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Petition To Board of Directors of the University of Trondheim:

Voting to Academically Boycott Israel

By Mohamed Khodr, November 21, 2009

“No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it"
            ---President Theodore Roosevelt
Dear Honorable Members of the Board of Directors of NTNU:
It is my deep privilege to again write you on the issue of your upcoming vote, November 12, to consider the resolution to academically boycott Israel.   I have the honor to include with this letter a petition signed by close to 1320 individuals from around the world that includes prominent scholars, academicians, physicians, lawyers, authors, journalists, and individuals; all supporting the adoption of the resolution.   You will find among the signatories many Jews from Israel, Europe, and the U.S. who despite supporting Israel the state denounce its illegal military occupation of the Palestinians; especially the latest devastation of Gaza.
From reading the media I’m cognizant that you’ve received a larger petition from Pro Israel supporters who’ve had much time to utilize their well organized, financed, government and media supported network to garner a larger number of signatories to their petition.   This is the norm under any circumstance when Zionists in and outside of Israel perceive even the slightest airing of any criticism of Israel’s brutal policies condemned by all world bodies and most governments.  
This petition was written by one person, myself, without any organized or financial support, or media exposure, yet received enormous support in just eight days.  It strongly demonstrates the frustration of citizens both inside and outside of Israel toward a nation that has defied all international laws and norms and thus is able to continue its military subjugation of another people.   It is also a rejection of western governments who stand by Israel despite its inhumane actions toward the Palestinians.
The ready made clarion swords are unsheathed against all who dare criticize Israel using the most vile of words, especially the world’s most intimidating Scarlet Letter, “A”, for “Anti-Semite”, although the far majority of Jews today are not Semites.    The dishonorable use of Holocaust guilt and the false propaganda that Israel is constantly facing an existential threat ensures silence of all debates which only perpetuates the occupation of Palestinian land.
Not even respected and esteemed Nobel Peace Prize winners like Former President Jimmy Carter and former Archbishop Desmund Tutu are spared the venomous attacks by Pro Israel apologists.
David Horowitz, author of the 2006 book “The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America “, and founder of the nationwide campus campaign against Islam: “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” wrote an article on his website, December 14, 2006 attacking Former President Jimmy Carter for writing his book “Palestine—Peace or Apartheid” as:
            “Jimmy Carter: Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler, Liar”
Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law at Harvard University, a most dependable defender of Israel (“A Case for Israel”) described the Honorable Desmond Tutu at the Durban Conference (April 20, 2009) as:
            "Tutu is a bigot and a racist,"  He is "blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to issues of Israel".
U.S. Academic institutions have been especially attacked by Pro Israel agonists for any teaching involving the Middle East, Islam, or the Israeli Palestinian conflict.   While Israel strongly opposes any boycott against it its western Pro Israel lobbies nevertheless call for boycotts of academic, media, civil rights organizations, and Muslim charities it perceives as acting against Israel’s interests.
Case in Point is Daniel Pipes’ organization: whose sole purpose is to hound academics who teach or speak on the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
However this tactic was exposed by the former Israeli Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni during an interview on Democracy Now with Amy Goldman, who said: 
"Calling people Anti-Semitic, well it's a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country (U.S.A) people are criticizing Israel then they are anti-Semitic."
Twenty years ago the world witnessed the destruction of the Berlin Wall by citizens who yearned for freedom and not by governments.  As Professor Noam Chomsky aptly stated:  “States are not moral agents, people are, and can impose moral standards on powerful institutions.”
World governments and institutions for varied reasons have failed for decades to create peace in Israel/Palestine or take any action against Israel’s occupation and constant wars against Palestinians and its neighbors.  
Thus the only moral force still available to the world to bring peace to that troubled land of Prophets is the moral voices of citizens from around the world united for peace and justice for both Israeli’s and Palestinians.   
One such powerful moral voice that will set a worldwide precedent is your affirmation of the Resolution to academically boycott Israel.    Although the media may say otherwise rest assured that the world supports you in this endeavor that will endeavor a positive ripple effect around the world.   The world is thirsty for positive leadership on behalf of the hapless long suffering Palestinians and you ladies and gentlemen can take the first step by adopting this resolution.
I appeal and urge you to vote Yes for truth, justice, human rights, and the equality of freedom and dignity for all peoples.
With My Utmost Respect, I remain
Mohamed Khodr M.D., M.P.H.
P.S.:  The actual number of the enclosed petition is less than 1320 signatures due to my deletion of denigrating and dishonorable attacks upon Norway and its good people.
Petition Online:
The actual list of signatories is included below
P.S.S. Below are Excerpts from Relevant Articles  
“Letter from Israeli young men and women who reject Israel’s occupation and refuse to enlist in the army”
“The occupation creates an unbearable actuality for the Palestinians in the occupied territories. The checkpoint policy, land annexation, the building of the apartheid wall, paving of roads for Israeli’s only, settlement projects, and assassinations – all these have been sowing destruction in the West Bank for over 4 decades. The siege on Gaza and the prevention of importing materials, including basic food products and humanitarian aid, undermines the basic minimal living conditions of Gaza’s residents. We cannot tolerate such a reality.
The claim put forth by the spokespersons of the government and the army, that the continuation of the occupation arises from security reasons, has no substance. No country that has fought for its independence has ever been defeated by military means. The suffering of the Palestinian people and their subjugation is the cause of violent resistance. Israel’s public will never be safe as long as the Palestinian nation is under occupation. There is no military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – only peace will ensure life and security for Jews and Arabs in this country.
The Israeli government frequently boasts that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”. The occupation is a complete contradiction to this claim. Can a government that controls the lives of millions of people who did not take part in elections be called a “democracy”? Can military rule of a civilian population be considered anything other than a dictatorship?
From the Website:

From Israeli Soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories Highlighting Israel’s IDF’s Abuses and who oppose the Occupation.
“Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that collects testimonies of soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories during the Second Intifadah. Soldiers who serve in the Territories are witness to, and participate in military actions which change them immensely. Cases of abuse towards Palestinians, looting, and destruction of property have been the norm for years, but are still excused as military necessities, or explained as extreme and unique cases. Our testimonies portray a different and grim picture of questionable orders in many areas regardind Palestinian civilians. These demonstrate the depth of corruption which is spreading in the Israeli military. While this reality which is known to Israeli soldiers and commanders exists in Israel's back yard, Israeli society continues to turn a blind eye, and to deny that which happens in its name. Discharged soldiers who return to civilian life discover the gap between the reality which they encountered in the Territories , and the silence which they encounter at home. In order to become a civilian again, soldiers are forced to ignore their past experiences. Breaking the Silence voices the experiences of those soldiers, in order to force Israeli society to address the reality which it created.

We demand accountability regarding Israel's military actions in the Occupied territories perpetrated by us and in our name.”
From:  Haaretz:
U.S. State Department: Israel is not a tolerant society    By Akiva Eldar
“Israel dismally fails the requirements of a tolerant pluralistic society,
according to a new report from the U.S. State Department.
Despite boasting religious freedom and protection of all holy sites, Israel
falls short in tolerance toward minorities, equal treatment of ethnic
groups, openness toward various streams within society, and respect for holy
and other sites.”
The comprehensive report, written by the State Department's Bureau of
Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, says Israel discriminates against groups
including Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Reform Jews, Christians, women and
The report says that the 1967 law on the protection of holy places refers to
all religious groups in the country, including in Jerusalem, but "the
government implements regulations only for Jewish sites. Non-Jewish holy
sites do not enjoy legal protection under it because the government does not
recognize them as official holy sites."
At the end of 2008, for example, all of the 137 officially recognized holy
sites were Jewish. Moreover, Israel issued regulations for the
Identification, preservation and guarding of Jewish sites only. Many
Christian and Muslim sites are said to be neglected, inaccessible or at risk
of exploitation by real estate entrepreneurs and local authorities.
The report makes it clear that practices that have become routine in Israel
are considered unacceptable in enlightened countries and should be
Among other examples, the report notes that more than 300,000 immigrants who
are not considered Jewish under rabbinical law are not allowed to marry and
divorce in Israel or be buried in Jewish cemeteries.”
Israel's apartheid is worse than South Africa's      By Yitzhak Laor
“Regardless of whether there is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, the United States became a distinctly pro-Israel world power after the 1967 war. It has no intention of being a "balanced mediator" when it comes to the conflict with the Palestinians.
The prevailing attitude of all U.S. administrations was drafted by Henry
Morgenthau, and was later updated by Kenneth Waltz. One line guided all of
them - Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, George Mitchell - essentially, that any
possible settlement must match the positions of the stronger party.
This is how the Americans abandoned the refugee issue, and this is why they
abandoned the opposition to settlements
But the binational state is already here. It has a rigid apartheid legal system, as
the High Court of Justice fades away.
The system preserving this apartheid is more ruthless than that seen in
South Africa, where the black were a labor force and could therefore also
make a living. It is equipped with the lie of being "temporary."
Occasionally, Israel's indifference comes up with allegations against the
Yes, it is apartheid     By Yossi Sarid   (Former Knesset MP)
"Apartheid," he (Jimmy Carter) said, "apartheid" - a dark, scary word coined by Afrikaners and meaning segregation, racial segregation.
What does he want from us, that evil man: What do we have to do with
apartheid? Does a separation fence constitute separation? Do separate roads
for Jewish settlers and Palestinians really separate? Are Palestinian
enclaves between Jewish settlements Bantustans?
There is no hint of similarity between South Africa and Israel, and only a
sick mind could draw such shadowy connections between them. Roadblocks and
inspections at every turn; licenses and permits for every little matter; the
arbitrary seizure of land; special privileges in water use; cheap, hard
labor; forming and uniting families by bureaucratic whim - none of these are
apartheid, in any way. They are an incontrovertible security necessity,
period…..all good  reasons for apartheid are bad reasons; apartheid always has a reason, and it never has a justification. And what acts like apartheid, is run like
apartheid and harasses like apartheid, is not a duck - it is apartheid. Nor
does it even solve the problem of fear: Today, everyone knows that all
apartheid will inevitably reach its sorry end.
Even Ehud Olmert has understood at last that continuing the present
situation is the end of the Jewish democratic state, as he recently said”.
America, stop sucking up to Israel        By Gideon Levy
“He (Obama) decided to address Israelis by video, but a persuasive speech won't
persuade anyone to end the occupation. He simply should have told the
Israeli people the truth. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who arrived
here last night, will certainly express similar sentiments: "commitment to
Israel's security," "strategic alliance," "the need for peace," and so on.
Before no other country on the planet does the United States kneel and plead like this. In other trouble spots, America takes a different tone. It bombs in Afghanistan, invades Iraq and threatens sanctions against Iran and North Korea. Did anyone in Washington consider begging Saddam Hussein to withdraw from occupied territory in Kuwait?
But Israel the occupier, the stubborn contrarian that continues to mock
America and the world by building settlements and abusing the Palestinians,
receives different treatment. Another massage to the national ego in one
video, more embarrassing praise in another.
Now is the time to say to the United States: Enough flattery. If you don't
change the tone, nothing will change. As long as Israel feels the United
States is in its pocket, and that America's automatic veto will save it from
condemnations and sanctions, that it will receive massive aid
unconditionally, and that it can continue waging punitive, lethal campaigns
without a word from Washington, killing, destroying and imprisoning without
the world's policeman making a sound, it will continue in its ways.
