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Opinion Editorials, February 13, 2009

A photo may be more expressive than thousands of words:

Photo of a baby born in Gaza with spine blown out by Israeli terrorist war criminals





Have you ever seen a 'preemie' born with his spine blown out by US-made munitions in the hands of the murderous Israeli terrorist forces? This happened during their war criminal attacks on Gaza, during January 2009.

What did this baby do to Israelis to have this done to him?

They stole the land of his/her grandparents in 1948, evicted them to Gaza, then came again to subjugate them in a ghetto since 1967.

What did this baby do to Zionists Jews and gentile around the world who support the Israeli war criminals with money and military equipment to continue their atrocities against the Palestinian people?

What did this baby do to the American people and their government, the largest supporter of the Israeli terrorist state?

Isn't this enough for the US and the world to stop and think about the degenerate Israeli monster they have created in the Middle East?

Isn't all this Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim blood shed enough?






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