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Adding Insult to Injury, Powerful Zionist Groups Demand Case Against Accused Spies be Dropped

By Mark Glenn

The Ugly Truth, April 18, 2009


It has been a common mantra now–not for years, but rather decades–”Israel does not spy on the United States” and God help anyone who says different. 

With the same kind of drama as Khrushchev’s infamous shoe-beating shtick at the United Nations half a century ago, the aforementioned vaudeville number began immediately after that “nice Jewish boy” Jonathon Pollard (working as an analyst for US Naval Intelligence) was caught pilfering and then selling to America’s “bestest buddy” in the whole world–Israel–close to 1 million pages of material with the highest classification that exists in the US intelligence community. Shortly after the theft of these secrets (an act making the Rosenbergs’ treason appear like mere petty thievery of two small-time Gypsy pick-pockets by comparison) the Jewish state then did what any “bestest buddy” would do to a friend who has supplied her with billions of dollars yearly and stood as the only barrier between her and a sea of oppressed, grieving Arabs who (for justifiable reasons) would love to see her wiped off the map–she sold them, to the Soviet Union of all places, America’s “worstest enemy“ in the whole wide world. 

For her part, Israel was rewarded for her treachery and betrayal of America with increased immigration quotas from the USSR to the Jewish state, and for her part America was rewarded with the “neutralization” of over 1,000 intelligence assets working behind the Iron Curtain. Besides the tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man-hours spent training and placing these assets, their liquidation also resulted in America having sand thrown in her eyes when it came to the field of human intelligence at a time she faced the most formidable threat in her history, and again, all thanks to her bestest buddy, Israel. To this day the Jewish state has returned only a few dozen pages of the material she stole, despite America’s “WE’RE NOT KIDDING–GIVE THEM BACK”  demands for the rest. 

It is the general consensus of the US intelligence community that the possession of those documents by such an aggressive, hostile entity wielding immeasurable political and media power within the US poses a clear and present danger to America’s national security interests, both at home and abroad. 

In the meantime, there has been no decrease in the billions Israel receives from America yearly. The “painful consequences” suffered by the Jewish state resulting from having driven the blade deeply into America’s back has been that not one dime less than 15 million dollars a day has poured into Israel’s coffers, the same nation that “does not spy” on the United States, money that could then be re-circulated into her spying and sabotage agencies to be used for even more treachery and subterfuge against her “bestest buddy”, America. Short of a few notable exceptions, the same public servants in Congress who swore an oath to defend America against all enemies–foreign and domestic–have continually tried outdoing each other in making sure that pipeline of American cash, military technology and political protection remains open at full-bore like a severed jugular.

Adding insult to injury and demonstrating her complete absence of remorse over Pollard’s infamous betrayal (just as she has done before with similar circumstances, including but not limited to her deliberate attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the Marine barracks bombings in 1983 and many more) semi-regularly now for the last 23 years various “advocates” for the Jewish state–including Prime Ministers, Rabbis, lawyers, pundits and all-around fanatical loudmouths devoted to all things Jewish have regularly cried “no mas” and demanded this “Prisoner of Zion” be released from his cage in Butner, North Carolina. In the interests of having Pollard return to Israel and aid in the process of “re-sanctifying” the land by increased Jewish presence, in that same haughty, pushy, arrogant demeanor (long-associated with this peculiar cast of characters) these same devil’s advocates have declared that indeed Jonathan Judas Pollard has “paid his debt” and, pulsating with chutzpah like some infected pimple ready to burst–have demanded that America “turn the other cheek“, let “bygones be bygones”, etc, etc, etc and this at a time when “never forget“ is heard–not only in justifying Israel’s most vicious, bloodthirsty behavior on any given day, but in consecrating it.

And, as if all THIS were not enough, like a nest of hissing, spitting vipers, Jewish groups (including but not limited to the infamous Anti-Defamation League) have targeted for destruction patriotic Americans who dared be more than a little miffed over what was unquestionably an act of war against the American people with Israel’s theft and then remission of these life-and-death-on-a-mass-scale secrets to America’s sworn enemies in the Soviet Union. For over 20 years the aforementioned patriots (whether from the military, intelligence, politics, academia or media) have had their good names savaged by 5th columnist-hyenas who with bared teeth have snarled at anyone daring to question the propriety of America maintaining a “friendship” with such a dangerous creature as Israel.

