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1001 Ways Zionists Use to Take Over Palestinian Lands and Distract World Attention at the Same Time

By Mazin Qumsiyeh, November 14, 2009


One of these days, I would like to write a book to document the 1001 ways that Zionists use to take over land and distract attention at the same time.  In history we had false flag operations like the Lavon Affair (Israeli agents attacking Western Interests to blame it on Arab nationalists) and countless other incidents of creating mayhem to ensure distraction. More recently as more ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem goes on, the Lebanese government reveals collaboration between Israeli intelligence in South Lebanon nurtured and worked with extremist groups to fire Katyusha's at Israel to keep the Northern front humming and give a bad name to Hezbollah.  Israel pirates a ship in International waters it claims were destined for Hezbollah.  Israeli agents infiltrate demonstrations wearing masks and insult Christians.  Israel recruits agents among sick Palestinians in Gaza desperate to leave to get treatment and use trickery to capture Palestinian men in compromising position and use the pictures to blackmail them into collaboration.  But mostly now, it is enough to keep scaring the Israeli public to stay on board with eth elites making billions off of impoverishing the average person (Israel builds massive security industries while more than 1/3rd of its population lives below the poverty line).
 As Gideon Levy put it in Haaretz: "Every few weeks you have to sow fear, every few months you need to make threats, and once every year or two you have to have another little war. Blind cooperation between the defense establishment and the media holds the promise of another round of fighting. In that way, it's possible to escape some of the blame from the Goldstone report and wallow in the conditions we love best: being the victim, feeling threatened and uniting in the face of the great external danger allegedly in the offing"[1]
Though he did not explain why the victimhood card is used: because without it, this whole project of bringing Jews from around the world to settle on stolen Palestinian land collapses. It would collapse because the truth would come out.  The truth that Zionism not only victimized the Palestinians (70% of us are refugees or displaced people) but also Jews [2]
The US State Department declared this week that "Israel dismally fails the requirements of a tolerant pluralistic society "[3]. Yet the US gives Israel the largest share of foreign aid, billions/year even as this is contrary to US law to support human rights violators.  The Israel-first lobby in Washington ensures the US arm-twists smaller nations to vote against International law.  Yet, even Israel's endless distractions and the US power and might seem unable to stem the bad news for the racist apartheid regime.  The UN General assembly voted overwhelmingly to support the Goldstone report 114 votes in favor, 18 opposed and 44 abstentions..  Those of you in different countries should check how your country voted and write to thank them if voting yes or to ask for explanation for those spineless ones who voted no or abstain. History will not be kind to sweeping war crimes under the rug. Goldstone had written to congress to correct the distortions, outright lies, and inaccuracies that were in the resolution that was drafted for them by AIPAC trained congressional aids in fascist congressmen offices (Like Ross-Lehtinen) but the Goldstone letter was ignored.  Even the Gladstone report that they were condemning was not incorporated into the congressional record (otherwise future historians might see how stupid Congress is or maybe how stupid Congress thinks the public is).  So the AIPAC resolution condemning the Goldstone report (and thus supporting war crimes) passed by 9:1. 36 brave congressmen stand out and should be thanked for showing some backbone. (Action link [4])
Here in Palestine, we commemorated with sadness the November 2, 1917 horrific Balfour Decalration in which Britain promised Palestine to the European Zionist movement in order to secure help in getting the US to join WWI.
In other news, a US army officer who as a psychiatrist treated patients suffering after return from illegal wars on Iraq and Afghanistan (and was scheduled to be shipped there) went berserk and shot 13 of his comrades and injured 31.  The Zionists in the media are having a field day with this.  No one even mentioned on the religious persuasion or family background of the many hundreds of other Americans who engaged in similar kinds of mass-killing. In this case had he been Jewish American, Mexican American or anything else his background or religious beliefs would never have been mentioned.  I found it rather disgusting that outfits like the Associated Press engage in such smear campaigns.  All major Muslim American organizations issued statements condemning the attack. This is indeed a sad event; killing should be condemned by ALL but is also sad that some are allowed to exploit such events for political purposes.
In yet other news, Mahmoud Abbas declared that he will not run for the upcoming elections. In essence he is telling the US an Israel: you did not want to have a two state solution based on the road map to peace that you yourself drafted (and that calls for full freeze on settlement activity including "natural growth" and including occupied Jerusalem).  He is saying to them further that "if you do not want that, then my line of negotiations with you has indeed reached a dead end (he has actually been engaged in informal and formal negotiations for nearly three decades).  And let Fatah come up with a different line." Now we could of course see a Fatah candidate who is more compliant with Israeli demands or we could see a more sober and realistic approach.  My recommendation to Fatah is to give up on the "authority" and on the illusionary "two states" and begin the (yet hard) process of educating friends and foes about the value of a democratic secular state in all of historic Palestine.  As I argued in my last book, that will bring a durable peace instead of the charade of the current "peace process" (I know the peace process industry will not be happy with us finally beginning to choke off their main source of income and power).
On more uplifting news, on the anniversary of the Berlin wall collapse, Palestinians breached the apartheid wall knocking down one of its concrete segments (video here [5]). And residents of Aida refugee camp got to see the rest of Palestine. Rich Wiles wrote: "Um Qassim was born over 70 years ago in the village of Al Kabu. Her early childhood was spent amongst the clean air and fresh water of this Palestinian village. In 1948 everything changed for Um Qassim as it did for all Palestinians, and today she is one of the 4,500 residents of Aida CampÖI donít want to leave. I want to stay here forever. Itís so, so, beautiful, and itís still oursÖĒ[6] And a final action, please sign the petition Sign the petition to Norway's University of Trondheim to Boycott Israel (sign at link below [7].
A luta continua--the struggle goes on.
[2] see Lenni Brenner's article "The Zionist Operation Was A Success, The Jewish Patients Died"
[4] and see how your congressperson voted and write to them all
[5] see Video
[6] more at 
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home





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