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A Letter From a Child in Gaza

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph and Kareem, January 17, 2009

Twenty days after the Israeli assault on Gaza and after over 5000 civilian casualty between dead and injured[half of which woman and Children], Israeli merciless and indiscriminate bombing continues as I write this. Israeli Occupation Forces continue to refuse permission to western news organizations into Gaza despite an order from Israeli Supreme Court to do so. We are only getting one side of the story. That is the Israeli side!  This mass slaughter is done with the help of my and your tax dollars, and with the total silence of our government. This is war crime- plain and simple. It is time to take a moral stand. The target is no longer Hamas or Jihad. It is rather the 1.5 million helpless and defenseless Palestinians who are living in a hell hole called GAZA. They are being punished for electing a government that Israel DOES NOT LIKE.
On January 11th,  thousands pro Israeli were celebrating this mass murder in New York city. They were singing and dancing in the streets, and some were calling for wiping Gaza from the face of the earth. The protesters also carried a sign that read,"Islam is a death Cult". This is the very same group who falsely accused Palestinian children celebrating 9/11 terrorist attack on our country.
I received this hear wrenching letter written by this Palestinian child from Gaza via Germany. I read it with great pain and acking heart. I did translated into English, unedited, unaltered with the hope to share with your readers.  I wish to impress upon you the urgency of publishing this letter to show the human face of the conflict. Thanks.
Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran

Here's the letter:


Greeting to all,
I am writing to you from Gaza? Do you know where Gaza is located?

Gaza lies where Jesus Christ was born. That is why our country is called the Holy Land.
But unfortunately, we have been living for many months in a large camp. And we may no longer leave our camp. Our friends and relatives in other couturiers are also not allowed to visit us. Isn't that mean?
Lately, I am hungry all the time, and we have no food. All the shops here are empty. No one can buy bread, milk, cheese or candy. I have not seen chocolate for many months.
At night, I must wear many layers of clothes because we have no heat.  It is freezing at night. We have no electricity for weeks. Also water that we drink is not clean.
I am still very sad, because my best friend Ali died two months ago. He could not get the proper medicine.
For the last few weeks, I could not go to sleep because of the bombing. I am very scared. I have bad dreams at night. I always dream about bad things; like corpses, blood, and bombs.
I hope Santa has brought you many gifts this Christmas. I hoped in such way that I could also get a toy.  But unfortunately what we get here were bombs and missiles.
On New Year's eve, we got shelled from the sea, air, and the ground. Phosphorus bombs lit the sky. In the same evening our house was hit by two rockets. My Grandfather whom I love very much was severely injured.  We could not take him to the hospital. We were out of gasoline for a long time.  We also could not call the ambulance or the clinic, because the telephone lines were destroyed.  So, my grandfather had to die.  And in such a way, also many other people have died. 
Since Christmas, we can no longer play outside, since the Israeli soldiers shoot at children. Are children also dangerous to the soldiers?
People say that children are the future of their country. What is to become of the Holy Land without future? All the children in Palestine would like to be like you; laugh, play, and go to school. You are lucky you are born in America!  But is it my fault that I was born in Gaza?
Can you do something for me, so this war will come to an end? Please don't leave me alone.
Write to me please, and tell me what all you get for Christmas.
Many greetings from Gaza and Salam.

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