Illegal acts like the occupation and settlement expansion, and offensives
that may have involved war crimes, as in Gaza, deserve a different approach.
If America and the world had issued condemnations after Operation Summer
Rains in 2006 - which left 400 Palestinians dead and severe infrastructure
damage in the first major operation in Gaza since the disengagement - then
Operation Cast Lead never would have been launched.
It is true that unlike all the world's other troublemakers, Israel is viewed
as a Western democracy, but Israel of 2009 is a country whose language is
force….The Syrian president pleads for peace and
Israel callously dismisses him, the United States begs for a settlement free
ze and Israel turns up its nose. This is what happens when there are no
consequences for Israel's inaction.
For something to change, Israel must understand that perpetuating
the status quo will exact a painful price.
Israel of 2009 is a spoiled country, arrogant and condescending, convinced
that it deserves everything and that it has the power to make a fool of
America and the world. The United States has engendered this situation,
which endangers the entire Mideast and Israel itself. That is why there
needs to be a turning point in the coming year - Washington needs to finally
say no to Israel and the occupation.”
From: and AFP
April 22, 2009
Nobel Laureate Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'
“Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire on Tuesday accused Israel of "ethnic
cleansing" policies in annexed east Jerusalem, where the municipality plans
to tear down almost 90 Arab homes.
"I believe the Israeli government is carrying out a policy of ethnic
cleansing against Palestinians here in east Jerusalem," said Maguire, who
won the 1976 Nobel prize for her efforts at reaching a peaceful solution to
the violence in Northern Ireland.
"I believe the Israeli government policies are against international law,
against human rights, against the dignity of the Palestinian people," she
said at a news conference.
It was held in a protest tent erected by residents of east Jerusalem's
Silwan neighbourhood where 88 Arab homes are under demolition orders.
The Israeli authorities say the houses were built or extended without the
necessary construction permits. Palestinians say the planned demolitions aim
at forcing them out of east Jerusalem.
If the demolition orders are carried out 1,500 people would be left homeless
in one of the largest forced evictions since Israel occupied mostly Arab
east Jerusalem in the 1967 war and later annexed it.
Israel considers Jerusalem to be its eternal and undivided capital, while
Palestinians want to make east Jerusalem the capital of their future state.
The Israeli human rights group B'Tselem says that since 2004 the Israeli
authorities have torn down more than 400 homes in east Jerusalem.”
September 24, 2009
“Spain expels Israeli scientists from solar energy competition
Scientists kicked out of contest because they are based in the West Bank,
Spain's government says.”
November 6, 2009
 “Goldstone and Gaza”     By JIMMY CARTER
“In January 2009 rudimentary rockets had been launched from Gaza toward nearby Jewish communities, and Israel had wreaked havoc with bombs, missiles, and ground invading forces. Judge Goldstone’s claim is that they are both guilty of “crimes against humanity.” Predictably, both the accused parties have denounced the report as biased and inaccurate.
A year later, after the Israeli attack on Gaza, I was able to examine the damage done to the small and heavily populated area, surrounded by an impenetrable wall, with its gates tightly controlled. Knowing of the ability of Israeli forces, often using U.S. weapons, to strike targets with pinpoint accuracy, it was difficult to understand or explain the destruction of hospitals, schools, prisons, United Nations facilities, small factories and repair shops, agricultural processing plants and almost 40,000 homes.
The Goldstone committee….conclusion was that the civilian areas were targeted and the devastation was deliberate. Again, the criticism of Israel in the Goldstone report is justified.
Now and for the past 10 months, Israel has not permitted cement, lumber, panes of glass, or other building materials to pass their entry points into Gaza. Several hundred thousand homeless people suffered through last winter in a few tents, under plastic sheets, or huddled in caves dug into the debris of their former homes. The weather was warmer when I was there several months later, but the description of suffering through the winter cold was heartbreaking.
Another winter is now approaching, and neither the Israelis nor the international community has taken steps to alleviate the Gazans’ plight. United Nations agencies and leaders in the European community have offered to provide an avenue of channeling funds and building materials directly to the people in need, completely bypassing the Hamas political leaders. These officials, both in Gaza and in Damascus, have assured me that they would accept this arrangement.
There would be no chance for the misuse of such assistance for weapons, military fortifications, or other non-humanitarian purposes.
it is imperative that the United States and the international community take steps to assure that the rebuilding of Gaza be commenced, and without delay. The cries of homeless and freezing people demand relief.”
Jimmy Carter was president of the United States from 1977 to 1981 and is a member of the Elders.
June 18, 2009
“President Carter and Citizen Activists Witness Deliberate Destruction in
Gaza [Video]”
 “Upon seeing the destruction of the American International School (one of
seven schools completely destroyed in Gaza and 87 other schools severely
damaged), President Carter said, "I have to hold back tears when I see the deliberate destruction that has been wreaked against your people," adding that he felt partly responsible because the school had been "deliberately destroyed by
bombs from F-16s made in my country."
Carter said, "Tragically, the international community largely ignores the
cries for help, while the citizens of Gaza are treated more like animals
than human beings." He added, "Never before in history has a large community
been savaged by bombs and missiles and then deprived of the means to repair
itself. The responsibility for this terrible human rights crime lies in
Jerusalem, Cairo, Washington, and throughout the international community,"
Carter said.
Carter said, "This abuse must cease. The crimes must be investigated. The
wall must be brought down, and the basic right of freedom must come to you."
Ann Wright is a 29 year US Army/Army Reserves veteran who retired as a
Colonel and a former US diplomat who resigned in March, 2003 in opposition
to the war on Iraq.
April 29, 2002
“Apartheid in the Holy Land”      By Desmond Tutu
“What is not so understandable, not justified, is what it (Israel) did to another people to guarantee its existence. I've been very deeply distressed in my visit to the Holy Land; it reminded me so much of what happened to us black people in South Africa. I have seen the humiliation of the Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks, suffering like us when young white police officers prevented us from moving about.
On one of my visits to the Holy Land I drove to a church with the Anglican bishop in Jerusalem. I could hear tears in his voice as he pointed to Jewish settlements. I thought of the desire of Israelis for security. But what of the Palestinians who have lost their land and homes?
My heart aches. I say why are our memories so short. Have our Jewish sisters and brothers forgotten their humiliation? Have they forgotten the collective punishment, the home demolitions, in their own history so soon? Have they turned their backs on their profound and noble religious traditions? Have they forgotten that God cares deeply about the downtrodden?
Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built only on justice
But you know as well as I do that, somehow, the Israeli government is placed on a pedestal [in the US], and to criticize it is to be immediately dubbed anti-Semitic, as if the Palestinians were not Semitic.
People are scared in this country [the US], to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful - very powerful..…Injustice and oppression will never prevail. Those who are powerful have to remember the litmus test that God gives to the powerful: what is your treatment of the poor, the hungry, the voiceless? And on the basis of that, God passes judgment.”
“The war's seventh day”   By Michael Ben-Yair  (Former Israeli Attorney General from 1993 - 1996
“The Six-Day War We enthusiastically chose to become a colonial society, ignoring international treaties, expropriating lands, transferring settlers from Israel to the occupied territories, engaging in theft and finding justification for all these activities. Passionately desiring to keep the occupied territories, we developed two judicial systems: one - progressive, liberal - in Israel; and the other - cruel, injurious - in the occupied territories. In effect, we established an apartheid regime in the occupied territories immediately following their capture. That oppressive regime exists to this day.
The Six-Day War's seventh day has transformed us from a just society into an unjust one, prepared to expand its control atop another nation's ruins. …
The intifada is the Palestinian people's war of national liberation. Historical processes teach us that no nation is prepared to live under another's domination and that a suppressed people's war of national liberation will inevitably succeed.
Suffice it to recall the killing of little children fleeing for safety; the executions, without trial, of wanted persons who were not on their way to launch a terrorist act; and the encirclements, closures and roadblocks that have turned the lives of millions into a nightmare. Even if all these actions stem from our need to defend ourselves under an occupation's conditions, the occupation's non-existence would render them unnecessary. Thus, a black flag hovers over these actions.
This is a harsh reality that is causing us to lose the moral base of our existence as a free, just society and to jeopardize Israel's long-range survival. Israel's security cannot be based only on the sword; it must rather be based on our principles of moral justice and on peace with our neighbors - those living next door and those living a little further away. An occupation regime undermines those principles of moral justice and prevents the attainment of peace. Thus, that regime endangers Israel's existence.
It is against this background that one must view the refusal of IDF reservist officers and soldiers to serve in the territories. In their eyes, the occupation regime is evil and military service in the occupied territories is evil. In their eyes, military service in the occupied territories, which places soldiers in situations forcing them to commit immoral acts, is evil, and, according to their conscience, they cannot be party to such acts. Thus, their refusal to serve is an act of conscience that is justified and recognized in every democratic regime. History's verdict will be that their refusal was the act that restored our moral backbone.”

A Plea to Norway's University of Trondheim to Boycott Israel
Following is a tab delimited list of all active signatures on your petition
Number  Name    Email   Comments                      
1       Haitham Sabbah         Boycott Israel                
2       Mary Rizzo                                   
3       Mohamed Khodr M.D.             Palestinian Children Are Dying, Silence is Complicity         
4       Max Kantar             No! to apartheid and occupation in my name.  Do the right thing, Norway.                
5       Sara                                 
6       marjorie rich                                
7       William A. Cook      There can be no peace without justice, and justice demands action. This boycott is a response to that demand.                 
8       Marianna Khankashi   The time has come for the WORLD to STOP ISRAEL!!! BDS-BDS-BDS!!!!                    
9       Brother Warren Kundis                          
10      R Zwarich              The perverse madness of Zionist Israel must be stopped.               
11      Stuart Littlewood              Threats from Israel's poodle America only strengthen our resolve!                  
12      Elisabeth Gerken                                     
13      Ana                                  
14      Abeer Hamzah           Boycott Israel NOW!!!                
15      Samia A. Halaby        I support this petition wholeheartedly and urge the University of Trondheim to Boycott Israel completely.                  
16      Gail Boyd                                    
17      Anna Baltzer           The time has come for the world to stand up and stop profiting off of war crimes against Palestinians                      
18      Rosemary Ruether               Please accept this petition                  
19      Patricia Blair         Supporting Israel, a human rights violator and illegal occupier of Palestine, is not an option for the world.               
20      Filiz Arslan                                 
21      Ephrosine Daniggelis                                 
22      david halpin           silence is complicity - inaction will mean more P15           
23      Adib S. Kawar  As an educational institute that is supposed to promote truth and liberty of the peoples of the wold against aggression and colonization by international Zionism and its land theft of its legal owners Palestinian Arabs we request you to boycott this rogue state established on a stolen land. Adib S. Kawar an uprooted Palestinian Arab                     
24      Suad Ali                           
25      Ken Schaefer                          
26      Ciaran O Donghaile                       
27      Mohamad odeh                                 
28      Ernesto Paramo         Support Palestine and help stop the occupation                
29      Timothy Williams        Norway is the last bastion in Europe of  decency &  humanity               
30      Colin Taylor                                 
31      David Baldinger        Even though I am a US citizen, I support a boycott of Israeli goods and cultural exchanges until the brutality against Palestinian people has ended and an agreement is made on a viable Palestinian state.                    
