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Aspirations of People of Kashmir Need to be Seriously Taken Note of


A Statement By J&K Peoples Democratic Party

February 19, 2009

Former M P & Peoples Democratic Party senior Leader and Mr Ab Rashid Kabuley stressed for the positive response towards peoples aspirations for resolution of Kashmir problem and implementation of round table conferences and commitment of Prome Minister.

While speaking in a seminar at Srinagar on "The resolution of Kashmir conflict in the best interests of the sub continent (India & Pakistan)" organized by Centre for peace and progress under chairmanship of O P Shah at Hotel Ahdoos Srinagar.

He said that People of J&K in particular have been yearning for peace progress and settlement of the Kashmir problem since partition Kashmiri's have burnt directly by facing four wars between Pakistan and India so far.

The last four years of peaceful negotiations between India and Pakistan on kashmirand confidential building measures (CBM's) taken by the two governments and their civil societies was a big leaf forwarded  for hope for people of the state whoever it is unfortunate that the govt of India on the pretext of internal affairs of Pakistan and now recently tragic Mumbai mayhem killings of innocent people result of terrorist act in mubai was almost scuttled the on going peace process.

On Mumbai episode government of India's decision to put negotiations  and CBM's on hold is unwarranted  and un realistic. Statement of foreign minister Pranab Mukharjee after Pakistan showed positive response to dozier of India government that Mumbai plotters worked out heinous conspiracy partially from Pakistan soil and promised action against the plotters " to keep peace process in abience is unfortunate and counter productive placing effecy" unsurgical  operations" by govt, of India was also un called for and had potential to deastate the peace and development on the sub continent a surgical operation would mean nuclear war which could annihilate not only the subcontinent but whole south Asia..

Qabuley stressed that the terrorist activities operating across the borders of the two countries cutting religious and national barriers need to be handled with with extreme clear and cautious not  to play in the hands of extremists.

The civil societies in India and Pakistan whose constant and heroic efforts for intra state peace and CB M's have yielded unprecedented results in the process of resolution of the Kashmir conflict and CBM's in the last four years.

These should not be allowed to go  waste civil societies should remain vigilant and see that heinous acts of terrorists and extremists do not spoil prospects  of the peace process rather pursue with commitment and determination.

 He said that Kashmir issue has two dimensions external and internal. In J&k government of India should start with seriousness of purpose of dialogue with the state people; implement the decisions of his own round table conferences without delay.

Withdraw armed forces special powers act (AFSPA) and other draconian laws which are the source of human rights violations.

Center should respect Prime Ministers own commitment of "zero tolerance" which on ground level does not show any sign of implementation.

People's unprecedented (Unqualified) support for recent assembly elections are not only for the removal of their socio economic grievances and security concerns, it shows also that they listen to the main stream organization, their promises to work for the peaceful settlement of Kashmir imbroglio, expected the govt. as well as opposition to perform their best role outside and within the precincts of State Assembly for both day to day problems and resolution of Kashmir conflicts.

Kabuley stressed on that after 20 years of militancy and soon after recent insurge in wake of Shrine Board issue the aspirations of people participated in large number in recent elections near to be serious taken note of and analysis and their aspiration be met by positive means for resolution of Kashmir conflict.





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