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Come to Rafah Camp, Besiege the Siege at the Rafah Gate

International Movement to Open the Rafah Gate - 7 Days Sit-In!

Rafah Gate, Rafah, Egypt

June 20, 2009


The International Movement to Open the Rafah Border (IMORB) has maintained a sit-in at the Rafah Crossing Gate for 7 days." We sleep in tents and and

under the stars," explained Don Bryant from the US, on the fourth day of a fast to protest the suffering of the 1.5 million Gazans under Israeli siege which

blocks humanitarian aid and restricts the free-flow of goods and people. "Hundreds of children have been killed from the recent Israeli massacre on Gaza,

and due to the siege!" Bryant exclaimed.

"Our numbers at the camp surged to 26 in the middle of this week," said Ellen Graves, a Raging Grannie from western Massachusetts, US, also fasting.

"Now we are less than 10 holding the camp, under constant surveillance by Egyptian police, but with seeming tolerance."

The IMORB sit-in camp is a "huge step in opposing the siege," said Nada Kassass, an Egyptian journalist who has joined the demonstration. "No one has

ever done this for one week straight," she continued.

The IMORB now sees their camp as a crucial part of ending the siege of Gaza. Half of the sit-in campers will be departing at the end of next week. The

international activists are inviting others to join them the week of June 22 for orientation and to help sustain the sit-in, indefinitely. The group also takes partin meditation, teach-ins, negotiating with border police, and providing support for Palestinians and others trying to reunite with families in Gaza.

To join the sit-in camp or speak with the campers at the border contact:

Nada Kassass (0020) 0122504611 Arabic

Christian Chantegrel, French

Paki Wieland (0020) 0187358621 English

Don Bryant (0020)177543411 English

Iman Badawi (0020) 0197910753

-- In Solidarity from all International Movement to Open Rafah Border












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