32      Paul Coleman    Norway's University of Trondheim move to Boycott  Israel will send a message to all the Universities of the world that Israel has to be brought to Justice for there War Crimes                  
33      rising sun corp                              
34      Basem Khader           Having brokered the Oslo accord, Norway has a special responsibility towards protecting Palestinians against racism and occupation.               
35      Donald Veach                                 
36      Raymond Deane     When states grant Israel impunity, civil society must take action to show that Israel's crimes have consequences.                   
37      Patricia Deane                               
38      Robert H. Stiver, Hawaii, USA         This is an intelligently written petition.  I beg you, University of Trondheim:  Listen to the voice of the tormented Palestinians.  BDS must be only one of a range of tools needed to bring the psychosis of Zionism back to some sense of reality, but BDS is crucially important.  Please listen....               
39      Steve Amsel            Boycott Israel.... the same way we boycotted South Africa!            
40      James Rivers           It is about time to settle this and establish peace in the region.               
41      Susanne Schuster                                    
42      Samia Khoury                                
43      Betul                               
44      Robin McLaren                                
45      paola pisi                             
46      Prof Willis H A Moore    There must be more voices of outrage against the continued ethnic cleansing in Palestine!               
47      Zafar Jawaid                                 
48      Judith Lutfy Justice must prevail                 
49      Angie Tibbs                                  
50      enzo viscuso                        
51      Ismail Zayid                                 
52      Francine Korotzer                                    
53      Gary Keenan                                  
54      Anna Yandell           Trondheim University please accept this petition              
55      Parviz Mirbaghi     How can any organization involved in education not boycott  Israel?                 
56      Nusaibah Mohd Zulkifli                               
57      Randa Farah                                  
58      Ingrid B Mørk      it is time for justice for all..               
59      Robert Martin                                
60      Sister                               
61      Jytte Springer                               
62      disgusted with fake state of israel           Do it Norway.  Do it now.  Bravo !             
63      Missy Beattie      We must do what is necessary to stop the suffering of those living under occupation.                 
64      Delima                               
65      Nicolas Sayegh    In God we Trust               
66      J. Rossy                                     
67      Cherif ismail                                
68      Ann El Khoury                                
69      kim petersen                                
70      Barry Nooryani         After 60 years  of complicity in Israeli murder and oppression of Palestinians, the West or self called international community needs to change its Middle East policies and actions, if it wants to have any remaining respect and moral standing. The West started a similar action against the South African Apartheid regime, with an excellent outcome. It now needs to start a serious boycot of the Israel Apartheid regime, You at NTNU have a chance to help address this moral deficiency and end the injustice. Please do what is right and give hope to the Palestinians.                    
71      Bill Purkis            Justice for Palestine                
72      William James Martin                        
73      Agnes M Niyekawa                              
74      William F Hassell                                    
75      Mira Khazzam                                 
76      Aisha Jumaan                                 
78      alan hart              please make a stand against injustice                
79      Ingrid Voget                                 
80      jazebul  The message were good                
81      Eskénazi                        
82      Mary Bedforth (UK)             Please sign Trondheim. The Palestinians must be freed. Stop any more slaughter and oppression.                     
83      Jack Haworth Please help to stop Israel`s barbarism by denying it of profit                 
85      M.Shaltaf                                    
86      ISSAM   GHAWALI                              
87      derek summerfield                                   
88      Zeeshan        Be with Just                  
89      khan           Stop the bullying activities of Israel .                    
90      Claudia Chaufan                             
91      Professor Richard Seaford                       
92      Charlotte Nicholls                                   
93      Haidar  Eid            time to isolate Israel and its institutions                 
94      A.Lebedev                             
95      Adnan Alsarraj                               
96      Jennifer Bell                                
97      Toufic Haddad          Zionist crimes will not end until its impunity ends. Thank you for your efforts to help make this possible.                
98      Cleja                          
99      Felicity Arbuthnot             Trondheim understands suffering, the collective psyche remembers WW2, please stand with others who suffer.                 
100     alsmay     to act you must dreem to dreem you must think to think you must be a human to be ahuman you must support the human rights and to stand with palestinisn people aganist the criminals.                   
101     Øystein Grønning                           
102     Edna Spennato                                
103     Stephen  Lendman   Boycott and hold Israel accountable for over 6 decades of crimes of war and against humanity               
104     Marshall Hopkins                                     
105     kevin obrien  Congratulations for taking the stance against israeli agression.                    
106     maria jomaa                                  
107     S E Sanbar                                   
108     anwarzakaria  justice for all               
109     Rónan Nolan                                  
110     Dr Ghada Karmi     I wholeheartedly support your petition               
111     ismat alhamamy                               
112     Ken and Donna Bubb             The world must take strong, effective, peaceful action on behalf of Palestine.  Israeli injustice must be stopped now.                    
113     Alan Lonergan Ireland  Please consider this petition          
114     Aida Seif El Dawla                                   
115     Dr Khalid Al-Abbadey                             
116     Dr Bassam Odeh                         
117     David Ingleby                            
118     Prof. Khalifa Sifaw Ghenghesh         Thank you for great work for the sake of humanity                      
119     Mike Cushman           Boycott is the only weapon we have to make Israel hear how their crimes are deplored worldwide.                
120     Dr Maged Agour                               
121     Ali Abbasi             Number one cause of this centuary. Good Luck!               
122     John Dean     It is time that Israel should be brought to account.                      
123     John Dirlik                                  
124     Maha Rahwanji   I work in adult and community learning.  The UCU recently took a decision support the Palestinians and the TUC did the same.  I wish the British academic world would stop sitting on the fence and give us more support!  I hope you do Boycott Israel and congratulate you on supporting us!  Education in Palestine is suffering under the occupation, and education is a basic human right.  Children are missing out on their education through closures, curfews, checkpoints, bombing of schools and brain drain of the country.  We need the world to wake up to what's really happening and you can make a difference!                   
125     Michael Kushakji                       
126     Dr Brian Robinson, Milton Keynes, UK          That it should have come to this ...           
127     Grete Soleng                                 
128     Mohammed Tikly         Let's all do our bit to stop Israeli oppression               
129     BERTIZ BENHAMID       Let's do what's right for the people of Palestine                     
130     Amina Balafrej                               
131     Susan Rosenthal, MD                            
132     Malcolm Chapman                             
133     Hani Abdeen                                  
134     Brock Abdo                                  
135     Karin Friedemann                                     
136     Tali Shapiro                        
137     Saeed Raees                                  
138     mary shepard                           
139     stephen Wong           Everyone who cares about justice should boycott Israel.               
140     Maurice Cabana-Proulx                             
141     Kenneth Ring                                 
142     abdul gaffar ebrahim                                 
143     alan graham                                  
144     Federico Allodi        After 20 of direct experience and witnessing the repeared human rights violations against the Palestinian by the Israeli governments, the Israeli refusal to abide to international and refusal to engage in negotiations to bring Justice and Peace to the Holly Land, and as a former academician I plead and urge you to take the only righteous stand possible against Israel and that is for your esteemed University to vote yes on an academic boycott of Israel. Your courage will open the door for Universities and other institutions around the world to follow your example.               
145     Ron Andreas                         
146     Jankat                               
147     Heinz Eckel                       
148     EDDIE HINES                              
149     Fabiano Dominico                                     
150     nazeer alli The world's silence on atrocities commited in palestine is deafening               
151     Dr. S. Butt            Peace is not an option to be looked away from - it is a must for every one of us to support.                     
152     charlotta pettersson           BDS!!!                
153     Aref Nammari                                 
154     Ahmed Ismail Manjra                                  
155     Mohamed Khalil                               
156     Christine Adams                              
157     John Chalcraft                               
158     Wayne B. Kraft                       
159     Benkhraba Khawla                                     
160     Gwen Backwell                                
161     Dr David Toorawa               Non violence = Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions         
162     Tony Davies                       
163     brenda heard           Friends of Lebanon, London, supports this call for boycott as a public refusal to be party to the atrocities committed by the Israeli government and military.                     
165     Amal Shamma MD Maintaining  silence in the face of gross historical, political and humanitarian injustice amounts to condoning and participating in that injustice.  Norway's academic world has a chance to set its record straight.  It should not fail to do so.                   
166     Rosamine Hayeem        London, UK                    
167     Hosny Selim, MD                              
168     Brian Johnston        The University of Trondheim can add to Norway's noble record regarding Palestinian suffering by joining the international movement to boycott Israel over its continuing violation of international law.  If Israel believes its atrocities against the people of Gaza are not censured by the internatinal community, it will continue the escalation of its its violence                 
169     Jorio Abdeljouad                                     
170     Ruth Tenne (member of  Jews for Justice for Palestinians)                            
171     huriye                               
172     Ronald S Dodoo         Please take one small step for humanity                     
173     Dorothy Naor           As an Israeli, I, too ask you to boycott, against injustice and for peace.                    
174     Evie Soli                          
175     Cristina Westphal                                    
176     Einar Schlereth        In the name of humanity to boycott Israel is a must.          
177     Pnina Feiler                        
178     Paul Rehm              For the sake of Palestinians and Israelis alike, please join the boycott of Israel.               
179     Alice Rothchild MD                                   
180     Colleen Toomey                              
181     Ethel Tobach           Although we keep pressing the USA to withdraw from all aid to Israel, we have not been successful in obtaining that.  Therefore the boycott is most important.  Ethel Tobach                     
182     Marwan Diab            we need justice and freedom for palestinians. we need the world to stop being silent to the massacres and terror that is commited by israeli forces         
183     Jeannette Herzberg                                   
184     cornelius OBrien       the only action we have left is to isolate this country,one day the UN will wake up                    
185     esma                                 
186     khalid mansour                              
187     Roirand Michele                       
188     Judith Deutsch         In the face of reports from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, John Dugard, Richard Goldstone -- is there actually a choice?  Israel perpetrates massacre over and over again with North American collusion.                
189     Sami Abed  The Occupation is a form of violence and it must end.                     
190     Atenea Acevedo                               
191     rassool snyman         the world will still be in chains if Palestine is not free            
192     Mohammed Abuabdou     Boycott Apartheid Israel for the sake of peace with justice                   
193     Richard Bergman                           
194     Sultan Zaheda                                
195     Ahmed Harb                                   
196     Ameer Duheir                                 
197     Atiya Munir                            
198     Darlene Wallach        University of Trondheim, Norway be courageous support PACBI vote yes for an academic boycott of Israel. "Israeli academic and cultural institutions are complicit in the system of oppression that has denied Palestinians their basic rights guaranteed by international law." Vote *yes* to academic boycott of Israel. Education is a human right. Israel denies Palestinians their right to education inside '48, in the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip.                    
199     Khaled Salem                                 
200     Sameh Madhoun                                
201     Patricia Miqdadi                                     
202     linda benedikt                               
203     Gérard Jugant                                
204     Greg Starr                                   
205     George Cammarota               San Jose, CA  USA                    
206     Marty Roth, emeritus professor of English                       
207     amos zukerman                               
208     Miriam Adams           Stand for Justice...if not now, when?                
209     Daniel Scarlett                              
210     Dr Martin Birnstingl                              
211     Katherine E Sheetz                              
212     Jean-Pierre Bouché             Stopping Israel by effective non-violent means should be everyone's concern                
213     Diana Hasna                                  
214     Pesant                               
215     Richard Collier        That the descendents of the Holocaust should perpetrate upon the Palestinians another holocaust is obscene irony beyond understanding.                  
