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Wikileaks Cracks Key NATO Document on Afghan War

Wikileaks, February 28, 2009

Wikileaks has cracked the encryption a key NATO document relating to the war in Afghanistan. The document, titled "NATO in Afghanistan: Master Narrative", details the key facts and themes NATO representatives are to give--and to avoid giving--to the world press.
Among the revelations, which we encourage the public to review in detail, is Jordan's presense as secret member of the US lead occupation force.
The encrypted document, from October, and believed still to be current, can be found on the Pentagon Central Command website "":
The password is "progress", which perhaps reflects the Pentagon's desire to stay on-message, even to itself.
Jordan is a US backed middle eastern monarchy, and historically the CIA's closest partner in its extraordinary renditions program. In Jordon, "the practice of torture is routine", according to a January 2007 report by UN special investigator for torture, Manfred Nowak.
NATO spokespersons are instructed conceal the country's involvement in the ISAF coalition. Publicly, Jordon withdrew in 2001. It does not appear on the current (Feb 13, 2009) NATO list of ISAF member states:
Some other sensitive instructions on what not to say are:
    * Any decision on the end date/end state will be taken by the respective national and/or Alliance political committee. Under no circumstances should the mission end-date be a topic for speculation in public by any NATO/ISAF spokespeople.
    * The term "compensation" is inappropriate and should not be used because it brings with it legal implications that do not apply.
    * Any talk of stationing or deploying Russian military assets in Afghanistan is out of the question and has never been the subject of any considerations.
    * Only if pressed: ISAF forces are frequently fired at from inside Pakistan, very close to the border. In some cases defensive fire is required, against specific threats. Wherever possible, such fire is pre-coordinated with the Pakistani military.
Altogether four classified or restricted NATO documents of interest on the Pentagon site were discovered to share the 'progress' password. Wikileaks has decrypted the documents and released them in full:





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