Putting this in perspective and pondering the “what-ifs” in all this, one can just imagine the result if the situation were reversed. Had the US utilized one of its moles working within the intelligence apparatus of the Jewish state who then stole and sold close to 1,000,000 pages of “life and death” secrets to Israel’s sworn enemy at the time (or even to one of her “allies” such as Jordan or Egypt for that matter) the noise coming out of the Jewish community would be unbearable, both in its volume, quality and duration. All the snickering, smirking, half-assed arguments and explanations used by Israel in excusing Pollard’s treachery that “Israel is America’s ally” and therefore had a “right” to the classified information would have died a loud, nasty and messy death in the realm of public discourse if the situation were reversed. Any person–including those from amongst the most influential social, economic or political spheres–even suggesting the convicted spy be released from prison (assuming he had not been executed for his crimes) would find himself lucky to get a job flipping burgers at the average fast food joint. The $15,000,000.00 a day Israel gets from the US would be doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled, etc, etc, etc, until America had “paid her debt“ to the Jewish state, which means being bled white. Doubtlessly destined to be knick-named “Kristallnacht, Pt II”, a “day of remembrance” would be instituted–not just in Israel, but indeed throughout worldwide Jewry–marking that infamous day where America stabbed her “bestest buddy” in the back. Museums would be erected, movies by the hundreds would be produced and America would be destroyed by any and all means possessed by the Jewish state.

However, when Israel does it, sells her “ally” down the river and passes along the most sensitive of America’s life-and-death secrets to her enemy and persons are understandably outraged, it becomes an issue of “anti-Semitism” and an over-developed sense of vengeance on the part of the victims. Such is the logic as it exists only among Chosenites who do not understand “alien” notions such as shame or guilt. 

Had Israel’s treachery with Pollard ended there, that would certainly have been enough. The number of intelligence assets lost as a result of the Judas state selling America’s secrets to the Soviets was almost equal in number to the number of Americans killed when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and which brought America into WWII. 

However, as it turns out, it did not end there, for (as unpredictable as vultures on a dead carcass) during this “penitential” period following Pollard’s treason (yes, that same period when Israel “did not spy on the United States“) and when Jewish groups were (allegorically-speaking) burning Stars of David on the front lawns of anyone suggesting maybe Israel wasn’t America’s bestest buddy in the whole wide world after all…

BATTA BOOM!!–Two MVPs from AIPAC, the most powerful Jewish group in the US are arrested by US authorities and charged with–hold on to something heavy here–spying. Specifically, the two (Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman) were charged with passing information pertaining to Iran they knew to be highly-classified onwards to “home, sweet home”–meaning to the Jewish state–through one Naor Gilon, resident spymaster at the Israeli embassy in Washington DC working in tandem with Benjamin Netanyahu’s current National Security Advisor, Uzi Arad, who stands as person non-grata in Uncle Sam’s neighborhood as a result of his “likelihood” to “commit sabotage” against the US.

Their arrest by the FBI was the result of a pre-9/11 investigation that (understandably) was kicked into high gear after hundreds of Israeli spies were captured following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, some in circumstances as incriminating as being strategically-placed to film and celebrate the destruction of the Twin Towers, while others were apprehended driving explosives-laden vans towards vulnerable spots in New York City such as bridges and tunnels while dressed as Arabs.

Predictably, in typical wiseguy fashion the entire discussion surrounding the treacherous activities of the 2 spies working for that same Jewish state that “does not spy on America” was immediately changed from being a case of continued betrayal and espionage against America to one of–surprise, surprise–bigotry and persecution. Like Al Capone alleging his arrest and indictment were all the result of “anti-Italianism” rather than the fact he was personally responsible for the murder of dozens of people and all the well-known political corruption he personally cultivated, likewise Jewish groups in America immediately engaged in a similar campaign of “Can we talk about something else here people?“ When asked for his reaction concerning the arrests, Abe Foxman (“capo di tutti capi” of the Mossad-linked ADL) with quivering lip, panicky eyes and shaky voice affected a look of great emotional distress as if a holocaust were about to erupt any moment and stated with a straight face that the USDOJ investigation and subsequent arrests had nothing to do with Israel spying on America but rather the fact that “One out of three Americans believes American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the United States”, finishing his verbal defecation by saying the Justice department’s actions were all the result of “classic anti-Semitism”.

