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The Press Club At Washington, D.C. How has The War On Gaza Changed the Stereotypes?

By Ali Al-Hail, February 13, 2009

   NOW, than any time in the past; the US's taxpayers, have every 'constitutional' right, to indict their governments. Primarily; to at least, clear their conscious, for selling F16 war aero planes, and Apache helicopters, to a bunch of Zionist lunatic, and vandalistic hooligans. This suggested indictment, has become a 'must'.
   Had those F16 Jet fighters, and those Apache helicopters, fought the other side's war aero planes, and helicopters, would have been reasonable, as it's a part of a fair war game. BUT, they didn't. Rather; they had poured new 'untested' US's DIME bombs, White Phosphoric, and other anonymous bombs on innocent, beautiful, most precious gifts; ever given by Allah, Al mighty God to HUMANITY i.e., children. For that matter, no body should describe those 'hooligans' as fighting pilots.
   Additionally, while the war on Gaza was at its uttermost, media reports spoke of a US ship, carrying thousands of tones of ammunitions was believed to have anchored at Haifa port. Surely, many US taxpayers had no clue about such a disgraceful action.     
 What a shame! Shame on you 21st 'official' US. Shame on your Statue of Liberty. Shame on your constitution. Shame on your "Leader Of the World's" proclamation.
   Knowing US's citizens, I'm adamant that, the majority of US's taxpayers, who saw on television, what their F16 had done, in a small strip of 348 square K.M. i.e., Gaza, the most densely, populated area in the whole globe, would certainly, look with contempt, at their proclaimed F16 as, the pride of US's War aero plane industry.
 Their taking to streets in huge demonstrations, protesting the Palestinian notorious holocaust carried out by the terror entity 'Israel', had loudly, expressed this premise. And I'm confident that, they would do even more, in times to come. Almost entirely, without a single exemption, every US's citizen, I have addressed the Gaza's issue with, had more or less, said to me: "I feel a shame of my country." Further, what happened in the Press Club, at Washington D.C., as Tzipi Livni, the terror entity's 'Israel' foreign Secretary, was giving her press conference, had clearly, shown how much she, and her policies got on US's journalists' nerves. They shouted "terrorist", at her, a journalist, had asked her "since when does the Press Club give a permission to a terrorist like you?" It's NOT just the Middle East has changed, after 'Israel's' failure to stop the Palestinian rockets, the US has also, changed.              
 UN's statistics, have counted the murdering of more than 450  Palestinian children i.e., 50% of all nearly, 1900 killed civilians. Just a quick reminder; this counting is 'unfinished business'. Still, more children, and unarmed civilians, have been removed, from underneath the rubbles, and debris of their homes, beside their toys, and school books. Children also, according to UN's statistics in Gaza were half of the nearly, 6000 who had been injured. The toll is extraordinarily, terrible! 
    Were they 'terrorists', since 'Israel', the terror entity, typically, exclaims that, it fights terror? Aren't the US's taxpayers, have wonderful children, like those who had systematically, been slaughtered in Gaza for 23 days in a row, by aero planes, and lethal 'forbidden' bombs, they, themselves, have 'NOT intentionally', funded, I'm sure? Would the US's taxpayers, accept -to happen to their beloved toddlers- what happened to, for example Lo'ay Sobhi, who lost his sight completely, and Jamila El-Habbash, who lost both legs, by unknown bombs, apparently, new-made, aimed to be tested at Palestinian children's flush, blood, and bones. What a shame on 21st 'official' US!       
   Had even those US's taxpayer-financed-death providers- bombed Palestinian fighters, would have something, despite its incompatibility been of some sense, perhaps. BUT, they didn't. As an alternative; those death providers, flattened whole neighborhoods aground, massacred in cold blood women, while they were with severe difficulty, trying to cook a meal for their children. Yet, again, UN's statistics brought women, who had been massacred, up to more than 112 i.e., 35% of all 1400 unarmed civilian killed . Were they armed? Terrorists? What a shame on 21st 'official' US!
   Undoubtedly, those who were aboard those aero planes, were not fighting pilots. Simply, they were a gang of vandalistic harebrained  hooligans. As, military books tell us that, fighting pilots should have the courage, to fight their competent pilots, not to throw bombs on bricks, and stones, and murder women, children, and unarmed civilians. 
Professor, Dr. Ali Al-Hail, Professor of Mass Communication, Twice Fulbright

Award Winner, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Vice-President Of Qatar Fulbright Group, CSR Award Judge and Board Member of AUSACE, ASC, IABD, NEBAA, BEA, IMDA and EAJMC American Associations.

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