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 Israel-Worshipping Christian Zionists to Meet in DC, on July 20, 2009

By Lucy Buck

American Free Press, April 18, 2009

Christian Zionists to Meet in D.C.

JOHN HAGEE AND HIS CHRISTIANS UNITED FOR ISRAEL are planning to invade Washington, D.C. July 20-21, gathering at the Washington Convention Center for their fourth annual cult fest. This Texas-based Zionist is one of the biggest troublemakers on American soil, agitating for war and egregiously misinterpreting the Holy Scripture in order to advance the interests of Israel. The truth is that Hagee worships Israel rather than Christ and therefore is not a “Christian” as he calls himself. What is so sad is that so many decent Americans are being misled by this charlatan.

Last year, I recall, Willis Carto and some folks from AMERICAN FREE PRESS, joined by Stan Rittenhouse and other real Christians, picketed outside Hagee’s gathering and brought the message of Christ to this Zionist cult. I hope that they will do so again this year.

Count me in. I intend to come to Washington to be outside the convention center to expose Hagee—this very real Judas Goat—and try to win the hearts and souls of those who are being led to their spiritual slaughter by this false prophet.

I pray that others will plan on doing so and that AFP will provide us updates.




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