Unfortunately (but not surprising in the least) Foxman and his ADL were not alone. Like some spoiled, undisciplined child being dragged kicking and screaming by several adults to the principle’s office in order to get the paddling he justly deserves and trying to disrupt what would otherwise be a productive school day, so too has Jewish pressure been brought to bear in trying to prevent the American people from having their day in court. Paying reverence to David Ben Gurion’s infamous words concerning the ethnic cleansing of Palestine that “The old will die and the young will forget” and perhaps hoping the prosecution would eventually grow weary of delay after delay and thus throw in the towel, the defense team for the two spies Rosen and Weissman have erected every conceivable roadblock in trying to keep the case from ever being heard, including the aforementioned business of “anti-Semitism“.

Besides the legal vultures defending the two spies, news outlets surreptitiously working for Israel’s interests have chimed in as well and joined their voices to the persecution chorus and have agreed that indeed “anti-Semitism” was and is the driving force behind mean old Uncle Sam’s pursuit of these pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow Jews caught red-handed spying against America. Dorothy Rabinowitz–Queen Esther of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board wrote in her piece “First They Came for the Jews–A prosecution under the Espionage Act threatens the First Amendment” that the activities of the USDOJ were akin to what the Nazis did generations ago, that the two spies were simply exercising their rights to “free speech” under the 1st Amendment and that if convicted all freedoms in America would be seriously jeopardized. 

Other news outlets regurgitated similar arguments, that the real issue here was not espionage and treason against America, but rather one of free speech, and who else but tyrannical regimes opposed such a thing?  The Washington Post recently did her part in giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies with an OP-Ed entitled “Time to Call It Quits–The Justice Department should drop its misguided prosecution of two former AIPAC officials” in which it says that although the government has the right to demand strict confidentiality from government officials it nevertheless “errs egregiously” and risks “profound damage to the First Amendment” by insisting that private citizens are also legally bound to keep the nation’s secrets, saying that doing so “criminalizes” the exchange of information.

Ominously and yet curiously, after their initial statements that the whole case involving AIPAC and the 2 spies was all the result of “anti-Semitism” powerful Jewish groups including the aforementioned ADL and the American Jewish Congress slithered back into the safe darkness of the shadows and have remained conspicuously silent on the matter. Perhaps not wanting to risk too much before “the fix” had been put in or perhaps maybe even fearing they may be next on the indictment list for espionage and treason against the United States, they have had little to say publicly about it–until recently.

Now however for exact reasons unknown, both the ADL and the American Jewish Committee have decided to throw their 2 shekels into the kitty and are also calling for the US Justice Department to drop the charges leveled against the two spies. Continuing the aforementioned chorus begun with the WSJ and Washington Post, AJC Executive Director David Harris recently issued a statement saying “The prosecution creates a chilling effect on legitimate speech and we hope the Department of Justice will take a close look at this case and reconsider whether it should be pursued further.” Following on the heels of the AJC statement, the Anti-Defamation League released a statement of its own in a letter previously (and privately) sent last September to the deputy attorney general to “review the charges, the investigation, and the prosecution of this case” saying the “prosecution of this case endangers core First Amendment protections”. In typical patronizing, condescending fashion, the ADL (an organization created in the interests of protecting the “good name” of a Jew–Leo Frank–convicted of raping and murdering a young girl) then ended its letter with “We fully support our government’s need to protect sensitive national security information. This prosecution, however, is not necessary for such protection” as if  it were some special branch of the US Supreme Court tasked with deciding what actions are and are not necessary when it comes to the national security interests of the United States.

