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Canadian Government Pollutes Water at Dump Site 41

By Heidi G. A. Stoecklin, July 18, 2009 


This is a crisis situation.  It is mine and many others opinion that this issue and all it's opposition must  be made front page headlines until this project is stopped. Protecting our water is an issue important to our whole nation and our whole world.   It our right to be informed and so far the public has only received a tiny portion of this issue and it is becoming more heated.

This definitely isn't a case of NIMBYISM as millions upon millions of people worldwide do not have fresh drinking water and countries are drying up yet Premier Dalton McGuinty and Prime Minister Stephen Harper do not comprehend the vital importance of this resource FOR THE WORLD and the children's future.  They are prepared to sanction a garbage dump on one of the purest water acquifers in the world. 

Where is their foresight, humanity and common sense?  Where is their obligation to listen to their constituents and not only corporate interests?

There are alternatives.  We do not need another landfill site contrary to what Mr. McGuinty says.  There exists several landfill sites which are not being used to full capacity and we have the ability to reduce our consumerism.  Corporations must also face responsibilities in their packaging and we can begin to convert to hemp. 

In regards to Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Harper not consulting the First Nations yet again....THIS IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR.   According to International Law to ignore the Indigenous people of land is seen as illegal.  Know every statement they make or every silence they keep is further indicting themselves.  It's just a matter of time before the truth of Canada's history becomes exposed and they find themselves, as the bullies they are being, behind bars. 
Hear the words....Two Row Wampum Belt and Covenant Chain Agreements,  the Royal Proclamation of 1763, Conspiracy to Commit Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and Breach of Peace.  

Just so all readers understand, Canadian leaders both past and present have chosen to deny the Indigenous people in Canada their Sovereignty and chose to apply the Indian Act instead.  Canadians and the world have been duped but International Law.....Natural Law will prevail as the international community has been watching our leaders very closely.  I have faith in international law and Canadians who once they understand the truth and how our history books have lied are going to be furious.

So to Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Harper, the best advice I've heard so far in regards to Site 41 is from Simcoe North MPP Garfield Dunlop, "the best thing would be for everybody to save face; to drop this thing and move on".  In regards to the Native issue, I highly advise you both to admit your GUILT in oppressing the Indigenous people because as our present leaders it is your integrity and humanity on the line, not our forefathers. 

If you are an international reader or a Canadian citizen with family and friends abroad, please share this information about Canada's irresponsibility with them.  Water not oil will be the most important resource in the world in the near future and Canadian leaders are prepared to waste and contaminate a huge stockpile.  Search the Petition Site and sign under "Stop Dump Site 41".

A Peaceful resolution can be reached  so that we will act in the most loving way for future generations. Oh Canadian government ......please do the right thing.

Heidi G. A. Stoecklin
Aurora, Ontario, Canada




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