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Gaza, Gaza,  I Cry in Shame

a Poem

By Blagovesta Doncheva, January 17, 2009


I cry.

I cry in bursting PAIN.

I cry in SHAME…


They kill – are killing – them!…

“All day. Every day.”*

As they’ve promised.

Young and old

        Babies – women – men

Die – are dying

                 A torturous death…

And what we, criminals too,

    are doing?

      Leaving them to

         their awful bloody fate…


That’s what Europe

             the “Civilized” do.

              And America too.

Canada, Australia,

                Russia the New…

US Senate

applauds the carnage…

           USraeli bought UN

is surely itching

                  to do the same…


All the world

               in the 21st century

Is watching AGAIN

               a BUTCHERY

in real time…


Butchery – of what?

          Of whom?



Of a land.

         Of a people.





           killing spree

                         is there!…


I cry.

I cry in bursting PAIN.

I cry in SHAME…


Blagovesta Doncheva

The Balkans

* we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.” Professor  Arnon Sofer in a interview with the Jerusalem Post in 2004. See


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