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 Turkey Is The Dividend, It's NOT the Divisor, And The Quotient Is On Her Side

By Ali Al-Hail, March 8, 2009

   It's the statement to the obvious, to say that, the terror entity ' Israel ', (the manufacturer of Palestinian-Arabic holocausts, genocides and massacres, for the past century, or so) is defeating its own argument, when it accuses the others of committing crimes against humanity. An Israeli General, Avi Mizrahi, has lately, accused Turkey of occupying the Republic of Northern Cyprus , and of carrying out genocides against Armenians during WWI.
   Had Turkey approved of the Palestinian holocaust vigorously, carried out by the terror entity ' Israel ', in the same way there or thereabouts, Egypt did, Mizrahi, would've not burst with such an opportunistic accusation. Had the humane Prime Minister of Turkey, not reciprocated the majority of his country's fellows' anger over the Israeli's crimes of war against Palestinian unarmed civilians, Mizrahi would've honored Recep Tayyep Erdogan, as a hero, more or less in the same way, they perceived Husni Mobarak.
   Undoubtedly, Erdogan made a point, or more than one. He manifested in action that, Turkey cannot be bought. When he protested crystal clear and loud, (against Israel's banned US-made-armaments and munitions, harshly, tested on the flush and bones of more than 480 children massacred, and over 1600 children injured,) his message was; if the EU would have a second thought, about Turkey joining it, for his country's criticism of the terror entity 'Israel', let's be it.
   As Turkey by no means, can be included in the silence of the lambs. Simply, Turkey is not a lamb. NATO, knows well, it's NOT, so does the EU. Although, Turkey is predominantly, a Muslim society, its present widely, twice-elected government of the Just and Development Party (JDP), headed by Erdogan, was largely, welcomed by the US and the EU, for its Islamic-natured-moderation within the international community. Israel itself, continued to cooperate with it for a lengthy period of time, for something like, the same reason.
   However, Erdogan whose government has never let down its voters, had no choice but to stand by its voters' sentiments, when they took to the street, demonstrating in millions, for abhorrent, and absurd scenes, they watched on global TVs, of Israeli US-F16-DIME, and Phosphoric bombs carried out by the terror entity "Israel'. The picture was clear in their minds. The F16 were not fighting with their counterpart. Rather, they were bullying, intimidating, and ultimately, murdering in cold blood thousands of innocent children, women, and unarmed civilians, and injuring many more, most of whom in critical conditions.
   Thus; Erdogan, didn't think of small gains, and leftovers thrown to him by the US and the EU, just as, Mubarak of Egypt did. Erdogan decided to be on the side of the very people, through whom, his party came to power twice. This is the real strategy to be with your people, in bad and good. The strategy is not to brush your 'allies' shoes, at the expense of your people.
   Erdogan, is aware of the fact that, had he not respected his voters' stance, his government would've not been respected by the West, including 'ironically', the terror entity ' Israel '.
   Many argue that, after Turkey 's noble defense of the Palestinians, the EU is now more of accepting Turkey as a member state, than anytime before. Likewise, does the US-led NATO that, has become exceptionally, aware of Turkey 's role within NATO.
   One presumes, as do many that, the EU needs Turkey more than vice versa. Similarly, the US-led NATO needs Turkey far more than vice versa.         
   Turkey is a hard figure within the global equation, much less, the regional equation. In this equation of interests, Turkey has proved that, it's the dividend, rather than being the divisor, and the quotient is on its side.
Professor, Dr. Ali Al-Hail, Professor of Mass Communication, Twice Fulbright

Award Winner, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Vice-President Of Qatar Fulbright Group, CSR Award Judge and Board Member of AUSACE, ASC, IABD, NEBAA, BEA, IMDA and EAJMC American Associations.
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