216     Khaled Mouammar                              
217     Tal Badrawi   It is indeed shameful for the world to ignore the plight of the Palestinians.                  
218     Eslava Angela                           
219     Tal Badrawi   It is indeed shameful for the world to ignore the plight of the Palestinians.                  
220     Eslava Angela                           
221     esin makaraci                                
222     Jake  Terpstra  We hope the petitoin will be acted on.         
223     Hedy Epstein                                
224     Noa Shaindlinger                                     
225     Manuel Talens                               
226     Dr. Edwin E. Daniel    As a veteran of WWII fighting the Nazis, I am ashamed that my country, Canada, has supported the same kind of genocidal actions against the Palestinian people of Gaza as the Nazis executed against the people of the Warsaw Ghetto.               
227     Diane V. McLoughlin                           
228     Jeff Salamat                           
229     David Nir              No boycott can ever match the evil strangulation and humiliation of Gaza                  
230     Caroline Hope          boycott could be the tool required to see justice in Palestine.                      
231     Dr.A.D and Joyce McLean                       
232     Shirley Parfitt     while considering the legality of a boycott, please also consider the illegality of Israel's actions                   
233     Kouchakji George Alfred (Ph.D)                              
234     hanif manjoo- chmn BopaNet            nobody is more equal!                
235     Khaled  Deifallah                                    
236     allen gunderson                              
237     Roberta                              
238     Shirley M. Meckley             I have visited Israel and the West Bank.  I know what is happening even though it is not in the US media.                 
239     Roberta Sangriso                                     
240     Alaa Alsadadi  Israel need to know that all people have the right to get care without any harm                  
241     Dr. Ismail H. Shoeb                                  
242     Mohammed Omar     Such Action long overdue                     
244     Ali Faraj Free Palestine                
245     katie miranda                                
246     Jerold Hubbard                               
247     Angelika Schneider       Congratulations for taking a clear and firm stance - about time more people in the academic world follow your example!             
248     Doug Terpstra "Please do the right thing and vote for an academic boycott of Israel, a nation that is neither civilized nor democratic, by setting an educational precedent for your university, faculty, alumni, but most importantly for your students, that standing up for principle is the foundation for all just laws and human rights for all peoples and not just the powerful few."                     
249     Brigitte PERSSON               Northern Europe still has universal values            
250     Conter Annie                                 
251     Judy Johnson                             
252     Robert Boyce      Trondheim has the opportunity to lead the universities of the civilised world in its opposition to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people: an opportunity it must not miss!                
253     Leila Bordcosh         Please help the Palestinians reach peace and regain their human rights by boycotting Israel and divesting all relations with them and their universities. Thank you                     
254     Daniel McQueen                               
255     Joanna Santa Barbara           Assoc. Prof. (ret.) McMaster University, Canada.              
256     Fadi Skaik             Boycott so that freedom and justice would prevail.            
257     Meryem Ay                                    
258     John Gleisner                                
259     Margaret Jensen                             
260     Susanne Scheidt      Please help alert world opinion on the ongoing genocide of the native population of Palestine by boycotting the perpetrators.              
261     Harald Mølgaard                              
262     Barbara Goodwin        Isreal has protrayed itself "the victim" for too long.  It is truly monstrous how they treat the Palestians!                      
263     Diane Nancekivell                                    
264     Bill Roberts  Redwood City, CA  USA                
265     Raja Ibrahim                                 
266     Hana           Boycott Israel                
267     Mohamad  ALKHATIB              Boycott Apartheid Isael for the sake of peace with justice               
268     Beryl Maizels          Relative of many Holocaust victims.                  
269     Nadia sawabini                               
270     nanny brett, cambridge uk             justice for Palestine                
271     Deborah Fink           Founder of Jews for Boycotting Israel Goods, UK. Go on Norway, set an example to the rest of the world.                    
272     Le-Ann Lue-Fatt                I totally Support                    
273     SaimraHassassian                                     
274     Mrs Mona Ibrahim                                     
275     lamia abbas                                  
276     nchamah miller         Get all of Scandinavia involved¡                     
277     Musheera               From the river to the sea @ palestine will be free            
278     Mazen El-Khairy       It's about time the world puts a stop to this Apartheid State                 
279     Louis Hirsch                                 
280     Hasan                                
281     mohsen ali                                   
282     sharen green                                 
283     sharen green                                 
284     Dr. Terri Ginsberg                                   
285     Ilse Boas                                    
286     awan                                 
287     Germana Nijim          Stand with justice.  Boycott Israel!                 
288     Jon Jureidini Child psychiatrist, Australia          
289     Sid Shniad       The boycott tactic is a non-violent way to end Israeli impunity.                    
290     Juliane von Bieberstein                                     
291     Houalla                              
292     Eman           BOYCOTT,                      
293     TORBEY                               
294     Amber Kury                                   
295     Naomi Rankin           I plead with you to take this step towards peace in the Middle East - on behalf of my Jewish relatives living in Israel as well as Palestinians everywhere.               
296     Karin Gundersen Brothers "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."                       
297     Roberto Ventrella              contro la menzogna universale! sempre!               
298     Shafiq                               
299     Lesley Docksey                               
300     Dr Ashraf Jedaar                          
301     zakaria                              
302     Bruce Levy             Not to act against oppression is a crime against humanity.            
303     Dr Eyad Ahmed                                
304     paolina scoccimarro                       
305     peggy wallace                                
306     tuba                                 
307     Croissant Joël                               
308     Vegas Claudine                               
309     Zémor Olivia                              
310     Devra Wiseman          Please note that Israel will not allow Palestinian academics to set foot on the grounds of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, much less allow them to read in the library. No academic freedom there.                  
311     Seymour Alexander    Boycott !                     
312     Moshe Machover       As an Israeli academic (retired), I support the boycott                  
313     Mary Erwin                                   
314     Daniel Machover                              
315     Debbie Brown                                 
316     Jody Arafat                                  
317     Ruth Clark   If no-one says 'No' nothing will change.               
318     Veronica Planton                              
319     Ra'ana-Dilruba-Yasmin          "In the name of justice there cannot be subjection and in the name of peace there cannot be impunity." --President Alvaro Uribe Velez of Colombia          
320     adib s kawar  Kock out the rogue state from world order where it does.t belong                     
321     Jan Hardy (mrs)        As a Jew in England with relatives in Israel, I implore you to join the Boycott  of Israel.                 
322     Leon Rosselson                               
323     Hind                                
324     Günter SCHENK          Boycott those who deny adequate education to Palestinians. Israel must understand that it doesn't pay to be a rogue state                     
325     Jessica Heaton         Please, be a leader in the movement to uphold human rights!           
326     Francesco De Luca                        
327     Roland Rance  Jews Against Zionism, London           
328     Colin McKean                                 
329     Dr Vacy Vlazna, Australia             Universities  must stand at the leading edge of justice, particularly for the  families of Palestine.               
330     Vic and Barby Ulmer            What alternatives are left?                  
331     Claudette Lawand                                     
332     Roseline Turner                              
333     Anna Shenk             We must boycott this outlaw state!                   
334     Bernadette Garcia                                    
335     françois Lemore                              
336     Dr Roger Allen                               
337     Dr. Kathy Panama                                     
338     Theresa Gallagher  Peace and Justice for Palestine.               
339     Dr Roger Allen                               
340     Paul Stokes                                  
341     Stan Serafin       I am so outraged and disgusted by the role the United States has in this massacre of innocents.  Please stand up for the truth, even as the world accepts the most brutal of actions by Israel, with the backing of the terrorist of the world, the United States.                  
343     Karen Clarke                                 
344     Sallye Steiner Bowyer                       
345     Patricia Ann Abraham           Would that Universities in the US would do the same!          
346     Jean Pauline & Tom Brown                              
347     Morris Meyers          the world needs more compassion                      
348     Barb Dawson                                  
349     Albere Hanna        The israeli state must be academically, economically, culturally, institutionally, publically, personally shunned. Enough israeli state terror and impunity. The beseiged and impoversished palestinians cannot do it alone we must all do what we can. Make a stand, come to their aid, please vote for a TOTAL BOYCOTT. Where Norway leads others will follow. Thank you                    
350     STEPHEN PALMINO                              
351     Robert Korol           Israel's dropping of doll-like bomblets in South Lebanon just prior to a truce in a war between the two sides was unjustified and a crime against civilians of every stripe.  Demands should be made on the Israeli military to defuse all those devices or face severe sanctions.  As well, that government must stop its occupation of Palestinian territory and allow the people of that region to live as human beings secure in the knowledge that their properties will not be demolished and/or taken away from them.                  
352     May Khodr              No Peace Without Justice                     
353     Sherif Nasr                                  
354     Abe                                  
355     Jordan Bishop          Not an easy call. But the plea is persuasive.               
356     Murray & Marcia Bernstein             Boycotts were used effectively against apartheid South Africa and should be used now against Israel               
357     Hanna Braun                                  
358     Robert Carter          Thanks for your courageous effort.                   
359     Ali  Dabbagh                                 
360     Carl Zaisser           Let your light shine, particularly after the darkness coming out of the US House of Reps condemning the Goldstone Report                
361     Mary Hughes-Thompson           Israel must be stopped.  Our leaders have failed us.  We must unite to do it ourselves                    
362     Rita Erickson        Wake up Citizens of the world          
363     Dr AZIZ KOLEILAT                                     
364     Guida Leicester                              
365     Ana Sanchez MD         If you want peace, work for justice.                 
366     Iris Keltz             Justice, justice, justice shall we pursue!                  
367     Yuram Abdullah Weiler       Stop the Palestinian genocide...boycott the oppressor.                
368     Samire Elhouty         Palestine cannot be free until the world takes action and pressures Israel to end the occupation.                     
369     James M. Buels                              
370     Najat El-Khairy                              
371     Diana Neslen                                 
372     Mohammad El mubasher                                 
373     John Eadie                                   
374     chamli        hope this help to bring justice                
376     Ala                                  
377     Haroon Nanabhai        Israel's Apartheid policy is tremendously much worse than it was in South Africa and the world brought S.a. to its knees. Why is the world at large protecting Israel. Is it because Israel is Jewish or WHITE. Come on Norway - show the world the road to justice for all humanity. Accept my petition!                  
378     toufic itani                                 
379     Fareed Taamallah                                     
380     Steven Beikirch                   
381     frederik jansen                              
382     Abdullah Al-khateeb            -                     
384     Yoonus M Bhamjee                                     
385     Izumi Van Cleave                            
386     megan mcnamara abed                                  
387     Abdulla ali                                  
388     marque         from Toulouse University                     
389     Greg Douros            Make a stand for peace.                      
390     Mas                                  
391     Dr Essack Mitha        Boycotting Israel is the least anyone can do.               
392     maha hayat                                   
393     Kay Manasseh                                
394     Dr M C Solwa           Israel seems to be a law onto themselves, ignoring the rights of others. This cannot be allowed to continue. President Obama and those in authority need to be seen to bring justice in Palestine. Moreso, now that Obama is a nobel prize recepient!           