It is quite interesting to note that the very same ADL now found wringing its hands in fear over the dangers to “free speech” and “protecting the 1st Amendment” when it comes to prosecuting spies for Israel–is at the same time at the very forefront in pushing laws aimed at curtailing “free speech” in America when that “free speech” threatens Jewish issues. Although having been defeated time and again, nevertheless like a nasty virus that hangs around week after week the same ADL busted for wiretapping the phones of American citizens has made it priority numero uno to criminalize freedom of expression in America when such threatens the well-being of that same country that does not spy on the US, Israel. 

Underscoring the ADL’s selectiveness when it comes to appreciating the very first on the list of America’s Bill of Rights, it should also be recalled that it was none other than “chairman of the board” Abe Foxman himself who personally arranged (ordered) a “sit down“ with the heads of Fox News after that network ran an explosive, 4-part series dealing with Israeli spying in the US in the aftermath of 9/11 and who subsequently threatened all sorts of holy hell against the network if it continued exercising its rights to free speech. Drawing from interviews with various federal agencies (including the FBI, DEA and others) the 4-part series detailed a vast network of spies operating in the US and arrested after 9/11 (including the aforementioned team seen witnessed cheering the destruction that day) but who were then quietly skedaddled back to Israel by then-US Justice Department official Michael Chertoff, who (cutting his teeth on what it means to be a “good Jew” from his orthodox rabbi father and Israeli intelligence agent mother) had obvious reasons for sending these saboteur/spies back to Israel. 

Predictably, shortly thereafter Fox News did a cost/profit analysis and decided that freedom of speech issues were not worth all the headaches that the “pro-freedom of speech” ADL was dishing out to them and thus removed the series from its website.

One MUST (and especially these days when the King Kong in the room no one wants to acknowledge is tearing the place apart piece by piece) ask certain pertinent questions here. Firstly, if the two spies–instead of being Jews named Rosen and Weissman working for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee were two Muslims named Rashid and Walid working for the Arab Islamic Political Activism Council and were accused of passing along secrets to any other country besides the Jewish state, would there be all the present wailing and gnashing of teeth for protecting the 1st Amendment and free speech? Would the case now be dragging on into its 5th year with no end in sight? Would anyone of ANY STRIPE–Muslim or otherwise–write any career-destroying articles alleging the brouhaha was all the result of “bigotry” and calling for the case to be dropped and the two spies released?

The answer to such a scenario is obvious to a blind man. Were they Muslims (or anyone else, for that matter) passing along information to one of Israel’s enemies–even something as unimportant as the required air pressure for tires on American military vehicles being used in fighting Israel’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan–it would get more attention than the OJ Simpson saga of many, many years ago. The accused could forget about any chances of ever again seeing the light of day or of ever again breathing free air and anyone writing anything remotely fair and balanced about the case–before or after the reading of the verdict–would find themselves in the unemployment lines looking for a new job. Or worse.

The very real danger to US national security resulting from the case against the aforementioned spies being dropped should be obvious to all who understand the “existential threat“ America faces as a result of its dangerous relationship with the Jewish state. The release of the spies from the long arm of American law (and especially if made to appear all the result of pressure from powerful Jewish interests) would result in a deluge of spying and sabotage against America by moles working for a nation tacitly at war with the United States and hell-bent on getting America involved in as many wars as possible with the 7 dozen Muslim nations around the world. Knowing the coast was clear, sleeper cells dormant since the aftermath of the huge spy network busted up following 9/11 would then be re-activated, re-energized and reassured that nothing untoward would come their way and would thus devour the national security well-being of America as if it were a wheat field and they the plague of locusts described in the biblical story involving Moses.

Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution defines treason as “levying war” against the United States or by “adhering” to America‘s enemies by giving them “Aid and Comfort…”

It is high-time that America come to understand that the section dealing with treason in the US Constitution–the only crime defined in the Supreme Law of the Land–was not inserted by accident or as “filler”. Treason is mass-murder of a nation’s people, and since patriotism begins with recognizing who the country’s enemies are, in the case of the Judas state that time and again has betrayed (and continues to betray) America with the bitter kiss of espionage and sabotage–there is no enemy worth more recognition than Israel and her supporters, both in America and elsewhere.

 Mark Glenn

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper





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