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Shame on Us!

Jenin Children Entertain their Oppressors in Tel Aviv

By Khalid Amayreh
March 31, 2009



Shame on us!
What will happen next? Will Palestinian kids be duped to play music to  Israeli pilots who exterminated  Gaza children with White Phosphorus?

It is really hard to write on this subject without getting angry. We all know the extent to which Israel can be evil and satanic. After all, we Palestinians  have been on the receiving end of Israeli  savagery for decades.
In fact, being thoroughly  tormented and killed by the children, grand-children and great grandchildren of the holocaust has always been and continues to be “the” Palestinians’ way of life.
 However, for some Palestinians to allow themselves to be duped to sing and play music to their oppressors and child-killers is simply beyond the pale of human dignity.
 It is at least as insulting and humiliating as  some Jews were forced or duped to play  music to SS, Gestapo and Wehrmacht soldiers during the Second World War. In both cases, the act was meant to humiliate the victims and rob them of the last visages of human dignity.
And now, Jews in Israel are doing the same thing to Palestinians, Nazism’s vicarious victims.
Last week, a few innocent  kids from the Jenin refugee camp were surreptiously taken to Tel Aviv to “cheer up and take part in peace-promoting activities.”
However, once there the kids were unceremoniously driven  to a reception  where they were made to play music and sing to “holocaust survivors,” some of them are  former members of the Hagana and Irgun terrorist gangs  who had taken part in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and expulsion of Palestinians form their homeland.
God knows how much Palestinian blood did these so-called “holocaust survivors” shed in 1948 and subsequent years. Certainly, Dir Yasin, Tantura, Dawaymeh, and the numerous other massacres were not committed by UFOs. They were committed in cold blood by these very people our children are now cheering up.
 Shame on us a thousand times!
Some of the kids were instructed to utter words that should never be uttered by the victims of Zionism. One of the participants reportedly dedicated a special song to Gilaad Shalit, an Israeli soldier taken prisoner by Palestinian fighters in Gaza nearly three years ago. No mention, not even an allusion, was made of the estimated 10,000 Palestinian political and resistance prisoners languishing in Israeli dungeons and concentration camps.
 But the  kids apparently  felt they had to say anything they were asked to say in order to show gratitude for  the Jewish “peace contractor” who got them out of the ghetto, otherwise known as Jenin refugee camp, even for a six-our outing in Tel Aviv.
I am not against showing genuine  sympathy with the victims of the holocaust. However, a sympathy that is manipulated to justify,  rationalize or  even extenuate the crime against humanity that is Israel is worse than a crime if only because it serves to promote and perpetuate oppression.
As human beings, we  Palestinians do sympathize with all  victims of Nazism, Stalinism and imperialism, the wept, the over-wept, and especially the unwept who constitute the vast majority of victims.
Having said that, however, I strongly believe that  no honest person  under the sun has the slightest right to demand that we pay the price for what the Nazis did or may have done to European Jews  nearly 70 years ago.
We didn’t send Jews to the ovens. The German did. We didn’t  starve Jews to death as Jews are doing to us  today in the Gaza Strip.
We didn’t incinerate Jews in Gas chambers as Jews have recently incinerated Palestinian children with White Phosphorus.
Hence, of all people in this world, Palestinians must never  be made  to feel guilty for what the Nazis and other Europeans did to Jews. I say so because a feeling of guilt, even a modicum of guilt, on our part,  would be construed or misconstrued as a  vindication  of  Zionism, the Nazism of our time.
There are additional reasons that make the latest insensitive manipulation of Palestinian suffering especially ugly and dishonorable.
First, nearly all the young musicians  who were taken to Tel Aviv  came from the Jenin Refugee camp. For those who have forgotten, this is the very same refugee  camp that Israeli tanks pulverized in 2002. According to eyewitnesses, Israeli tanks and bulldozers destroyed homes right on top of innocent civilians, including the physically handicapped, while dozens of innocent civilians were systematically massacred, very much like Jews were at Ghetto Warsaw. The massacre at the camp was so hideous that Israel refused to allow UN officials to access the camp to inspect what happened.
Well, again the Nazi analogy is inescapable.  Just imagine surviving Jewish children from Treblinka or Bergen Belsen made to sing to SS soldiers.!!
Second, the disgraceful  concert in Tel Aviv comes on the heel of  Israel’s genocidal assault in Gaza where Israeli warplanes showered the children, women and men of coastal enclave  with White Phosphorus and other missiles and bombs of death while Israeli Jews were gleefully celebrating the “victory on Hamas” and Israeli rabbis preoccupied with classifying gentiles into “children of light” and “children of darkness.”
In Gaza, the Zionist Jews exposed their shame to all the people of the world by acting like primitive barbarians and murderous savages.
Hence,  the utter shamefulness  of   sending Palestinian children  to Tel Aviv to  help  Israel’s hasbara efforts  whitewash Israel’s pornographic barbarianism in Gaza.
Finally, it is obvious that the PA bears much of the blame for this disgraceful event. The PA should never allow so called “cultural exchanges” and “cultural normalization” with the murderers of our children, the very state  whose leaders and military commanders view us as “scum, vermin and animals” that ought to be exterminated.
Unfortunately, the PA itself encourages some demoralized Palestinians to endear themselves to Israel, even in the cheapest of manners.
The  often cordial meetings and exchanging of kisses between Mahmoud Abbas and Ehud Olmert, the butcher of Gaza, leave one and only impression, not only on the children of the refugee camp in Jenin, but also on TV viewers around the world.
Perhaps the Israel artillery and war planes  were showering Gaza with candy, not White Phosphorus.!!!
This is probably the main  message the organizers of the Jenin-Tel Aviv tour wanted to communicate to these miserable kids who are obviously having  a hard time recognizing their fathers’ killers.




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