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Opinion Editorials, December 27, 2009


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Essential Videos:

Hesham Tillawi on Palestine and Islam, Ron Paul on Federal Reserve, Kucinich on Afghanistan, Israeli Settler Runs Over a Palestinian

Debunking Myths About Islam with Hesham Tillawi, UStream TV Video

Discussing issues about Islam and politics in America, after September 11.

Hesham Tillawi discusses issues with viewers directly on air.

He also shows footage of terrorism perpetrated against the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupation soldiers and illegal Israeli settlers.

Of course this has never been sown by pro-Israel tv stations and other corporate media units in the US.

The recorded show is at:


Ron Paul was mentioned in the following segment as well:

Fed Reserve chair defends his performance and seeks second term


Israeli Settler Run Over A Wounded Palestinian...Watch

This is a 'NORMAL' act that zionist occupiers do to Palestinians.

What would happen to such a criminal in your country??

In the Zionist entity he's free and at home!! Oh Yes, because they do not consider Palestinians as human beings, actually they do not consider non-Jews (white) as humans at all and they were given a green light to kill them.


Rep. Kucinich on Afghanistan War: “We’re Acting Like a Latter Day Version of the Roman Empire”

As President Obama unveils his plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan, we speak with Ohio Congressmember Dennis Kucinich. “The United States is going deeper and deeper into debt,” says Kucinich. “We have money for Wall Street and money for war but we don’t have money for work…for healthcare. We have to start asking ourselves, ‘Why is it that war is a priority but the basic needs of people in this country are not?’”[includes rush transcript]






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