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Video Report on Strait Gate Vigil at Hagee's Night to Honor Israel, Phoenix

By Charles E. Carlson, November 14, 2009
WHTT held its sixth Project Strait Gate Vigil at Christians United For Israel's Night To Honor Israel, this time in front of the Phoenix Symphony Hall on Oct. 18, 2009.  Participants from We Hold These Truths and friends confronted those in attendance with Biblical and moral challenges to their beliefs.
Most Christian Zionists, including John Hagee and many attendees, believe that:
The modern State of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy,
War is a necessary part of their religion leading to a second conflict in Israel between Jesus himself and the Jewish Pharisees of today,
 God excuses 'Born again Christians' from bloodguilt resulting from the support of Israel's occupation of Palestine and the US government's warring in the Middle East,
It is a sin for 'Christians' to fail to support Israel in every way possible.
For an overview of this vigil including interview of participants, please visit our new You Tube site to see the 2 part video at:
To learn how you can start a team Vigil for Peace With Justice, go to Project Strait Gate on the WHTT.ORG website or leave a message on our office phones. 
We Hold These Truths
Project Strait Gate
P O Box 14491
Scottsdale AZ 85267
480 947 3329





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