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It's Resistance, Not Terrorism, as Zionists and Collaborators Call it

By Adib S Kawar, January 25, 2009

Rockets and the right of Resistance… Not Terrorism!!!

Didn’t  occur to the Zionist entity’s leaders and each one of its inhabitants why are Qassams and other types of flying weapons were fired?

There is something called “resistance”, which is a human right, that international law has no objection to, and considers it justified, even if Zionists and their western colonialist allies and collaborators would like to condemn and call it “terrorism”!!!

Resistance to occupation was employed by so many peoples under occupation who found that it is their right and duty to organize and execute if they have self respect. Of course occupiers/colonialists who many a time resort to genocide to crush revolts and resistance to their occupation; so as to displace and or use massacres to have the targeted land emptied of its indigenous population, as is the case with the invading Zionists and the invaded occupied Palestinian Arabs.

Recent history had experienced many examples of popular acts of resistance to colonization/occupation, though in most cases the occupiers didn’t intend a full genocide of the indigenous people, but still were faced by fierce resistance and the occupied had been always been the victors and gained their independence, some examples:

·       During WW I Arabs revolted against the 500 years long Ottoman occupation, they were supported by western powers, which they unfortunately had malicious aims behind their help, namely to inherit the Ottoman Empire and replace it in the Arab homeland, and leave behind a foreign post to be used as a long arm to hinder any revolt or resistance their occupation, which is the Zionist entity that had been trying to resort to genocide to ethnic cleanse the land from its rightful owners.

·       All occupied nations in the Far East revolted/resisted including China as against Japanese occupation of the lands of nations in the area…

·       India revolted and resisted British occupation and was able to kick them out and gained its independence, but here too the malicious British colonialism partitioned the subcontinent on religious bases.

·       Korea and Vietnam resisted U.S. occupation of their countries and were able to end this occupation in spite of the great difference in the balance of power, the great democracy killed them and they killed their occupying soldiers. Are they to be blamed for firing their primitive rockets to counter and defeat the enemy’s sophisticated ones?!.Are they to be blamed after hysteric U.S. bombardment from air, land and sea to come from under the ground and slit the thoughts of their savage occupiers and force this great mighty power to run away with its skin.

·       U.S. colonialism lied and lied to create unjustified justification to justify its war on Iraq, the aim of which was oil and other covetous aims as well as Zionist desires to destroy Iraq because it used to fear its possible strength that threatens its colonialist aims in the Arab homeland, Iraqi land, people, history and future and economy were destroyed for quite some time to come not to speak about the terror gangs occupation created to further destroy the country with its great civilization and history, a million and a half people were killed and 4.7 million refugees that is almost 20% of the population were forced to flee with their lives. Isn’t resistance is justified to liberate the people and the land?

·       All African nations resorted to armed resistance and regained their independence, and the best example was Al-Maghreb Al-Arabi, which includes Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Libya, and Algeria that fought their wars of independence that coasted a million or more martyrs. Algerian Arabs utilized any sort of arms and means of resistance to kick out the French settlers/colonizers who had similar aims like these of Zionist in Palestine to displace and replace Algerian Arabs in their homeland. Libya also fought a long war of resistance and half of the population was massacred by the Italian fascist colonization, and at the end Libya was able to regain its independence. All black Africa that is the sub-Sahara peoples were able to regain their independence by all means of resistance available to them. Wasn’t their resistance justified or not, may be haven’t they used all means of resistance, and whatever means they resorted to even if the occupiers called them savage or even suicidal and terrorists, because hadn’t they done so they would have been annihilated/massacred, a ethnically cleansed.

·       European nations fought fiercely against Nazi occupation starting with Western European countries France, Belgium, Holland etc up to Russia and millions of the occupied people as well Nazi soldiers were killed, and in the battle of Stalingrad alone it is said about a million victims fell while the Russians were resisting occupation, and nobody called resistance men “terrorists”, except for a Zionist historian called Benny Morris, who condemned Russian resistance during their heroic battle of Stalingrad, and so was the case with Napoleon. In reply to the following question addressed to Morris: And you take that in stride? War crimes? Massacres? The burning fields and the devastated villages of the Nakbah? he replied:

“You have to put things in proportion. These are small war crimes. All told, if we take all the massacres and all the executions of 1948, we come to about 800 who were killed. In comparison to the massacres that were perpetrated in Bosnia, that’s peanuts. In comparison to the massacres the Russians perpetrated against the Germans at Stalingrad, that’s chicken feed. When you take into account that there was a bloody civil war here and that we lost an entire 1 percent of the population, you find that we behaved very well.” We wonder why did Zionist bring the 100% of them were they were safe in their homelands?

Behaved very well!!!  Talking about ethnic cleansing, stealing somebody’s else land and or massacre them, justifying all of that because, the European white man is ‘civilized’ so has the full right to do whatever they desire with “Barbarian Arabs”, they are not civilized: Morris the Zionist replied to the following question:  “In his place, would you have expelled them all? All the Arabs in the country?” He bluntly  answered: "But I am not a statesman. I do not put myself in his place. But as an historian, I assert that a mistake was made here. Yes. The non-completion of the transfer was a mistake."!!!

But the scholar, professor historian seems to have forgotten the numbers of victims of Zionist wars since 1948 is by far more then the claimed only simply 800 victims the last war up to date was the Zionist war waged on the minute little strip of Gaza. Hoping that it would be the last, and the enemy would learn the lesson that Arabs shall no more turn the other cheek to receive a harder slap. If there is another time more sophisticated rockets and possibly more deadly arms and weapon shall be used, to inflict more casualties on the Zionist entity then on Arabs.

Firing the clumsy rockets for five years or even eight years is a crime that was done after over 60 years of occupation, massacres, ethnic cleansing, theft of land and all whatever Palestinian Arabs had accumulated throughout history and what ever…  Firing these rocket, which killed ten, twenty or thirty occupiers is not justified, but massacring during 23 days about 1500 mostly civilian men, women, elderly people and a big number of minors, and hopefully no more victims will found buried under the rubble of their homes, as the 30 members of the same family who were found after seas buried under the rubble of their home destroyed in an air raid. Not to forget the over 5300 wounded , most of the badly. As thus all sorts of resistance and means should be employed against this inhuman enemy, Zionist should know and know well that Arab blood is sacred.

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