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I'm a Zionist,

Proclaims Joe Biden

3zionism, February 19, 2009

"I’m a Zionist," Vice President Joe Biden proudly proclaimed recently on the presidential campaign trail.

Wow! Mr. Biden. That’s amazing considering the fact that the great majority of Zionist Jews are afraid to admit even to themselves that they’re Zionists, especially these days after the Gaza massacre.

Good-guy Zionist Norman Finkelstein doesn’t like to talk about Zionism publicly. He considers it a ‘conflictual’ term [link1, link2]. But here you are, Mr. Biden, publicly proclaiming that you’re a Zionist.

The sad thing is that although you proudly proclaimed that you’re a Zionist, in public even, most Americans are probably unaware of that fact since it wasn’t shown in the mainstream media.

Mr. Biden, average Americans don’t even know what Zionism is. For all they know it could be a new flavor of ice cream they haven’t heard of yet.

It would really be great, Mr. Biden, if you would explain to average Americans what Zionism is and what being a Zionist means.

And Mr. Biden, I know anything Jewish can be incredibly complicated. Please keep it simple. Just tell the Americans about the Zionism everyone outside of America means when they say Zionism.

It’s a simple matter, Mr. Biden. That is unless you’re trying to obfuscate the matter, which is understandable when you really understand what it is.

That Zionism that average Americans haven’t a clue about, in a nutshell boils down to supremacism, exceptionalism, and apartheid.

Please, Mr. Biden, as a great service to your fellow Americans, tell them what Zionism is. Since they’re mainly responsible for shoving it down the world’s throat with the so-called ‘war on terror’, don’t you think they deserve to know what it is?

Mr. Biden, you’ve proudly pronounced that you’re a Zionist in one public venue. Please now, tell average Americans what that means.





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