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Clinton: US Won’t Hesitate to Use Military Against Iran (for AIPAC/Israel of course!):

Here is the tiny URL of the above one:

The CIA and Dick Cheney:

Democrats Risk War with Iran to Serve Israel's Agenda


US subsidized Jewish only Settlements

It looks like Barack Obama has figured out that one of the main obstacles to mideast peace are the illegal Jewish settlements. The West Bank and Gaza Ghetto are Occupied Territories according to international law,the Geneva Convention, countless UN resolutions Israel has continuously ignored.

It is important to note that these Illegal settlements are exclusively Jewish, built on stolen private land, and are connected by roads that are also exclusive. The IDF supports the whole ROTTEN system and is let loose on the Non Jewish captive Palestinian populace corralled in Israel designed walled reservations. The Aim is to make the lives of these Non Jews so insufferable as to drive them off their lands and bring in Jewish Israelis.

Now if you build an Apartheid society not too many would argue it's not wrong, but the Israeli model is Funded buy things like tax free Israel Bonds and other slippery financial instruments with origins MOSTLY in these United States.
Furthermore, Israel receives over $10 million a day in US DOLLARS that we know of. Unique in the annals of US foreign aid: US "CASH" is deposited in the Israeli treasury at the beginning of each year, and the US taxpayer pays the interest on that Borrowed money. Israel invests in turn that New money and collects interest. How sweet 'Tis.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, the cost of Israel to the American TAX payer has been over $1.3 TRILLION since 1973.

B.E. Barsoum


Charges dropped against Talmudic Zionist settler filmed shooting Palestinians

The Australian Greens Party stand from Israel-Palestine is much worse than the Labor Government.

Senator Bob Brown, you cannot criticise China for human rights violations in Tibet and remain SILENT on Xinjiang and Israel!

Senator Bob Brown, you talk about ‘Trees’ human rights and ignore UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

                                                         Charges were dropped Tuesday against settler Ze'ev Braude

                                                         who was caught on film shooting two Palestinians last year.

                                                         (Daniel Bar-On / Jini). Source Haaretz July 14, 2009.



Dear Fellow Australians,


Do you know that any Australian citizen can go to Israel and live in any Zionist Kibbutz and join Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) and kill or humiliate Christian and Muslim Palestinians! Or he/she can live in any illegal Israeli settlements and kill Palestinian civilians or destroy Palestinians farm and civil infrastructure!


Even Australian government and Security Agencies will ignore that. Australian Foreign Incursion Act is not applicable to those who serve in Israeli Occupation Army.


There are ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) officers serve in Israel/Palestine, so they should know about Australian citizens who decide to live illegal Israeli settlements and serve in IOF. Some of them has visited Australia to collect donations for illegal Israeli settlements. As you know, Australian Government and all security agencies turned blinded eyes!


“The State Prosecution said Tuesday that it was dropping charges against a resident of Kiryat Arba who was caught on film shooting at two Palestinians in the West Bank last December.

The prosecution said it made the decision not to try Ze'ev Braude because such a move could expose classified information that might harm the security of the state. [sic, what an excuse not to bring justice to a criminal]


Click HERE and read Haaretz full report, 14/7/09 Charges dropped against settler filmed shooting Palestinians.


Why Australian Greens Party stand from Israel-Palestine is worse that Labor Government?


yourPDFDU said many times that the Greens is the only political party has detail Israel-Palestine policy and they have never use it. The Greens Party is the third political party and to a certain degree they are holding the balance in the Senate.

The Greens Senator Ludlam has introduced The Greens Anti-Terrorism Laws Reform Bill 2009, 23 June 2009. Yes, we need to review the anti-terrorism laws to ensure that the parts of the laws must go because they undermine our core democratic. What about the government terrorist list? Why the Greens stick to their Israel-Palestine detail policy and add the Israeli-Zionist settler movement to the government terrorist list?


Australian Uighur community urges the Greens to 'break its silence'

          Australia's Uighur community is urging the Federal

          Government to condemn ethnic violence in China.

          (ABC News : Penny McLintock )


On another Greens related silence issue, did the Greens leader Senator Bob Brown said a word about China’s killing of Chinese Muslim minority?

More than 150 people have died in recent bloody clashes between Chinese Uighurs, Han Chinese and Chinese authorities in the western region of Xinjiang.

The Australian Uighur Association has

presented a letter to Greens Senator Bob Brown, urging the Federal Government to pressure the

Chinese Government to end the violence. Click HERE to read ABC reportUighur community

urges Govt to 'break its silence'”, 10 July 2009.

The Greens Party must punished next federal election, they loose 3 seats next election. This is the only

way they can listen to the wider Australian community concern.

Finally, Israeli-Zionist are not the ‘chosen people’ [sic]! If they’re the ‘chosen people’

then they should have a message of peace from God, not to kill and humiliate

Christians and Muslims in Palestine!


IF Muslims did that to the ABC's Middle East correspondent Anne Barker, this will be a Front-Page

story for days to come at ALL Australian media outlet!

One day the whole world will regret supporting Israel when Israeli-Zionist fascist have full access to Israel’s nuclear arsenal. Make no mistake that they will use it.

yourPDFDU wonders what Labor Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who just returned from a cultural visit to Israel [sic] will say about Talmudic Zionist spitting on Australian citizen.

Will Julia Gillard dare to comment on this?

That’s why we need to get organised, not mourn!

We have to left the veil from Zionist to show their true colour i.e. racism, extremism and terrorism.

Time is due for anti-Zionist Jews and Palestinians to unite under one banner. For many years yourPDFDU called seriously for forming Australian Coalition Against Israeli-Zionist Apartheid’ to:

1.       educate and advance the public debate about Zionism, espicially within the Jewish community.

2.       Convert more Zionists to anti-Zionists until Zionism disappear.

This quote from an Australian Zionist leader, past president of Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA), Dr Ron

Weiser, said that:

        "Looking back on more than three decades of Zionist activity, Dr Weiser says: “The biggest benefactor of

         all this [Zionist activity] is Australian Jewry. Most Jews in Australia are actually in a post-halachic phase,

        not a post-Zionist phase. The factor that will have the largest impact on their future Jewish identity is Israel.

        “I’ve gone around this country saying to people that if they trash Israel they’re causing increased

        assimilation in this country because if young Jews are not proud of Israel ... they won’t want to be part of

        the club.” (Source: Australian Jewish News)

Any immediate action!

Make no mistake, Zionism is the problem. We have responsibility to dismantle Zionism.




In peace


 yourPDFDU ‘Unique and True News of Palestine: Voice of Knowledge and Courage’


Asem Judeh

Victoria, Australia





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