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Huge Rise in Birth Defects in IRAQ Due to Depleted Uranium

By Husayn Farajullah Zaki Al-Kurdi, November 21, 2009


Astronomical rise in birth defects among Iraqi babies have been noted since 1991 and the introduction of depleted uranium (DU) by US and allied forces in their assaults on Iraq dating from that year. Since then, specific areas such as Falluja have been intensively "treated" to bombardment by shells containing DU and have suffered the effects thereof, including birth defects, stillborn children, a proliferation of cancers and other well-known and extensively documented symptoms of genocide connected to DU. However, a large volume of it was unleashed on Iraq in 1991, as well as in numerous instances thereafter. This substance apparently has an extremely long life-span once it is released, perpetuating its damage for many generations. 
The only decent book in English on the USA-led invasion of Iraq, including coverage of the use of depleted uranium,  is the redoubtable

Jeff Archer's "The Mother of all Battles",

published in 2008 by Alternative Publishing,

8130 La Mesa Boulevard PMB 436,

La Mesa CA 91941 USA.

It has been used with excellent results by the valiant Professor June C. Terpstra in her college classrooms, but has been largely ignored by most Western "media" and academic circles.

I urge any person concerned with the fate of Iraq to acquire a copy, study it carefully and keep it handy for reference purposes.

It would also make a perfect gift for the "holiday" season and other gift-giving occasions.
Husayn Farajullah Zaki Al-Kurdi




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