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August 26, 2009

AIPAC's Proxy War on Obama By James Zogby  

America in Dire Need of a Messianic Sacrificial Lamb By Ben Tanosborn  

Another Long, Hot Summer for Obama By James Zogby  

Emperor's Islamophobia: Shah Rukh Khan at US airport By Ram Puniyani  

Gazans Remainded of Suffering During Ramadan  

Muslim American News Briefs, August 26, 2009  

Some Meanings of Fasting Ramadan By Mohammed Khaku  

The land of the freedom OR the land of the oppressed? A Poem By Laila Lois  

The US War against Iraq: The Destruction of a Civilization By James Petras  

This Isn't a Recession, It's a Planned Demolition By Mike Whitney

August 20, 2009

Health Care Crisis in the US: An Islamic Perspective By Hassan El-Najjar

Afghanistan: Drones and Democracy By Ramzy Baroud  

  AIPAC's Proxy War on Obama By James Zogby

The Biden and Clinton Mutinies By Alexander Cockburn  

Health Care Wanted, Dead or Alive: The Masquerade is Over, the Public Option is Dead By Dennis Kucinich  

Israeli Murdering of Palestinians for their Organs By Khalid Amayreh  

The IOF: Israel's Organ Grinder By Gilad Atzmon

Ramadan: A Season of Self-conquest By Muqtedar Khan  

Ramadan Mubarak By Mohammed Khaku  

CAIR Welcomes Ruling in Support of "Kind Hearts," a Muslim Charity's Due Process Rights  

Islamophobia, the Israel Lobby, and the Western Media By Paul J. Balles  

Muslim American News Briefs, August 20, 2009  

No Health Reform for Gaza, But Death Panels they Have By Juan Cole  

Relativity and Israeli Occupation of Palestine By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

Reprocessing of nuclear waste isn't the answer By Richard L. Garwin  

Russia and Georgia: Caucasian Calculus By Eric Walberg

Disarmament movement lessons from yesteryear By Lawrence S. Wittner  

Strategic Planning Comes to the US State Department By Gordon Adams

August 15, 2009

US Unqualified Support for Israel Was the Main Motive Behind September 11 Attacks, Video  

Israeli Use of Depleted Uranium on Gaza Residents By Peter Eyre  

King-Crane Commission Report: A Unique Official US Condemnation of Zionism By Tammy Obeidallah  

Latin America: Social Movements in Times of Economic Crises By James Petras  

Fat'h: A New Beginning or an Imminent End? By Ramzy Baroud  

Radical in theory: Fat'h's Long-Awaited Sixth Congress in Bethlehem By Khaled Amayreh  

San Diego Public Library Sponsors an Anti-Muslim Presentation Today by Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel, a CAIR Alert  

Muslim American News Briefs, August 15, 2009

August 12, 2009

This Is the Moment our Movement Was Built For By Barack Obama  

Afghan Elections: 80% Puppetry, 20% Political Drama Ben Tanosborn  

Gaza's Kite Runners By Ramzy Baroud

Nuclear Weapons: Remembering is not enough - Abolish them, a statement By TFF  

US Muslims Asked to Support President Obama's Community Service Appeal

US Mosques Urged to Host 'Share the Quran' Ramadan Meals, a CAIR Initiative

Muslim American News Briefs, August 12, 2009  

August 5, 2009

50 Palestinians Driven out from their Homes for Israeli Settlers in East Jerusalem By Paul and Carol Bradford  

64th Anniversary of US Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: A world of nuclear giants and ethical infants By Eileen Fleming  

Obama's Health Care Test By James Zogby  

The Gaza Siege: Who benefits from this crime against humanity? A Statement By the International Movement to Open Rafah Border  

The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power By David E. Sanger, a Book Review By Jim Miles  

The Israeli Conundrum: How to Deal with Iran By Ramzy Baroud  

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) 2008 Annual Report - by Stephen Lendman  

UN and International Agencies Fear Gaza Educational System Unprepared for New School Year, Statement and Fact Sheet  

What's New About Failure of US to Stop Israeli Settlement Activities in Palestinian Territories? By Khaled Amayreh  

Who Killed Arafat and Why? By Ramzy Baroud  

Netanyahu Seeking Salvation from US Christian Zionists By M J Rosenberg  

Muslim American News Briefs, August 5, 2009  





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