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The Trial of Israel

By Jim Kirwan, January 11, 2009

“It is way past time,” mused an old man in the corner.
“Time for what!” barked his recently terminated program manager.
“Time to drag that little outlaw-country into the world-court and force it to answer for what they’ve been doing for the last six decades” the old-one responded; with just the hint of a smile near the corner of his ancient mouth.
Israel reminds most people of a totally out-of-control teenager who thinks of himself as both a rebel and an outlaw—when in fact he’s just a common criminal that has become a legend in his own mind. Today he is in the criminal-courts division of global-public opinion; at a hearing to determine whether or not he, Israel, should be allowed to continue to exist.
The judge orders Israel to take the stand. There is no oath and there are no lawyers here as this is a pragmatic political court that was created after the world recognized that there are no longer any laws that apply to those in power. Everyone knows that bit of history now and that since everybody lies; this court in the interests of time has dispensed with the failed trappings that were once part of courtrooms around the world.
“What have you to say for yourself in this matter before the court,” asked the somber middle-aged woman in the center of the three-judge panel.
“Well first of all I don’t belong here!” the dark-eyed boy began: “I’m Israel, and I’ve been chosen above all others to do whatever I please with the rest of humanity!”
“Um—and where would you place this court in the context of your statement Mr. Israel?”
“ You’re just like the United Nations; that international false-flag operation that keeps on sending me notices that I use to start whichever global fire I feel like lighting at the moment— you’re nothing but another empty shell that postures on the global stage” he smirked.
“We see that” said the ancient judge, with a dismissive movement of his hand. “And just what might be your second point Israel”?
“Secondly, I am not the aggressor here—Israel is the victim in this charade that has apparently caused you people to think that you have the right to question me—about anything I decide to do!” And if this outrage continues much longer I shall be forced to have my underlings just nuke this building.”
“We’re all aware of your connections Israel—they will be next—but at this moment we want to hear from you.” This speaker, the third judge, is a robust man who speaks quietly but with an inner authority. Physically he resembles Caesar Chavez of Venezuela, and his presence seems to annoy Israel just a bit.
“Yeah – well I’ll believe that when the sun rises in the West,” quipped Israel. “But, you must understand I began life as an orphan, a global outcast with nowhere to go: no place to call home! And my people were tortured and murdered by the Nazi’s as a matter of policy; and the whole world just looked on and did nothing to help my people—so we deserved to have our own country—isn’t that what this is really all about—you still hate us for being Jewish, right? Oh yeah and now because the whole world is against me, just because I had to take what I needed to survive--you need to consider my special circumstance of being alone in the world today - except for Obama-Bush I guess.
“We are here to look into what you have been doing for the last sixty years, which will tell the world what they need to know about your claims to absolute immunity from all international laws as well as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court”.
“Yeah- well for the last eight years my people can’t even enjoy a shower without having to stop and run to their bomb-shelters, because Hamas won’t stop their rocket attacks upon the civilian population of Israel! That’s an outrage to me and I was forced to eliminate this threat to the security of the state. That’s why I had to go in and eliminate those people that are creating this threat.”
The Chief Justice leaned back in her oversized chair for a moment then flipped open a file and turning to the defendant said: “Eight years? According to the Palestinian people that asked for this hearing, you have been holding them hostage, as prisoners for most of the last sixty years. I would remind you that they have virtually no drinking water, never-mind enough water for showers, and very few if any have the luxury of bomb shelters to protect them from the daily attacks, by you, from the air. So in this context the Palestinians are saying that you have been displacing, torturing, starving and murdering them for over seven times as long a period as Hamas has been sending “rockets” into those ‘civilian’ areas that were once the land they owned, where their homes and lives had existed for hundreds of years. Any comment on this Israel?
“We tried to make peace with them, but they’re not human beings they send suicide bombers to kill our innocent women and children in the streets of our cities, and now they’re threatening millions of Israeli’s with their brutal rocket attacks, upon innocent people – for no reason!” (1)
The judges spoke briefly with each other and then the third judge asked:

“Have you looked at the recent maps of what you are claiming as your state, because the boundaries of Israel have changed hundreds of times since you began this venture—and you claim you won’t be finished until all the Palestinians have been driven from “your land.” It appears to me there is no land left from which to fashion a viable second state, especially given the walls that you’ve used to separate farmers from their lands, people from their families and to block people from their occupations—not to mention that you’ve destroyed the viability of their lives.  
Now having driven millions of Palestinians out of the country, with no right of return, you have herded the survivors of your internal and interminable wars upon the original population into two isolated camps, Gaza and the West Bank; in which you are apparently attempting to exterminate the remaining population and thereby you are seeking to end the problem by killing those that still want their land and rights returned to them, under all the international laws that you have violated as a way of life, but only for Israeli citizens. What say you Israel?
“This is my land—God gave it to me—because among all people Israel was chosen to rule over all others. The Palestinians are nothing to me but a plague to be exterminated. If that were not so, would not the other Arab counties have come to their aid by now?”
“You have failed to answer the questions I put to you Israel—but then you have never chosen to actually argue the facts, because in that area you have nothing that proves you “deserve” anything. You have behaved far worse towards the Palestinians, than the Nazi’s did against the Jews; and the Nazi persecutions of the Jews only lasted seven years, while your Zionist persecutions against not only the Jews inside Israel, but of every other people that are trying to live in “Israel” under a siege now that has lasted over eight times as long. Moreover you have stolen their lands and destroyed their property, after the Palestinians had been conquered in war.
How is it Israel that you have the gall to be ‘surprised’ that those you have treated in this way refuse to let you live-in-peace with the illegally seized booty that you have stolen from them while maiming, raping and killing, the original peoples of Palestine that are the survivors that you still brutalize and terrorize at will!”
“This is the New World Order “judge” you need to get-with-the-program, because all that stuff from the past is just history now: Israel is the way of the Future, in partnership with our friends, we shall remake the world in the 21st Century. Anyone that doesn’t join us will be eliminated!” (2)
At this point the proceedings are interrupted by air-raid sirens from the pubic loud-speakers outside. The populations are being informed to take to the shelters because Hamas & Hezbollah have joined forces and the rockets being fired are no longer without targeting devices or warheads: so this metaphorical trial must wait upon history for answers to the questions that Israel still refuses to answer for - but maybe it’s not too late for others in the region to finally inject themselves into this public rape of an imprisoned people! (3)
1) In Pictures the Massacre of Gazan Children (caution extremely graphic)
2) Henry Kissinger on CNBC for a New World Order 1-5-09 
3) Nasrallah says Hezbollah ready to fight Israel

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