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Dr. Norman Finkelstein in Atlanta...Israeli Apartheid Week

March 2-5

Emory Advocates for Justice in Palestine Presents:

 Israeli Apartheid Week: March 2-5

Including lectures by Dr. Norman Finkelstein*, Zeiad Abbas, Dr. Stephen Bell, Kali Akuno and Emory Students
In conjunction with over 43 cities worldwide from Palestine to South Africa,  Canada to the United Kingdom and across the United States, The Emory Advocates for Justice in Palestine present:
Israeli Apartheid Week

Apartheid: From South Africa to Israel
Math & Science Center Auditorium, 7:00 P.M
Presented by: Kali Akuno and the EAJP

Testimony, Apartheid, and Resistance 
Featuring Zeiad Shamrouch and Dr. Steven Bell
Harland Cinema, 7:00 P.M

Rally in Solidarity with Palestine 
Asbury Circle, 11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. 

Behind the Gaza Massacre 
Glenn Memorial Building, 7:00 P.M. 
*Recent articles by Dr. Norman Finkelstein, son of Holocaust survivors:
"Israel is committing a holocaust in Gaza":
"Seeing through the lies:  the facts about Hamas and the war on Gaza":
Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is an international series of events held in cities and
campuses across the globe highlighting the many similarities between Apartheid South
Africa and the practices of the Israeli government. IAW will be running for the fifth
consecutive year in 2009, with events taking place between March 1-8. 
Join us in our protest against apartheid and our support for justice, equality, and peace.


or email us at



The Right to Dissent: Challenging Political Repression

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

7:00 PM

US Human Rights Network

250 Georgia Avenue SW

3rd Floor Conference Room

Atlanta, GA 30312

Center for Constitutional Rights Executive Director Vincent Warren will join Akinyele Umoja from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and Azadeh Shahshahani from the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia for a panel discussion, "The Right to Dissent: Challenging Political Repression," moderated by the US Human Rights Network.

 The speakers will address attacks on dissent that have taken place both in recent years and throughout decades of repression and resistance, particularly the targeting of activists, the labeling of dissenters as "terrorists," political prisoners in the US and the creation of new categories of repression, including "enemy combatants."? ?

Vincent Warren will discuss the Center's 100 Days Campaign, that addresses the urgent need to restore, protect and expand the right to dissent, as well as the need to end torture, arbitrary detention and extraordinary rendition, roll back executive power, abolish preventive detention, limit the state secrets privilege, reform presidential war powers, and end warrantless wiretapping.

Akinyele Umoja will discuss the targeting of activists in Black social liberation movements from COINTELPRO through the Patriot Act, as well as recent acts of repression such as the case of the San Francisco 8, and what can be done to combat this repression.

Azadeh Shashahani will discuss the targeting of immigrant communities, particularly Arab and Muslim communities post-9/11 and the urgent need to repeal the policies and practices that threaten these communities.

For more information contact 404.588.9761 or email

C. Lynne Kates

Education and Outreach Organizer

Guantánamo Global Justice Initiative

Center for Constitutional Rights

666 Broadway, 6th Floor - New York, NY





Contact State Department Before Clinton's Trip to Mid East


Secretary Clinton Heads to The Mid East This Weekend!
As you know the Obama Administration has made a commitment to engage in peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. Most recently, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Special Envoy George Mitchell have traveled to the region. The United States is scheduled to donate close to 1 billion dollars for reconstruction in Gaza and has pledged to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.
This week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called upon the State of Israel to allow humanitarian aid to enter into the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip has been blockaded by Israel and the civilians in the strip continue to face the hardships of daily life without sufficient food and water. Secretary Clinton's statements address the problem at the very foundation of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel must permit the borders to be open for life in Gaza to improve.
Take a moment to send a pre-written letter to Secretary Clinton and President Obama thanking them for calling upon Israel to open the crossings and urging them to continue to do so to help the civilians in Gaza.
Click Here to Send the Pre-Written Letter:





The Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK,
The Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law and
The Sir Joseph Hotung Programme
The Israel - Palestine Conflict, the Case of the War on Gaza:

Where Do The Legalities Lie?

Sunday 1 March 2009

 10.00am - 5.00pm
Brunei Gallery, SOAS
This one day conference will address the international legal issues raised by this conflict, including the way they have been reported in the media.  Panels will examine the laws relating to the use of force, the conduct of hostilities and post-conflict matters.
All Welcome

For further information please contact Sarah Hibbin at or Victor Kattan at



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