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Racist Statements by Zionist Israeli Leaders

Zionist/Israeli Racism: A Little of a Lot

As-Safir  Newspaper
Translated into English by Adib S. Kawar, April 18, 2009
Shas Zionist religious party spiritual leader, Ofadia Yusuf said: “All Arabs should be exterminated, all of their descendents should perish, God should eliminate them from the surface of the earth, it is forbidden to invocate mercy for them, they should all be desolated and exterminated with rockets. (“Maariv” 9/4/2001)
During the rightist “Mifdal” Party election campaign: The imprisonment of a Palestinian killer costs 33,000 shekel, while one bullet is enough to save this amount for the state treasury. (Haaretz 13/7/1998)
Balmah Zaivi (The son of Rahbaam Zaivi, leader of Molidet party): We are the chosen people of God, we are permitted to do with other peoples what we like; so if we expel all Arabs, peace that the Torah called for shall prevail (Maariv 19/5/2002)
“Dirikh Hamilim” a book for fourth grade: Pioneers (Jews) came to plow the land in peace and tranquility, but their Arab neighbors didn’t like that and tried to expel them from their land, and time after time they tried to burn fields and steal cows or livestock and even harm the group.
An expert from a book entitled “Democracy in Shackles (Demokratia be'azikim), Am Oved [Hebrew]” by the former minister of education, Shalomit Aloni: Settlers ravaged the earth with depravity, and in Al-Khalil (Hebron) men and Rabbis came to devastate life in the city: Robbery, plunder, economic destruction tortured the old and the sick, attacked people with dogs and throwing sharp pieces of steel in mosques to insure people kneeling in prayer.
In 2004 the authorities put a sign << >> on helmets worn by Arab construction workers working in the new wing of the Knesset, so that snipers guarding and supervising the site for security purposes. “Maariv”.
On July 31st 2008 the Knesset passed a law granting the Israeli Minister of Interior the authority to withdraw the “Israeli nationality” from Arab citizens accused of fringing the loyalty to the “Israeli state” even if the were not legally accused of that.
The result of “measure of racism” in Israel that 68% of Jews do not accept to live house with Arabs, 46% do not welcome visits of Arabs, 41% support ethnic separation between Arabs and Jews in entertainment and amusement and showed 75% incidents of racism during dealing with Arab citizens with various official department and ministries. (Haaretz – 22/3/2006)




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