395     Iris Hefets Berlin                
397     Prof. Rachel Giora             Tel Aviv                      
398     Dr. Asaad Abu Shark                                  
399     mazari         Those who help the suffering people of  Palestine do good deeds indeed so dear human kind stand up for palestine and help them to end 50 years of occupation, desperation, desperssion, hunger, and human right violations please help.                  
400     Adel Borbar                                  
401     Marwan Eid                                   
402     Dilbi                                
403     Noa Abend              Israel                
404     bel baraka                                   
405     Martin Brown                                 
406     dominique jourdain                                   
407     Loubignac Gaétan               yes for Boycott               
408     Naseem                               
409     Aslam Peer                                   
410     Muhammad Khan          I hope this is the beginning of numerous academic boycotts on Israel - which is an oppressive, self-centred and racist state                     
411     Hafizah                              
412     Samieh Jabbarin                              
413     Faris Arouri    the only thing that is controlling israel's willingness to make peace is interests, thus as long as israel feels that it is acceptable to keep doing all they're doing with no international pressure, then there is nothing that can drive them towards peace.                    
414     MERNA HUSSEIN                                
415     Dr Anas CHAKER                               
416     Nayla Ali Ahmed Naser                                
417     Yusuf Desai                                  
418     G.H.Suleman                                  
419     Fatima van Hattum                                    
420     A.K.MOOSA                                    
421     Mel Errington                                
422     tayeb akel                                   
423     Hannah Goldstone                                     
424     Robert Hoyle    Too long have those who could help have chosen to look the other way.               
425     Raid J. Saadeh                               
426     William Parker                               
427     Zakia          End the atrocities in Palestine !!!                  
428     aziz                                
429     Ali KOC                              
430     Gill Swain                         
431     Miranda Pennell                              
432     Raghda Butros                             
433     Najeh Abu Shamsiyeh    NSHAMSIYEH@GMAIL.COM   Justice shall prevail one day          
434     Hani Yousef                                  
435     Amber Lone                        
436     joey dimiagio       Even if not in this world, on the day of rekoning, the Palestinians will get their JUSTICE!!!                
437     Dr.M.Moosa             Peace and Justice for all.                   
438     Zaheer Bayat                              
439     Yassine Patel                                
440     ali                                  
441     Adicus Ryan Garton    This is a courageous statement you're making.  Peace!               
442     Bibi                                 
443     Imad Khreim                                  
444     Samah                                
445     Ebrahim Vadachia               "The state of Israel must invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the methods of provocation and revenge.... And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space." -- From the diary of Moshe Sharett, Israeli's first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956.                    
446     Derek F Wharton You must distinguish between Israel and Judaism.  Many Jews are strongly opposed to Israel's occupation of Palestine                      
447     Fabio Lessi                        
448     adli abdallah                                
449     Kevin Moore                       
450     mashra gani                                  
451     leila khaled                                 
452     Yousef                               
453     Milena Manzoli                               
454     Roberta Pasini                               
455     J.Simaan                                     
456     Dr N M AQEL                                  
457     Disa Kammars Larsson                                 
458     Miriam Yagud  Academics should not benefit from the illegal occupation of Palestine                      
459     Adrian Audsley                               
460     hadeel salem                                 
461     Boudellal              good idea for the example                    
462     belin odile      no comments                   
463     AMER ABDELMALEK                             
464     I E Osman                                    
465     Moxhon         Félicitations pour ce boycot d'un gouvernement qui se situe hors de toute loi internationale                     
466     ola omer elshiekh                                    
467     Ibrahim Vawda                                
468     Kevin Jobling       Murder, injustice and evil are immutable. If all the things that the Nazis perpetrated almost 70 years' ago were to be condemned then, the exact actions today MUST be condemned, universally. Nazi propaganda preached "Self-Defence". DO NOT LET THIS TRAVESTY STAND - DESPITE ANY AMOUNT OF PROPAGANDA !                
469     Ghaleb                          
470     james lusted                                 
471     abdulqader amoud                                     
472     Mhammad        salutation                    
473     Joslyn Hibbert                               
474     Leo Ward, Australia            Pressure US politicians to withdraw the $US3Billion annual aid and Israeli compliance will be forthcoming rapidly                      
475     Sarah Gartland                               
476     Jorunn Jasmin Oksvold          Justice creates peace                
477     Amal           Boycott Israel                
478     Huma Sibtain                                 
479     Roy Ratcliffe Cert. Ed. B.Ed. MA                       
480     DARRELL  LEGGE         I am a jew  and I loathe what is being done in my name.  these acts are anathema to jewish culture, and the cause of a growing outrage I very much fear is becoming hate. PLEASE, I beg you help us again, as in ww2, join the boycott.               
481     Marjorie Kelly                               
482     le lan                               
483     Micki Ezri Longum                                    
484     Gulam Latiff                                 
485     Mohd Abu Hilal                               
486     Raija-Leena Punamäki           Israel  is severely violating the international moral code in treating civilians in war, and academics contributed to the war effort  in the IDF offensives against Lebanon & Palestine-Gaza (e.g. the Dahia concept of air force destroying large residential areas)                     
487     William Dienst MD                                    
488     Dr Shakir Alani                              
489     Will Podmore                                 
490     Samah                                
491     AK SULIMAN                                   
492     Samah                                
493     Katherine A. Powers                             
494     Dr K J A H             Israel occupied the Palestinian Land in 1948 and expelled 700,000 Palestinians from their homeland.                   
495     noureddine  benkhriss          palestinians people needs justice only justice,, . after criminels war from israel against innocents poeple i GAZA  we have great witness (norwegian doctors)                  
496     angelo stefanini                            
497     Ida Henderson          Ottawa, Canada: PLEASE vote for justice and basic human rights for all people, especially the Palestinians                 
498     nora bawa                         
499     Dr Sam Noumoff                            
500     Zenubia                              
501     Helga Mankovitz                          
502     Basil Ridha                                  
503     Marilyn Jarrett    A long-awaited opportunity to uphold universal human rights!                 
504     Professor Steven Rose                        
505     Wahaj D Ahmad MD                                     
506     Nazim Merchant                               
507     Nabil                                
508     Eva S. Moseley                               
509     aneesa         do the right thing                   
510     Petra Scharrelmann                           
511     jarkas                               
512     Sue Black                                    
513     acsfb                                
514     Jim S. Allan           Thank you for your stand and arranging this petition.         
515     abumazen                                     
516     Mamdouh EL-Adl    Israeli authorities has misled the whole world by pretending that Israel is the only Democratic State in the Middle East.  Does any democracy have the right to occupy the land of another nation, commit crimes against humanity & war crimes with no accountability.  It is now time to put The Zionist state Leaders on trial like any criminal. If the western politicians are afraid of Israel, Boycotting Israel is the least we could do                  
517     Hossam e Fadel,M.D.                                  
518     Sartre-Loubignac Claire                                    
519     Dr Ilaria Camplone                                  
520     annonyme                                     
521     alasaleem                                    
522     Dr D M Navsa                           
523     Masud Sheikh                                 
524     Tricia Goddard                               
525     margaret moranhussien                                
526     Najib Safieddine                                     
527     Laila Shawa                                  
528     John P. Valleau                              
529     Smadar Carmon                                
530     Huguette Lagarde                                     
531     Professor Sarwat Sadek MBBCh, FRCSI, FRCS, FRCS(ORL-HNS)             What is needed is fairness and justice for everyone                   
532     Fadwa Allabadi                      
533     Kathi Höna             Justice for the Palestinians against Apartheid Israel.                
534     Shaikh Mohommd                       
535     Feras Mustafa                                
536     eyal nir                                     
537     maria angela vigotti                                 
538     Rosalind Levy                                
539     moustpha                                     
540     Naomi Binder                                 
541     Safadi                               
542     Pat Montague                                 
543     Ali Mallah             It takes a courage and nobility to take a stance against injustice, oppression and occupation. It is past due time that  Israeli apartheid practices in occupied Palestine come to an end.               
544     Sonia Allam                                  
545     Judith Berlowitz               Member, Bay Area Women in Black                      
546     Roger Choate                                 
547     Dr I S Vawda      As A South African who resigned from the S A Medical Ass for not censoring the doctors who failed in their duty to Steve Biko I feel strongly on this matter                      
548     Marlene Newesri        Please support this petition in the name of justice and humanity.  .                  
549     Margery F. Eriksson                                  
550     Hilary Rose                          
551     Collectif Palestine 12 France       peace requires justice          
552     alice    thank you                     
553     Dr. Nadeem Jilani                                    
554     fehmida                              
555     Shekaiba Saidy                               
556     ASHKAR                               
557     Professor Roger Iredale       It is time that the world took notice of the slow, systematic torture of the Palestinian people, who have suffered grievously over the past 60 years.  Israeli universities are complicit in the actions of the Israeli State, and are opposed by many Jewish organisations worldwide.               
558     A                                    
559     Dr Shazad Amin         Where the abuser gets more sympathy than the abused , then one should not stay silent               
560     Malkah B. Feldman, LCSW                                     
561     Lenore Sheridan                              
562     salman                 z                     
563     Tirtza Tauber                            
564     Mona Baker                                   
565     yousef damisi          It is the right think which have to occur since a long time. The lies which were adopted by the zionism movement should come to an end.                 
566     nuha fahoum            justice is the choice of honest decent people               
567     Patrick Star This is a injustice that everyone should support              
568     joe shergald   Refuse to be silent.                 
569     yehoshua  rosin        as an israeli jew i'm ashamed what's being done in my name            
570     Christine Neffgen                                    
571     MIGAULT                              
572     Mühlsteph, Ilse        don't say we did not know                    
573     Mohammad Mustahsan             I am in full agreement with this petetion.            
574     James Dickins                                
575     Mohammad Yunus                               
576     shahid salim                                 
577     Gheribi Nadhir         Refuse to be silent.                 
578     SHAREDEH               france                
579     Gueder Julien                                
580     aftab siddiqui                               
581     Shireen Meher                                
582     Dr nuri gene-cos                                     
583     Em.Prof.Dr.Herman De Ley                        
584     Omar Mangoush                                
585     Ali Mili               Zionists win by intimidating people.  Each person who challenges their tactics gives courage to the next person.                 
586     Najwa Jardali                                
587     Lotfi Gheribi          Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim...Well said !               
588     S Rahman                                     
589     Walid BOUTAMINE                              
590     zubeida                                      
591     JACOB                                
592     Yoon Bok-dong, Hawaii Representative--Korea Truth Commission        Long Live Palestine!   Korea Is One!                 
593     Michael Eisenscher                         
594     Lilia          we all re with gazza                 
595     Kamel          boycott               
596     Elizabeth Block     As a Jew, I want to see Israel change.  A boycott is nonviolent.  And an academic boycott will, I think, hit Israel where it hurts, rather as the sports boycott hit South Africa.                      
597     Richard N. Salvador     Resident of Honolulu, Hawaii; Citizen of Republic of BELAU (Palau)                
598     Robin Yassin-Kassab                                  
599     jake javanshir                               
600     ilia                                 
601     loujaine                                     
602     Jane Edgett            This is not about the Israeli people, it is about the inhumane actions of the Israeli government.                   
