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Greek Artists' Declaration About Palestine and the Savage Israeli War on Gaza, January 25, 2009


Open to International Artists
Dear colleagues,
The secretariat of the Artist’s Rally fir Culture calls upon all artistic unions and foundations, as well as individual artists, to pronounce the 29th of January 2009 as a Day of Solidarity action to the Palestinian People. All artists are asked to get their talent down to the streets!
The idea is that on the 29th of January all kinds of artistic activities will take place in the streets of the world, in order to demonstrate our solidarity to the Palestinian struggle for freedom. We suggest that the attached declaration be adopted as a basis for our common action. Signatures of both the presenting artists and the audience will be gathered under the declaration that will afterwards be given to the United States and Israeli embassies, the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Greece , as well as the European Union office and the United Nations.
The signs can sent to email at this address
Colleagues Greetings
Athens , The secretariat of the Artist’s Rally for Culture

This genocide (genoctony) of unprecedented size and ferocity, against the long and severely suffered Palestinian people is – at the moment taking place at full scale; right in front the eyes of an astonished humanity.
The enormous war – machinery of the State of Israel for some decades now, is systematically exterminating the UNARMED and starving people of Palestine .
 Four million Palestinians are being confined within a military camp, the largest ever known in history, after the last international war. 800 kilometers of cement wall encircled by electrically charged wise and cables, plus a severe embargo established along time ago, are daily driving to misery and humiliation a whole people.
The assault squads of Israel – imitating the relevant German SS practice – exercise night raids against Palestinians hoses and kill plain civilians no matter what their age is thus, exterminating whole families, under only vague suspicion, that the victims were sympathizers of the Palestinian Resistance – Fighters.
Joint arrests and assassinations of unarmed people, in cold blood, comprise a daily practice which remind us the blockades and assassinations of innocent civilians just for reasons of retaliation, by the German armed – forces, during the occupation of Greece, in 40’s.
The USA, together with the governments of the EU Countries are desperately trying, to equalize the strongest ever TERRORIZING Institution named “State of Israel” to the sporadic activities of Palestinian people.
This by itself, is obvious and apocalyptic of the imperialists well organized political schedule so as, it‘ll never be a United, independent Palestinian State and Palestinian People shall only have to spread and lose themselves into neighboring, pro-American, Arabian States.
On this historical moment, the Palestinian People gain the reputation, as Universal Symbol of the struggle for Liberty , Independence , Honor and Dignity.
The only hope for the Palestinian People is the active support of global Peoples’ Movements.
Let us net, anyone of us, remain indifferent and uninvolved against the Genoctony, executed nearby, which constitutes the biggest crime against humanity.
We call and ask, ALL OF US, to demonstrate simultaneously, in the form of an International rally,
·                                               Withdraw immediately and without terms all the Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.
·                                               United, Free, Durable, Independent Palestinian State , with East Jerusalem becoming its Capital City .
Athens Greece

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