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Readers' Letters and Announcements, April 3, 2009


Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve



President Obama,

You have fallen into the trap. The military-industrial complex has stolen your message and changed your direction.

Pull the troops out of Afghanistan, close all the bases the United States has scattered around the world. No one else has bases in country after country.

Closing the bases and retuning the troops home would solve the financial crises or at the very least diminish the need to sell American to China.
Edwin Doherty




To: Robert Weisman

Also to
Re: Building up Jerusalem's Economy
Meeting with Porter + Israeli mayor which included The Dersh
Dear Mr. Weisman:
Interesting that Michael Porter will help Jerusalem financially. Porter is the most expensive of any traveling Harvard Law Professor. His prices are enormous. His charges for services alone will keep Israel's economy from growing. We know. One of us worked in his office for a short time.
It's strange that Jerusalem has a money problem. We in the United States send at least Three Billion Dollars to "help" Israel. (help Israel kill, that is). And most probably another 3 bil for the wonderful army of murderers.
Difficult to believe that anyone could experience "sampling the Jewish, Christian and Muslim experience" in a country/state that does not practice democracy, nor does it have a constitution. One cannot marry a Jew legally if not a Jew him or herself. Arabs are not allowed to build homes, and 88 homes in E. Jerusalem belonging to Arabs are now being destroyed so that Jews can live there. Democracy? Humbug.
With news surrounding the world, Israel is the most dangerous and racist state on our planet. Statistics show that she does not follow international law, and her IDF bullies will kill for sport. And if not for sport, then they follow Rabbis' instructions to kill anyone that is not Jewish.
Nearly 1,400 people in Palestine just lost their lives in a massacre caused by Israel. We prefer to call it a 60-year genocide and/or ethnic cleansing.
Before Jerusalem can gain others' belief, she must now stop using US Armaments and dangerous war equipment upon the victims of its occupation, and in other Arab countries nearby.
Paul Bradford
Carol Rae Bradford




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