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The War On Gaza: How Has The Middle East Changed?

By Ali Al-Hail, January 17, 2009

  Since December 27th, 2008 to this day, January 15th, 2009, Israeli hooligans have literally, been systematically, bombing from air, shelling from land, and sea, children and women, and other unarmed civilians. According to Certain UN agencies most notably, the International Red Cross, and the UNROWA (United Nations Relief And Works Agency For Palestine Refugees) that, virtually, 50%-60% of those killed in Gaza, over the past 20 days (up to the time of Writing), had been children and women, while the rest were mostly, other civilians, according to Norwegian doctors, interviewed by Al Jazeera TV on their return to Oslo from Gaza, on January 19th, 2009.
   The Palestinian 21st century's most notorious holocaust, is being committed by Israel. The very Israel (whose ancestors were murdered in the gas chambers during the European Nazi era). A question arises; what Israel learnt from that, is that, Israel had learnt nothing.
   Their thugs had murdered in unprecedented daily, aerial, offshore, and onshore bombing, and shelling, more than 1050, injured more than 5,500, most of whom, had been civilians. Children, and women who were killed and injured, according to UN agencies, were close to 50-60%, as previously, stated, up to today, January, 15th, 2009.
   Obviously, such a vandalistic act, has nothing to do with fighting ethics, if one assumes that fighting does have ethics, in the first place. Rather, it can be described as an act of hooliganism. As a matter of fact, there has since December 27th, 2008, the beginning of the NEW Israeli holocaust against gaza's civilians, been a consensus world-wide, that Israel is not fighting. Instead, it is vandalizing Gaza, and murdering its civilians, in a hooligans blatant fashion.
   The World has seen this before during the July, 2006 war on Lebanon. It's Israel's way of showing its frustration, with the fighting resistance. As Israel couldn't fight the Lebanese resistance, it by the same token, had been NOT capable of facing the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.
   Israel declared war on Gaza on January 28th, 2008, with a single declared agenda; to stop Palestinian resistance from firing their home-made rockets. Now, after 20 days (up to the time of Writing), the resistance's rockets are still fired, and even with more devastating effects on Israel. Yesterday, the day 19, of the Israeli war, despite Israel's denial, the rockets hit two factories in Southern Israel (occupied Palestine.) Many observe that, although, Israel doesn't let out, learning from its experience in the 2006 war on Lebanon, fearing public protests, these rockets, despite its limits, are driving Israel crazy. They killed more than five illegal settlers, put more than four hundred Israelis in hospitals, forced more than a million illegal settlers into under ground, nearly, paralyzed the daily normal life right across southern Israel (occupied Palestine.), spread panic allover, and more importantly, put businesses nearly, out of function. 
   Since two weeks of Israeli DIME & White Phosphoric bombing, did nothing of a significance to the Palestinian resistance, except murdering children and women, and other civilians, Israel entered the land war. After 16 days now of its land offensive, Israel is still on the outskirts of Gaza, unable to make a substantial advance, admitting more than once by its field generals, "a severe and ferocious resistance from the Palestinians."
    Though, Israel blackouts, and conceals, independent media reports, suggest that, Israel has suffered a high toll, so far, since it launched its land war. Many argue that, by targeting civilians, amid world-wide condemnation, Israel is expressing its weakness to face the resistance in the field, and to silent the resistance's rockets.
   The many video footages, the resistance has been showing on TVs, since the start of the land war, gives perhaps, a glimpse of how messy situation, Israeli soldiers find themselves in. For instance, the clips show Israeli soldiers trapped in a deserted house, by the resistance, and killed or injured, and sniping Israeli soldiers by the resistance.
   Israel believes that, the Palestinian resistance use almost the same tactics, Hisbullah used in Lebanon in the 2006 war. Israel just cannot find out, how on earth, Palestinian rockets still fired on its southern cities, despite the bombing from air, sea, and land.
   More crucially, the turning point in this war, could be that, the resistance's capability, despite the Israeli aerial, onshore, and offshore gripping siege, to fire rockets on Belmekhiem military base, which is located 45 miles from Gaza, and just 15 miles, south to Telaviv, the Israeli capital. Similarly, was the resistance's powerful rockets to reach out to Telnofe, another strategic city, nearly, 40 miles from Gaza. Undoubtedly, the Middle East has dramatically, changed.    
   One presumes, as do many that, this kind of tactics should be taught at military colleges, as they introduce, and add something new, and original to military knowledge.              
Professor, Dr. Ali Al-Hail, Professor of Mass Communication, Twice Fulbright

Award Winner, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Vice-President Of Qatar Fulbright Group, CSR Award Judge and Board Member of AUSACE, ASC, IABD, NEBAA, BEA, IMDA and EAJMC American Associations.
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