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From Dair Yassin to Beit Hanoon:

Israeli Zionist War Crimes Continue

By Khalid Amayreh, April 14, 2009


From Deir Yasin to Beit Hanun  
Israel has well-established traditions of murder and lies. The so-called “Jewish state,” one can safely argue, has been an ongoing crime against humanity  ever since the forefathers of Zionism claimed that Palestine was a land without a people for a people without a land.
Hence,  Zionism will always be a criminal concept if only because its ultimate implication is the uprooting and expulsion of an entire people from its ancestral homeland in order to be replaced by another people.
Zionism has never changed its mind, heart, or even skin. It remains a virulent malignancy based on murder, lies, deception and bellicosity. In a certain sense, this is within the “normal order of things,” given the racist nature of Zionism.
 Indeed, concepts such as Justice, peace, and humanity are alien to Zionism,  an atheistic and idolatrous ideology based on Jewish supremacy.
In light, Israel’s main function will always be to perpetuate the uprooting, expulsion and dispersion of the victims.
This is why  it is impossible to even imagine the possibility of peace with Zionism. In fact, it is easier to have peace with cancer than with Zionism.
Today marks the passage of  61 years since the occurrence of the  Dair Yassin massacre,  when the murderous thugs  of Zionism mercilessly slaughtered innocent and defenseless  Arab villagers in Jerusalem.
According to Walid Khalidi’s classical work, All That Remains, which is widely  considered one of the best if not the best source on the occupation and  depopulation of Palestine by Israel in 1948, the “Irgunists” who committed the massacre took some of the “prisoners” who had fallen into their hands onto cars and paraded them  in the streets of Jerusalem in a ‘victory convoy” amidst the cheers of the Jewish masses. Afterwards, the ‘prisoners’ were taken to a nearby quarry  where they were gunned down one after the other.
Some streets in Israel  were named after units of the Irgun and Palmach gangs that conquered the village and massacred the villagers.
In 1951, construction of the Kfar Shaul mental hospital began on the site of the village itself and in 1980, the remaining ruins were bulldozed to make way for another Jewish neighborhood. The village cemetery was later bulldozed to build a highway to a new Jewish settlement. 
This is how Dair Yassin was eventually morphed into “Kriyat Shaul.”  This is how hundreds of Arab towns and villages and hamlets were obliterated through a  gigantic campaign of ethnic cleansing  and metamorphosed into “kiryat this  and kiryat that” as the original inhabitants were expelled to the four winds by East European Ashkenazi Jews. Yes, Yes, this is how Palestine was eventually transformed into “Israel.”
Today, the same barbaric pattern of terror and murder continues unabated. However, instead of using bayonets to cut open pregnant women’s bellies, as happened at Dair Yassin,  and Sten and Bern guns to murder terrified civilians cowering for survival, the sons and daughters  of Zionism are using White Phosphorus and other sophisticated weapons of death to achieve the same nefarious  goals.
In short, the crime is the same crime,  the goals are the same goals and the lies are the same lies.
Sixty-one years after Dair Yassin, we are still having  the most pornographically evil state on the face of earth;  a state that encapsulates criminality and evil in the ugliest form while making mendacious proclamations about democracy and civility.
What else can be said of a state that orders its  army and air-force to indiscriminately murder innocent people and bomb their homes and property to smithereens,   and then claims that “we didn’t mean it,” “we can’t prevent mistakes from happening,” “it is all the Palestinians’ fault,” and “war by definition is violent and brutal and civilian casualties are inevitable.”?

Dair Yassin was by means an aberration or anomaly in Israel’s history. In fact, the massacre,  which the former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin called a “miracle,” represented the mainstream of Israeli behavior. The recent  blitzkrieg in Gaza, where Israel committed a Dresden-like genocide,  is actually a “natural continuation” of Dair Yassin, Tantura, Dawaymeh, Kafr Qassem and the numerous other atrocities which  the Nazis of our time committed against the people of Palestine and other peoples of the Middle East.

Zionism, an inherent demonic ideology,  can’t be reformed or even humanized since its very essence represents the ultimate antithesis of truth, justice, peace and even humanity.  Indeed, coexisting with Zionism would necessitate that non-Jews  accept a dehumanized status of constantly persecuted slaves, without freedom, without dignity and without a future. Isn’t this what millions of Palestinians have been experiencing ever since the misbegotten birth of Israel?
In the annals of history,   such a state, which adopts dishonesty as its policy, criminality as its shield and racism as its soul,   will not last long.

I am, of course, talking about Israel, not Jews, an ancient people who, thanks to the plague of Zionism, are facing the most difficult existential trial in their entire history.

 But Zionism has  succeeded in transforming many Jews into practitioners and defenders of evil and worshipers of  power at the expense of morality, all in order to preserve the sanctity of the modern golden calf, called Israel.
This is why Jews, for their own survival, must disengage from Zionism lest the golden calf take them to hell. They should realize before too late, that a nation based on brutality,  oppression, and subterfuge, even if “the kippa” is added to the ingredients, will be doomed, sooner or later.
Zionism is a highway to the grave, leading down to the chambers of death.





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