603     Samira Khouri                              
604     Vera Szoke                           
605     Dr Michael Marten              University of Stirling, Scotland; Chair,                 
606     ahmed          norway                
607     Naama Farjoun                               
608     olfa                            
609     Nabil Audeh                                  
610     Dr Mohsin Moola                              
611     Rabia Harris                                 
612     Maryam Darwich                               
613     Michael Letwin      Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War                   
615     Numan Shah             Do the right thing, support humankind                
616     Les Levidow                         
617     Dr. Mounir Samy                              
618     Imam Ibrahim N.                       
619     Sameh El-kawy                                
620     C G Bouteau            lets take some non violent measure to end this fearful game           
621     abdellatif  well done                     
622     Dr. Sameh Hassan                                     
625     George F Longstreth                                  
626     Daniel Pines       As a Jewish person I beg of you to boycott Israel.  I should not have to keep on bearing the waight of what Israel claims to do in my name.  I do not want war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated in my name.  Please help stop these violent acts of oppression that are being done in my name by  boycotting Israel.                   
627     Javed Chaudry                          
628     Michael Sackin         I am Jewish.   Israel does not act in my name.   Zionism has been built on establishing a Jewish state in the area, which logically means turfing out the existing population, and this has led to the dehumanisation of the Palestinian population.   The carnage in Gaza is about at the level of the Nazis on Kristallnacht in 1938, whence the Holocaust.   There has been dehumanisation by some Palestinians.   Niceness has to predominate.   Otherwise the hate and violence will just carry on.                 
629     Cathy Gulkin                                 
630     mary heiberg           Ê                     
631     Carla Josephson CoalitionForPeace&Justice in Middle East-UniversityNewMexico                         
632     Michael ball       the world looks to Trondheim           
633     Alberto G. Martin       Truth must prevail             
634     James Shaffer-Bauck            Justice can only come from the people of the world.           
635     numan arafat           Boycott Israel Now                   
637     Abdool Wahab Abdool Haq                                     
638     usman patel                                  
639     zubair                               
640     NAEEM JEEWA                        
641     NASIMA JEEWA                        
642     MOHAMMED ZAHEER JEEWA                        
643     Saleem Abdool Kader            May God guide you to do the right thing and vote YES in favour of an academic boycott against the rogue state of israel ( small letter intentional ).                       
644     OSMAN JEEWA                        
645     SHERBANOO JEEWA                        
646     Mahomed        Boycott Israel                
647     han                                  
648     Ahmad Mahmoud Bakr  Boyctt  Israel  now                  
649     Riaz Mohamed                                 
650     rana                                 
651     s                                    
652     Sadack R                                     
653     musthaq hoosen         long overdue                  
654     Dee Reynolds                                 
655     Farhanah Paruk                               
656     Eleonore Kofman                              
657     Ahmed El-laboudi                                     
658     Rinaldi                              
659     MUHAMMED PATEL         yes                   
660     Hassan paruk                                 
661     Professor David Slater                               
662     Mirza Yawar Baig               A lie, repeated often does not become the truth and a truth does not become a lie just because nobody wants to accept it. Killing innocent people because they are fighting a vastly superior occupying army is wrong whether anybody accepts it or not. And in the end all wrong doers pay the price. That is why we want the wrong to stop so that other innocents don't suffer when the decision of the Creator comes down.              
663     Farhana Abdool KAder                                 
664     Professor Richard Hudson, FBA         Please boycott Israel for the sake of Israel itself as well as the rest of the Middle East.                      
665     Hoosein Jassat                               
666     M.A.Rasheed                          
667     faisal tarek ....                  
668     Mohammad Irfan         We should boycot                     
669     Giuseppe Russo                               
670     Fatima Sindhi                                
671     Ejaz Ahmad             We must boycott it for the sake of world peace                
672     Shehnaaz Mall                                
673     marion mcpherson                                     
674     Shamim Bodhanya                              
675     Bob McKelvy                            
676     Monville Martine                                     
677     Sharmala Naidoo                            
678     Andrew Read            Please do the right thing and adopt the boycott of academic cooperation with Israel. If you do this, your actions will be a shining light of hope for all those suffering under Israeli occupation and aggression. I wish you courage.               
679     h wazait               it is time that the israelis stop their terrorism             
680     Marcy Newman                       
681     yasssour               god bless u                   
682     mohammed                                    
684     nahida yasin           FREE PALESTINE                
685     Dorvault François                                    
686     Paul Pasieka                                 
687     Ziad Maassarani                              
688     Alison Phillips        I urge you to adopt the boycott as other measures have failed                
689     Peter Reilly     We stayed silent about the Holocaust. We must take action against the ethnic cleansing and genocidal policies of Israel                  
690     Hisham Shalaby                               
691     Jihad Chamaa                                 
692     Assaddullah Reha ------                
693     s a wadee                                    
694     Dr Y TOLBA             Please boycott this agressive , oppressive and illegal state          
695     ABDELLI Amina          All we want is peace and justice...I wish that this petition would help breaking the silence surrounding those  crimes against humanity...               
696     Lynn McAllister  Israel has for too long experienced impunity for the most appalling human rights abuses.  It is time the world took a stand for justice and I hope your university can provide a lead               
697     sheeraz                              
698     Ashraff Essack                         
699     Paul Malone                                  
700     bouabdallah Abdelmoumen               With Palestine forever               
701     Daniel Ali                       
702     Haala El-khouri                              
703     Charlotte Smith     "It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act"                 
704     LABED                                
705     Stephen Brackenridge                                 
706     atmane                               
707     Nectar  Leylekian                                    
708     Vasken Derghazarian                                  
709     Mahmood Vawda                                
710     riad                                 
711     Nihal                                
712     Junaid Khaznachi                                     
713     Clementina Peris      Please, open your eyes                 
714     felouz                               
715     fouad          mettons fin à l'oppression de cet état sioniste et raciste par dessus tout.                 
716     Iqbaal         Read the Quraan and you will see for yourself what the Almighty talks about.But read it please                     
717     Dr. Ahsan Khaliq siddiqui     International community should fight  agains the crimnal barbaric Israel.                   
718     Abderrahmane KASSAR                                  
719     Ameena         Boycott Israel                
720     Mohammed Azizullah Khan               Apartheid in South Africa was an infant's truancy in comparison to the heinous genocide perpeterated by Israel starting from the killing of British officials in Hotel David bombing.                
721     Frank Scafani                                
722     Khaldoun Madi                                
723     Mohamed Zawahreh     If centers of academic excellence do not stand for human rights...who will !               
724     Donald Havis                                 
725     Kelvin Bland RIBA    Please back this peaceful protest and help bring a just peace to Palestine / Isreal.                 
726     viv lobo               We stayed silent about the Holocaust. We must take action against the ethnic cleansing and genocidal policies of Israel                      
727     Samir Ghawi                                  
728     Farouk Messahel                              
729     Edie Pistolesi                              
730     Malek                                
731     Gorjan Colic-Terihaj                                 
732     Hala Omari                                   
733     Hala Omari                                   
734     moncef moh                                   
735     hana                                 
736     Alvisi Mario    GOD has said that we have to answer YES - YES or  NO - NO. My answer to Petition is YES and my opinion is that we have to Boycot Israel and if they want dialogue they have to run back to Peace and say YES in front of  Unique GOD            
737     ben merar                                    
738     chaouche               vive ghazza                   
739     yusuf                                
740     Monica Sheaf                                 
741     Dr M S Ahmed           The world must do something about the suffering of the Palestanians                  
742     Gerald Poole     The Palestinians want the boycott, so let us support their wishes                     
743     Fahim                                
744     kacem                       
745     Efteem Azar            How long can the lies upon which Israel was created continue to be believed?  Hasn't the world had enough?                  
746     Catauro Cubano                          
747     ismail Adamjee                              
748     Said Said                             
749     maoual                               
750     Sinead McLaughlin             Please support the boycott                   
751     Ashraf Elsouda                               
752     Gladys Gowey           Happy to see action is being taken                   
753     S.A.R. Adil                                  
754     Charlie Tompson        I believe it is a very effective thing to do.               
755     mazen a hadi                                 
756     AURELIER                                     
757     sid hamida             algeria               
758     randa zawaneh                                
759     loubna                               
760     Cllr. Gerry MacLochlainn, Sinn Fein           Derry City Council endorsed my call to boycott Israeli goods, we support you in the boycott                
761     V. V. Williams                               
764     laila                                
765     h amine                              
766     mohammed                                     
767     Brett Mohamad          Enough is enough!                    
769     Professor R A Malik            please make a stand                  
770     John T. Jensen                              
771     Naseema Mall                                 
772     samer dera                                   
773     Linda Tabar            Support the boycott and stand against Israel's oppression.            
774     safirul haque          its high time international academician come on a common platform and take action againts injustice.                 
775     Janet Thebaud Gillmar          I have admired Norway's government for courageously questioning the ethics of Israeli government policies with regard to the Palestinians.  I hope your university will also speak up.  As an American, I have been been so disappointed in our government's and general media's long indulgence of Israeli policy and action.  Even Pres. Obama is slipping back from his principled stand.                    
776     Mohammad Arshad Equbal Razvi Misbahi                                
777     Shahira Mehrez                               
778     Elaine Schwartz, Ph.D.                               
779     A S MALL                                     
780     Jeff Dixon                        
781     Abdul Rahman Noor                                    
782     Dax D'Orazio                                 
783     Rena Omeara                                 
784     Ina Hafstad                                  
785     Jak Terpstra  Sixty years of cruelty and oppression is enough.               
786     Kenneth Jopp                       
787     Sherif Elnikety                              
788     Mahmood Sairally               I am with you to free Palestine                      
789     Hakim Merdassi                               
790     M L Hobart             End the Occupation.  End the Siege.  Human rights for all.            
791     Ian Cuthbertson                              
792     delmas-patterson genevieve    This boycott would be remembered by generations of students and professors at Trondhein as a courageous act to be proud of Genevieve                 
793     Omar abu jabal                               
794     kanaan kassab                                
795     islam hassan                                 
796     Sadu Nanjundiah      Please do not support Israel until it ends its oppression of the Palestinian people                
797     Islam Elsaway                                
798     AWAD PAUL SIFRI        A BIG THANK YOU to all Scandinavian and Nordic countries for their support of FREEDOM for PALESTINE as an INDEPENDENT STATE                     
799     John P. Jones     As an American Jew, I'm sick of my government's protection of Israel, and our continuous blind support for Israel's terrorist policies.  Enough!!  Israel is a Cancer, and it's way past time to DIVEST !!!  No more support for lying, thieving, assassinating, collective-punishing, dehumanizing, terrorizing, racist Israel.  Divest from Israel!!                
800     Mohamed                              
801     Ginny Dummett                                
802     C. Virginia            Israel has proved itself unworthy of statehood.               
803     Malak Abdel-Hadi                                     
804     Arab                                 
805     awatef shehab                               
806     Dr. Maged Sonkor                                     
807     Joseph L. Kennedy                                    
808     Dahan Andrée                                 
810     Zeina Dajani                                 
811     Tim Haines                                   
812     Julie Haines                                 
813     Samar                                
814     Dr T Nicholson-Lailey                                
815     Hannah                               
816     hanine                               
817     Wendy Savage                              
818     Bono Ireo                           
819     Yasmine Ghallab                              
820     michèle khouzam                              
821     Nabil AMALOU                                 
822     Paul Dummettt                             
823     Yacoob Omar                                  
824     Ali Yassir                                   
825     Carol Scheller         Thank you for this initiative.               
826     Brent Ramey Hepner                                   
827     Simon Quinn            Great article and comments                   
828     Elizabeth Aaronsohn, Ed.D.                           
829     Maureen McMahon                              
830     Felicity Figueroa                                    
831     Susan Murphy           Only by drastic measures will the world realize what bullies and oppressors the Israeli state harbors. Norwegian doctors were willing to speak out about the war crimes inflicted on the residents of Gaza ~ here in the UK Zionists try to suppress the truth, by threats when Physicians for Human Rights were due to speak at major Hospital events. This action shows that those who might protest about the boycott are afraid of free speech  - please take this bold step and start an ACADEMIC boycott NOW.                    
