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A Letter to Bishop Williamson,

who had to recant his opinions about the Holocaust

By Paul and Carol Bradford, February 13, 2009


Your Excellency Bishop Williamson,
There are many Americans like ourselves extremely upset that you have been pushed into a position where you must recant your opinions about the Holocaust. We are also upset that even the Pope has had to bend to that most famous Jewish pressure.
We have read many serious articles by scientists and others where it has been proven there were no gas ovens. But the Holocaust Industry (see the book by that name by Professor Norman Finkelstein) sees to it that well known people are being stopped from speaking out. In Germany, even as you must know, people are jailed if they speak out, differing from the well publicized stories about the holocaust. Even if you differ by a mite, you are called a "Holocaust denier."
Bob Hope and Paul Newman had to get down on their knees and apologize for "offending" the controlling groups which insist that their version of the Holocaust is the only truth.
As far as we are concerned, the entire World War II was a dreadful holocaust. We do not believe that it was only the Jews were starved and treated brutally. Does anyone suppose that other camps were kinder? No.
We believe that our nuclear bombings in Japan in 1945 caused far worse health problems which follow these descendants currently. But we hear nothing of the sort. Stories on the holocaust abound so frequently that most of us are very tired at being inundated with hearing and seeing films of such.
We regret that you have had to choose between your beloved career and denying what you believe to be the truth.
Paul and Carol Bradford






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