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Evangelical Christians' Erroneous Ideas About Blessing Israel and the Promised Land

By Hassan El-Najjar, January 31, 2009

During the savage terrorist Israeli war on Gaza, many traditional supporters of Israelis, such as Evangelical Christians and Jews were silent about the Israeli war crimes. This observation deserves some analysis.

As a justification for their silence over, or even support for, these crimes against humanity, they cite the Bible, which orders them, they say to support Israel. The Bible never said so, they just don't read.

The other infamous distorted reading of the Bible is about the Promised Land. In order to justify their blind support for the Zionist Israeli in evicting Palestinians and dispossessing them, Evangelical Christians again cite the Bible, which never said that God gave the Holy Land to Jews. Rather, it said that it was given to Abraham and his descendants, who are the Palestinian people of today, Christians, Muslims, and some Middle Eastern Jews.

The most-quoted Biblical “proof text” which Evangelical Christians use to justify their blind and unconditional support for the Israeli war criminals is the following passage.


“The LORD had said to Abram,…

‘I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you.

I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.

I will bless those who bless you,

And whoever curses you I will curse;

And all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” *


Genesis 12:1-3 NIV


It is crystal clear that the addressee was Abraham, not his grandson Jacob (Israel). Abraham was the father of both Isaac and Isma'il, from whom descend many people in the Middle East today, including Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

This passage is not absolutely referring to the Zionist-racist state of Israel, which has been persecuting descendants of Isaac and Isma'il since its inception by Eastern European Ashkenazi, Khazari (Hazar) Jews who have no roots in the Middle East.

It's amazing that nobody among these Evangelical is trying to read the Bible correctly. They are distorting and abusing it for the benefit of the Israeli Zionists who have dragged the United States into wars against the Muslim and Christian descendants of Isaac and Isma'il for no other reason except following the Israeli expansionist policies, to establish an empire in the Middle East with American money and blood.


This is like the other infamous distorted reading of the Bible concerning the Promised Land. In the entire Bible, you cannot find any verse which says that God promised the Holy Land to Jews. Rather, it was promised to the descendants of Abraham and his descendants (Isaac and Isma'il), then confirmed to Isaac and his descendants, and again to Jacob (Israel) and his descendants.


And truly it was inhabited by these descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel for thousands of years. When Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, preached his message, his followers from these descendants became known as Christian. Then, when Muhammed, peace be upon him, preached the message given to him by God, many of these descendants accepted Islam and became Muslims.


The Palestinian people of today, Muslims and Christians, together with some Middle Eastern Jews, are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


They were promised the Holy Land and they have been actually living in it for thousands of years despite all attempts of the Zionists to evict them completely from it.


It's time for Evangelical Christians to wake up and start reading the Bible correctly.


God did not tell you to support war criminals, even if they call themselves Israelis. These are European Jews, not Israelites. It's time to know the difference between Israeli and Israelite!


You are enabling wars, deaths, and destruction to continue, harming not only Christians and Muslims but also Jews you think you are helping.


Read your Bible again, look at the evidence here: The Promised Land



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