832     Robert Cable  The Zionist state is committed to "just us," not to justice, and to pieces of Palestine, not peace with Palestine.  This unhappy disposition may be countered with international boycotts, divestments, and sanctions (BDS).         
833     merve ay                                     
834     Karen Hartwell                               
835     Laura Castleberry                                   
836     Anna Nicholson-Lailey                                
837     Carmela Ieroianni                                    
838     Gabriella bernieri                                   
839     Nadi Sindi             “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” - Desmond Tutu  "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing" Albert Einstein         
840     George Salzman The entire Zionist project to plant a Jewish nation-state in the land of Palestine was illegitimate from its inception, based, as we know, on the premise that the land would be taken from its indigenous population, a conquest to be rationalized on grounds of ancient history and religious dogma, and to be achieved by serving the imperial interests of major Western nations. Some will maintain that if the conquering Zionists should leave greater Palestine, so should all conquering populations, such as the non-Indian inabitants of the Americas. That would be correct, except for the fact that global knowledge of the Israelis’ atrocities was achieved almost instantaneously, and the survivors are alive. The past conquests, whose immediate survivors are long since dead, did not become known soon enough to enough people of good conscience to arouse strong controversy at the time. In contrast, the brutal assaults of the Americans and the Israelis are bitterly current in our minds                  
841     Ann Wright                                   
842     Ronald Maitland                              
843     Gordon Hendrickson                           
844     Seddik       For world with more justice and less victims          
845     Barbora Weberova                                     
846     Evalyn F. Segal         As a Jew of conscience, I support justice for Palestinians            
847     Moraia Grau            As with aparteid South Africa, we need to denounce Israel´s policies and abuses with the palestinians as a breach of Human Rights. A cultural and economic boycott is the only way we have to put pressure at the international level, since politicians do not seem to be able to make Israel comply with UN  resolutions.              
848     Rahmatoola Rujeedawa           Of all the nations I consider Norway along with Sweden to be the most peaceful, honest and thriving for justice. May God bless them.               
849     Said Zulficar, Network for Colonial Freedom                  
850     Ghina Al - Dajani              Boycott the apartheid state and make a stand against injustice                     
851     Moe   Chat                                   
852     Carolyn Bailey                           
853     Ellen E Barfield    Please, please. My own country, the US, is so far from being  able to do this, but you can.                 
854     Peggy Parker                                 
855     Angela Smith           Promote love, truth and light through your decision to boycott this country who practices immorality with the support of almost every country in the world. Kia kaha Norway!!!                   
856     Marcia Raye Nelson                            
857     hassan                               
858     Sean                         
859     George Ripley                                
860     Sushila Cherian                              
862     Rand Carter            The Zionists must be held accountable for their actions!              
864     Adolph A. Puig A fact very well stated.                     
866     Owen Sullivan          Have Zionists forgot the Golden Rule?                
870     Ziad Noueihed                                
872     Gary   D'Orazio                              
873     Beverly Bailey         It is so hard to understand how a people (the Jews) that have suffered so much can turn around and inflict such suffering on another people (the Palestinians.)                
874     Hector L.Lopez         I favor a one state that is not religious where Jews, Moslems, Budists, Protestants,catholics, and non believers can live in peace and brotherhood.                
875     Aurolyn Luykx     If you want peace, work for justice...         
876     Rowland Alexander              It is shocking and disturbing to see how these War crimes committed by Israelis are allowed to continue and only a few Nations are standing for what is right for the Palestinian people, who have suffered enough. If Israel want  real Peace then build all the land they want in their territories.The problem is that Israel do not care about the Palestinian suffering and will not accept reasoning.                    
877     Alain Khouzam                                
880     Md.Arif Parwaiz                              
881     y.k.                                 
882     Lesley Alzaka                              
883     Mir                          
884     Mohd Asadullah Khan                        
885     Cynthia Marcopulos             It is time to hold Israel accountable for war crimes. Boycotting Israel and its goods is one way to stop the murder of the Palestinian people, and it hopefully will stop the stealing of the Palestinian people's land and resources for further settlements.                 
886     Alma Lou Annab     Intellectual, academic, and sport boycotts work, witness South Africa.                  
887     G.H.Suleman            Strongly support the boycott.                
890     Salem Kamal                                  
891     sohail         May Allah show us the right path                     
892     Nancy Thompson                               
893     gabour                               
894     M Alamad                                     
895     Yasmin Patel           To dehumanise another is to dehumanise oneself. Israel's government's atrocities must be stopped.                    
896     YUSUF GANIE                                  
897     AHMED FAUD             do the right thing and humanity will judge you for it! boycott the oppressor!                
898     Badia                                
899     Jacky Sawalha          In the name of peace for all, we plea ....                  
900     Arnaud des Gachons                                   
901     Dr. Jacqueline Taylor Basker          As a professor teaching in Jordan, I witnessed first hand the anguish of the Palestinians during the Gaza seige.  I watch in disbelief as people question the moderate Goldstone report, and believe that boycotts of Israel may be the only tool people of conscience can employ.  Please support the Jews and Israelis who are challenging the immoral Israeli policies towards the Palestinians with this boycott.                
902     Imran                             
903     Mazin Qumsiyeh         Israel is an apartheid state by its own use of the term hafrada (in Hebrew meaning segregation) to describe the sytem tehy created                 
904     Nabil  Stefanou                              
905     Munir Gharaibeh                              
906     Deema                                
907     lara                                 
908     stephanie gregorski     boyyycooottt                  
909     Aziz Ahmad                                   
911     sana           student               
912     Zuhair Annab I fully support boycott of Israel, a nation that is neither civilized nor democratic                    
913     UMAR FAROUK                                  
914     Dr Maya Khallidi, phD                                
915     Zafar                                
916     Laila Soueif                            
917     Tarik Elkhachen                         
918     jonathan                                     
919     bin dods                                     
920     Ramadan Ahmed     Every human being has the right to exist including the Jews but not by occupying people's lands and chasing them to refuge.          
921     Dr. Karima Laachir                                  
922     Abderrahmane  All for Ghazza !                     
923     usman khalid    I think its a brave move by a country in the EU. More countries should stand up by the sides of Palestinians against the Israelis. World cannot see peace till the last of the jews is alive.                
924     Marian Karmandarian                                  
925     Professor Allie Moosa                                
926     Shariq U               Amazing, how sufferers of ne holocast can do something like this                  
927     Lucy Higgins                                 
928     baroness dr jenny tonge        tongej@parliament .uk                        
929     jim                                  
931     TAWHEED TABBAA         HATS OFF                      
932     NAHLA AL TABBAA                              
933     DANA AL TABBAA                               
934     Marika Mikulak                               
935     Patrick Hayes                                
936     Lars Haaberg                                 
937     Andree Naber                       
938     Augustin Thyssen                       
939     pam tabbaa                                   
940     CESAR          ok                    
941     Pete Wade                              
942     Wijdan F. Al-Hashemi, Ph.D            The international community and world powers have got to stop practicing their double standards towards the Palestinians.               
943     Adel Samara                          
944     Hatim Kanaaneh, MD, MPH               May your northern lights of justice shine on the whole world               
945     John L. Esposito               University Professor, Georgetown University           
946     Huboob Al Mudhaffer                                  
947     alex                                 
948     Stuart Teadley         Trondheim can be proud of its university                    
949     Mopsa English                                
950     Zohra Rajha                                  
951     Alexander Suarez                            
952     simone florio          help giving voice to the oppressed                   
953     gianna Milano                              
954     hani                                 
955     Elizabeth Fatimah Walle                          
956     With Commonsense               Well Done!                    
957     Nusrat Bokhari                               
958     Y.M Saran                                    
959     Carlos Sanchis                             
960     Faye Bartlett                          
961     Dr Abdel Hag Sabir AHmed              i do agree and support               
962     Lucinda Beatty                              
963     Ayman Nijim                              
964     Vicente Romano                               
965     Lottie Dummett                               
966     Susan Wood                                   
967     Sveinung Breivik                           
968     Viv Doyle                                    
969     Inge Soder                                   
970     HUSAIN                               
971     Aida  I cannot thank you enough for the Plea to boycott Israel, may God bless you                    
972     Firas Khouri                                 
973     William Taylor Barry III      There is no security without peace and no peace without justice.                 
974     Agnes Bashir                                 
976     Courtney Childs                             
977     Javier Fernández Retenaga                                   
978     B.S. Abu-Ghazalah                                    
979     Ulla Khraisat                                
980     Jeffrey Blankfort                             
981     Susan Porcaro                                
982     A. Rouad                                     
983     sali                                 
984     Magdalena Mikulak                                    
986     emanuele minardo                                     
987     Are Blomfeldt                               
989     Jan Bauman                                   
990     nidal sukhtian         way to go in defence of humanity                     
991     leila                     
992     Husni A T Al-Robb                       
993     Paul Larudee                          
994     Les Abreo                                    
995     Hoda Alfaqih                                 
996     Will Davis             How many UN Resolutions has Israel ignored? How long must reparations be made to people living today for something that was assumed to have happened by persons of the past?                 
997     Amro           Peace is collective not selective                    
998     Zaman                                
999     Anna           Why is Israel the only country in the world that is allowed to kick people (Palestinians) out of their homes and build new settlements on old villages, without the world reacting to this inhumane atrocity? Yes we should boycott Israel's products because this is the only way they will feel the pressure.                   
1000    majed malla            student NTNU                  
1001    Firas Ershaid          my pleasure                   
1002    Nil Turki                                    
1003    Keith Craig            War Crimes Are Punishable By Death.....                     
1004    Marie Rædergård                              
1006    Daniel Gallen                                
1007    mary avice                                   
1008    luke haydn charles                                   
1009    muna aaraj masri                                     
1010    Nada Shabout                                 
1011    Nada Hashem                                  
1012    sandra budak           please do the right thing...                 
1013    abdulkadir coskun                                    
1014    Royer Marc             teacher, 26200 Montélimar, France                    
1015    Saaleha                              
1016    paula Jay                                    
1017    Maria Manrique                               
1018    Micaela Adame                                
1019    Andres Aranda                                
1020    tajammul hussain                                     
1021    Ghida Talal                                  
1022    Abla Tawfic                                  
1023    Hsieh-Fang Chang               Vote YES to academic boycott of APARTHEID Israel.  It is a principled stand that has a wide grassroots support.  Let's make it happen just like the success of boycott of apartheid South Africa.                       
1025    nabila hilmi                                 
1026    donald patterson    Boycott will help also Israel to change her policies                  
1027    soraya         vive ghaza                    
1028    Hala Nasser  A peaceful way to achieve peace... could it be a repition or at least a simile of what Ghandi did for India!!!!                   
