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Senator John Kerry's Still Support for Israeli Murderers After Visiting Gaza Unacceptable

By Paul Bradford and Carol Rae Bradford, February 28, 2009


Senator John Forbes Kerry
U.S. Senate
304 Russell Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510-0001
Dear Senator Kerry:
Re: Your visit to Gaza and Israel
Dear Senator Kerry:
Your recent visit: What an awful waste of taxpayers' money!
To visit Gaza and be a witness to the ethnic destruction in Palestine, but to continue with the prominent Israeli line regarding the horrible devastation that Israel has committed against Palestinians: again and again, their homes and land, most of all, the recent murders in cold blood of more than 1,300 innocents, we cannot but see you as a murderer also.

Because of your "political power," we also see you as only a puppet of those really in power. The way you politicians speak worship at AIPAC meetings is totally unacceptable!
Your and the US policy against Hamas stinks in that it is just a mere excuse to destroy what's left of Palestine. Our politicians obey the desires of Israel. The "rockets" story doesn't wash. A few, maybe 13 Israelis killed for more than
1,300 Palestinians?
You folks along with our supine media must think all Americans are also of very limited intelligence to really believe these ridiculous, mostly non-brain headlines.

We may add that President Ahmedinejad never said that Israel should be wiped off the map, only that Israel's policies should be changed.
What good will you and our new Secretary of State do if you won't change US/Israelís dreadful policy, a killing machine against Palestine?
There should certainly be talks, communication, immediately with Hamas which is not the name you have given it.. Diplomacy is the only thing that will work. Ditto with Iran.
Now that Netanyahu may get into office as Prime Minister with Avigdor Lieberman, those poor people are going to be decimated. They'll probably take over the West Bank which they are now beginning to do. We will hope that this does not happen.
Senator John Kerry
After seeing the damages, certainly some part of your pro-Israeli heart must see the truth in that this recent attack upon Palestine was nothing but untold genocide!
Until and unless the American people vote in humanist-type politicians, we are indeed going to see ruin not only for the Palestinians, as we also already see what's coming here in America.
Paul Bradford
Carol Rae Bradford
cc: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton





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