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US Congress Passes Resolutions Blaming Palestinian Victims, Justifying Israeli War Crimes in Gaza, January 11, 2009

In its relentless efforts to tell the truth, spread peace and justice in the world, and earn the hearts and minds of Arabs, Muslims, and freedom-loving people around the world, the dinosaurs in the US Congress passed two resolutions in the House and the Senate, which blame Palestinian victims and justify Israeli war crimes.

What a great service to piece and justice, and to the national interests of the United States! Wow!

The US Senate unanimously passed an extremely unbalanced resolution on the War in Gaza. The resolution can be seen here:

CALL YOUR HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES NOW and let them know you oppose any legislation which places blame on only one side, fails to recognize the plight of the Palestinian civilians suffering under Israel siege for years before the war, and does not hold Israel accountable for any violations of International and American Law and the Laws of War.

Instructions on how to contact your Representatives are below.

You can find contact information for your representatives by clicking here. You can also find talking ADC's talking points on the issue here. 

Continue to visit ADC's GAZA CRISIS RESOURCE CENTER for ways to take action, donate, and keep up to date about recent developments in the Gaza Strip.   

How to contact your Senators in 7 steps.

1. Go to , if you have trouble locating contact information call ADC at 202-244-2990.

2. In the middle of the page there is a space to enter your zip code­, enter it and press GO

3. You will get information about President; your two senators; and your District Representative. Decide if you will call one or all three of them - (We suggest to call/write all of them)  

4. Click on the name of the person you want to call. This will take you to the Congressperson's home page. Once there click on     the tab above their picture that reads "Contact".  You will get contact information for their District office as well as their DC-based office. Call the DC- number since Congress is back in session this week.

5. Call the number, a legislative correspondent (LC) will pick up the phone: Immediately say you are from the Congressperson's district and mention your zip code 

6. Ask to speak to the FOREIGN POLICY LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT.  The LC will most likely respond that he or she is not available and you can leave a message, at that point make sure to speak your piece concisely and clearly in 1-2 minutes maximum (they don't have time and you want them to write down what you say and free up the line for others to call)           

Suggested Script & Talking Points:         

I am a constituent in the Congressperson's district and I want to express my indignation at the massacre of civilians   in Gaza. This is not a war against terror, it's a war against civilians as Israel has killed over 760 Dead including 219 Children and 89 Women, and Over 3,085 Injured, including 46% Women andChildren, and continues to target schools, homes, and places of worship. We provide Israel with 3.2  billion tax dollars every year and I don't want my money used like that. I want my Congressperson to:  A. Call for an immediate cease fire   B. Coordinate a humanitarian shipment to Gaza; and   C. Hold Israel accountable for misuse of U.S. supplied weapons pursuant to US law like the Arms Export Control Act andthe 1952 US Israel Treaty regarding arms sales.

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