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President Obama:

Given Freeman's Case, Will You Be Able To Dismantle Israel's Nuclear Arsenal?

By Ali Al-Hail, April 14, 2009

   Europe has apparently, excited President Barak Obama so much. He dreamt so much in Europe , by reportedly, surrounding himself, with babbles of a virtual reality.
   Martin Luther King dreamt also. But, he had an intellectual dream. And his dream came true, after four and a half decades. A Black president, now in the White House. King was realistically, dreaming. I wonder, whether, President Obama is as so.
   As the euphoria of Europe, and NATO's gathering  settled, President Obama's call on the EU regarding Turkey 's accession to the EU, while visiting Turkey was slammed right in the face by President Sarkozy.  The French president didn't wait too long to respond. He rejected his NATO's alliance call, by maintaining France 's  rigid stand on Turkey 's membership.
   One presumes, as do many that, Sarkozy's pro-Israel stance, feed into this trend, rather than the French accusation to Turkey about the 'alleged' Armenian massacre by Turkey during WWI. In any case, Turkey is a majority-Muslim country, whose leadership has recently, condemned Israel 's harshness in Gaza , while most  Arab leaders remained aloof.
   Had Turkey determined to utilize its many Arab\Muslim cards with the EU, the EU would have crawled for Turkey , to join the EU. It's hoped that, this French strictness has made Obama to calm down, and regret his virtual reality dreaming in Europe .     
   Many argue that, President Obama, has not been taken seriously, by the Europeans for his 'noticeably,' cynical views on global issues, and for his conceivably,' weak personality before the US-based-Israeli Lobby. He, for instance, who has shamefully, failed to appoint his preference, Richard Freeman, for the post of National Intelligence Council, just because he dared, and criticized Israel, how could he clear the World off nuclear weapons. Forget about North Korea , and the others, will he be able to dismantle Israel 's nuclear arsenals? That's the one trillion dollar question. Bingo!!!
   Only, days from his presidency, his (I wonder, whether his or Israel 's) Secretary Of State, Hilary Clinton, visited Israel . She stipulated clearly, yet once again, the US long-lasting commitment to Israel 's "right to defend itself."
   Clinton, didn't forget, of course, (does she dare?) to reinforce the ever most notorious aspect of the US strategic relationships with Israel, as being the "closest ally to Israel," despite the World widespread outcry against Israel's unprecedented cruelty in Gaza.  
   Clinton's visit also, came nearly, two weeks, since Israel shocked the World by its holocausts, genocides and massacres in Gaza . Has the World heard a word of criticism from her to Israel ? No way. She knew that, had she paid even a lip service (at least, to please the angry World) she would've now, faced Freeman's fate.   
   The AIPAC's mafia, and the Israeli Lobby in the US , are totally, intolerant with an anti-Israel's sentiments. The Freeman's example has summed it up: The United States Of America is long, ruled by the Israeli Lobby. 
   After all, Israel only, tested the DIME and the White phosphorus bombs, in the flush and bones of Palestinian children, to find out how successful the US apparently, new DIME death weapons were. And to see how US F16s-the pride of US death industry- look and sound like, while dropping the DIME and the phosphorus on the Palestinian children. In other words, Israel did the US a favor!
   Still, (as many presume, the Israeli Lobby-installed-President Barak Obama,) kept dreaming while browsing amongst Europeans, as a lost cloud in the middle of nowhere. He came up with so many things, during his days of wonder. Obama, 'asserted' that, "NATO is the strongest alliance in the World."
   "The strongest", against whom? Since 1991, until the time of writing, NATO "the strongest alliance in the World", literally, massacred nearly, 3 million innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan, injured many more and maimed others, according to UN organizations, of which NATO member states are part, and according to media reports, including those of the CNN's and the BBC's. During the NATO's conference in Europe, President Obama focused on Afghanistan , and almost nothing, but Afghanistan .
   Obama, and his NATO's counterparts, know very well that, the Afghan resistance defeated the British, and the former Soviet Union . IS he really, serious that, by dispatching 17,000 more US troops to Afghanistan , will defeat Taliban, and Al-Qaeda. Had it been this easy, George Bush's administration, would have succeeded. For eight (8) years (since October 17th, 2001) up to January 2009, Taliban and Al-Qaeda have not just survived the might of US-Led-NATO, but managed to dominate virtually, 80% of Afghanistan .
   Obama and Europe are extremely, aware of the fact that, Bush administration with all its brutality, has dramatically, failed in defeating Taliban or Al-Qaeda. On the contrary, Bush administration, created even a much more bitter enemy, apart from Taliban\Afghanistan-Taliban\Pakistan. Undoubtedly, this development has made the US -Led-'war on terror', far more complex. It seems that, the US has repeated the fatal blunder of its closest ally ' Israel '. During Israel 's 1982 invasion of Lebanon , while it managed to clear South Lebanon off the Palestinian resistance, Israel was stunned by the emergence of even far much more bitter enemy of Hizbullah.       
   So, what has occurred now, to make Obama sure that, he could root out Talban and al-Qaeda. As a matter of fact, Taliban and al-Qaeda, are now even more powerful, since Taliban\Pakistan emerged. The latter, are even more vicious in their perception of the US presence in the region.
   Additionally, Obama's verdict that, Taliban and Al-Qaeda still pose a threat to Europe and to the US , is a bit of a stretch.. Taliban has not invaded the US or Europe . They resist the US-Led-NATO who invaded their land. Hence, who poses a threat to the other? Is it Taliban or else, the US-Led-NATO?
   Many people, in the Arab and Muslim Worlds and others, believe that, not Taliban but, the US-led-NATO\Israel, are the most dangerous in the World. The signs of the US-Led-NATO\Israel' danger, are there in the killing of innocent civilians in Palestine: Gaza, West Bank, in Iraq , in Afghanistan and in Pakistan . Almost, the same drones, the same F16, the same bombs that thrown on Gaza, thrown on Iraq, Afghanistan and these days, systematically, thrown on innocent people in North-Western Pakistan, by the Afghan borders.        
   The hope is in the US taxpayers. It's the role of US taxpayers to stop this continuous madness of the US-Led-NATO\Israel in Afghanistan , in Pakistan , in Iraq , and in Palestine . The US taxpayers already, have a lot on their plate, as a result of the credit crunch, and the recurrent, and rising financial crises. Raising awareness amongst US taxpayers, has become a 'must', as most US taxpayers don't seem to be quite conscious of where their monies go.
Professor, Dr. Ali Al-Hail, Professor of Mass Communication, Twice Fulbright

Award Winner, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Vice-President Of Qatar Fulbright Group, CSR Award Judge and Board Member of AUSACE, ASC, IABD, NEBAA, BEA, IMDA and EAJMC American Associations.
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