satan’s little helpers won’t admit that the Holocaust story was a big fat lie. They know that they are in trouble if more people find out. All the money they extorted in reparations. All the hardship they brought onto the Palestinians under the pretext of a safe haven. All the crimes they got away with because the world felt guilty about what happened during WWII. The world would knock on their shoulders and say, “It’s pay back time.”


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Andrew Winkler is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog and founder of Jews Anonymous. He can be contacted on . You can find more of his articles in the Editorial Section of the site.





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