1029    Segers Annie                                 
1030    charles cattan                               
1031    Sylvia Posadas         Please stop apartheid, boycott Israel.               
1032    Margaret Suchan-Pickert                                     
1033    Jane Jewell            Please help end the genocide of Palestinians by boycotting Israeli goods                 
1034    Samia Zaru             The world knows but should actstrongly               
1035    Emran          "Truth will always stand out from falsehood''                       
1036    Tatiana Mardirosian                                  
1037    Debbie Menon           I have been unable to live an uncommitted or suspended life. I have not hesitated to declare my affiliation with an extremely unpopular cause. Edward Said               
1038    Akram Nabulsi          Please do all you can to place pressure on Israel so that it acts in ways that conform to International laws and charters. They have created a refugee problem they refuse to handle, and many suffer on account of this.                 
1039    Edith Cacciatore                                     
1040    Simon Richter-Levi MD          The world is watching, Respect legality, respect the human dignity of the Palestinian and Lebanese people who are so often subject to the wanton destruction caused by Israel, which goes unpunished.                
1041    Glenn  Murray                                
1043    Mike  Peoples                                
1045    Alice  Neucombe                              
1047    Conread  DeForest                                    
1049    Norman  Greig                                
1051    Anton  AScully                               
1052      Lance  Tyrell           REMEMBER  the  Great  Nakba....  when  israel  ethnically  cleansed  the  land  of  its  indigenous  people  and  STOLE   the  land  from them ~!!!  ....   http://www.palestine                  
1053    Carole  McMann                               
1054    Rebal                                
1055    e tute      I hope our Norwegian neibours have their normal sense of fair play and justice working today.                     
1056      Mohammed  Al Saheeb            REMEMBER  the  Palestinian  Christians  who  are  being  erthnically  cleansed  from  Palestine  at  this  very  moment !!!    ....                
1057    Violet   Hendersen                                   
1059    Vanessa  Browne                              
1060    Cristina Lowensprung                                 
1061    Roger Higginson   Israel completely disregards its legal obligations. A programme of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions is the only way we can bring it to its senses.                    
1063    Conrad  Beamer                               
1065    Catherine  Bellweather                               
1067    Nathan  Persevalle                                   
1068    ban al-saffar                                
1069    Gordon  McCaine          Even  members  of  the  Christian Peace  maker  Teams  who  are  being  witnesses  to  zionist  atrocities  are  being   assaulted !!! ....                   
1070    Melody  Thompsen                                     
1072    Violet  Tyndale                              
1073    Susan Severin                                
1075    Francis  Ververs                                     
1077    Jason  Castille                              
1079    Jerry   Nelson                               
1080    Mohammad Dadgar                              
1081    Mohammad Ali  Dadgar Kiani                                  
1083    Chester  Rawlings                                    
1085    Susan   Dennison                                     
1087    Natasha  Grant                               
1089    Warren  Martensen                                    
1090    salah mansy                                  
1092    Annette  Roundtree                                   
1094    Ned  Porter                                  
1096      Gladys  Kennison                                   
1098      Allistare   O'Grady                                
1099    Monir M. Deeb          If we to distinguish our selves from wild animals, our consciences have to be intact. Standing and speaking for the truth is the food of consciousness                 
1100    Ashley  Bennett                              
1102    Melinda  Fasi                                
1104      Nestor  Trulle                                     
1105    Steven Greaves                          
1106    Dr s hashim      we all must help to stop the suffering of the Palestinian.                  
1107    mariam elyoussef-hunt          boycott   Isreal                    
1108    Carol Wise-Littrell                                  
1109    Hassan Awada                                 
1110    Sam Azar                                    
1112      Melinda  Reyes                                     
1114    Kim  Blackwell                               
1115    Dawoodi Morkas      It is always encouraging to watch that there are still CAUSES alive, and that there are people who get time to address issues which haunt the human dignity and conscious.                    
1117    Larry  Barstow                              
1118    elias botto                                  
1119    Joseph G. Debanné              Founder and First Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Ottawa, Canada in 1969n 1969                  
1120    Tony John              Please do not let threats, blackmail or intimidation prevent you from doing what is right. All of Israel's goods and services should be boycotted to take a stand against the Zionist state continues genocide of a defensless Palestinian population. Thank you.                    
1122    Lisa  Rowcroft                               
1124    Barry  Kelso                                 
1126      Gary  Needles                              
1128        Marty  Bledsoe                                   
1130    Tad  Rostowe                                 
1132    Carole  Blaclwell                                    
1134    Roy  Jennings                                
1135    Gerald Heidel          The government of Israel has demonstrated by action and behavior an egregious disregard for human rights and the rule of law. The outrage committed in Gaza is only the latest chapter in an ongoing plan of ethnic cleansing that has taken place for more than sixty years. Boycott, divestment and sanctions are justified.           
1136    Riham K. Ghandour                                    
1137    Farid Jazayeri                               
1139      Chris   Mantle                                     
1141      Melisa  Talmidge                                   
1143    Rodney  Kimbel                               
1145      Marvin  Williamsen                                 
1146    N. Ali                               
1148    Sigourney  Wolters                                   
1150    Paul  Miller                                 
1151    mubarak ali                                  
1152    teresa sebastiani                                    
1154    ruggero giuliani                                     
1155    ines bartoletti                              
1156    vincenzo sebastiani                                  
1157    maria sebastiani                                     
1158    franca bartoletti                                    
1159    Fuad George                                  
1160    bachir         ellah akbar                   
1162    Amal Watt                                    
1163    Nadim Homsi                            
1164    abdoulkader            To the optimal decision                      
1165    Solly Ebrahim                                
1167    Lina Kutob                                   
1168    Yasmine El-Sabawi                                    
1169    shams          hi most of the time we lost our rights s Palestinians because of the wy the big countries stood i hope that those days are past now and that the light upon our right will be over the world and i believe somewhere some one will be concerned to give the Palestinians their historical rights stolen by israeli governments i hope the university will stand against all pressures it will faces .                 
1170    Rhonda Jamal                                 
1171    Janet Adam             We are all Palestinians in this fight                
1172    Saleh Al-Amleh         The boycott is the least possible action towards the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians who are living under occupation and siege.              
1173    Kim Abu Jaber                                
1174    Alison Keefe                                 
1176    ANAS ALMASRI           In the name of  humanity, boycott Israel                    
1177    Mariano Mingarelli                                   
1178    Afaf Kazimi            I know you will be fair and boycott Israel for their ethnic cleansing and all what they are doing to Palestinians                      
1179    eileen stevens         Please boycott Isreal until they stop all settlements, stop all attacks on Palestine, stop all harassment of Palestinians, stop all checkpoints, and tear down the Apartheid Wall. Thank you & Best Wishes                    
1180    Alaa Haddad                                  
1181    Dr. Izzeddin Musa  Please boycott war criminals.                
1182    Hamodeh  Sofian        no                    
1183    Professor John A Smith                               
1184    Zeeshan Mahmood        the uma (community) is like a body, if the head aches the whole body fells the pain..                
1185    Dr. Eric Schiller                                    
1186    Zeeshan Adnan                                
1187    Adnan Mahmood                                
1188    Asma Azam                                    
1189    Yusuf                                
1190    Azeem                                
1191    Christopher Hudson             The future is multi racial.                  
1192    Shradha                                      
1193    Maniza                               
1194    carmela squires                             
1195    amal nasser                                 
1196    Sammer Raine                                 
1197    maha nizar                                  
1199    ali                                  
1200    Ali Awwad                                    
1201    mazen                                
1202    Gloria J. Truitt               I salute this effort.                
1203    Mina C.                              
1204    bisan abdel rahman                                   
1205    TIMOLEONTHOS           PALESTINE VIVRA               
1206    Goulven Schaal                               
1208    ahmed azzam                                  
1209    Pantz Marie-Lou                              
1210    Harry West                                   
1211    kam Bayoumi            Israel Has avoided prosecution for 60 years of crime againnst Palestinians                  
1212    Maysa Al Sharif                              
1213    Pål Svensson                        
1214    Umair Azmi                                   
1215    liliane cordova                              
1216    sheryl brill                       
1217    Desloire Constance                              
1218    Dr. khadiga Safwat     ksafwat200@btinternetcom                             
1219    Thevarasan Brathish                             
1220    Michel Mansour                            
1221    farouk lambaz                                
1222    S. Ajluni              Boycott is a civilized and peaceful way to show you reject racism and ethnic discrimination.                   
1224    buthaina fityani      Boycott Israel                
1225    rhighi anthony         personnel hospitalier                
1226    Y Abujaber                                   
1227    Rx4pabulum             It is convenient for us where the burden of personal responsibility is concerned to become part of a crowd, a faceless crowd with no identity, seemingly free from responsibility and absolved of blame.It is conveninet, but it is wrong.         
1228    Mark Higgins                                 
1230    Naame Mayya                                  
1231    RH Seeley   I support this effort.                 
1232    Name removed by request.                                   
1233    ala yasin                                    
1234    Percy Wee              I applaud your principled stand & show of solidarity for the Palestinians, especially in the face of the recent disappointing news that your chief prosecutor's decision not to pursue the Gaza war crimes as well as Norway's abstention in the UN vote on same. I wish you every success.                  
1235    maik pronounced mike       such a decision is difficult especially in today's political climate BUT the people of Palestine DESPERATELY NEED us all to make these difficult decisions _ thank you                       
1236    Monmarché Malika                                     
1237    Parisa Humaidan                       
1238    Roger Lafontaine                                     
1239    Khaled Selim           go for it .. we will support you                     
1240    Bilal D                              
1241    Shaden Ahmad           The time shall come... when palestine is free once more.              
1242    hadj leila                           
1243    S. M. Abbas Raza Rizvi                               
1244    randy                       
1245    Georges                              
1246    Rachad Harb                                  
1248    Øyvind Randers-Pehrson                               
1249    chaouali                                     
1250    Helene Thiem                       
1251    Bettye S. Brown                        
1252    Ashwinee Sadanand                                    
1253    Sara Bell              No justice, No peace                 
1254    Laith Al-Qasem                               
1255    Aisha Naz                                    
1256    Jesse Soodalter, MD            it’s time to stop the special pleading and hold Israel accountable to the same human rights standards as any other nation. Free Palestine!         
1257    Thamer Obeidat         Norway: This is the decent thing to do at a minimum!          
1258    Madjid Aksas                                 
1260    Paul-André Bégin               I support you 100\%                  
1261    GABRELLE Mireille              Soutien inconditionnel à la Résistance du Peuple Palestinien ! A BAS l'Etat sioniste, Etat colonial fondé sur la guerre, la haine et le racisme !                     
1263    nobrega amina                                
1264    Dr. Nadia E. El-Shazly         The removal of apartheid in South Africa was only made possible by a major boycott by a number of countries, as well as the disinvestment of funds the world over.  I call upon you to bring about the long-awaited birth of a sovereign Palestinian state, in control of its skies and coasts, with definable borders, and its own water and electrical networks. Thanking you in anticipation.               
1265    fermin sanchez                               
1266    niké arrighi                      
1267    Frank Lorey                                  
1268    Sanaa Obeidat                                
1269    Asif Adnan             Boycott apartheid, Boycott Israel                    
1270    Imad A. Abdin                                
1271    Anne Allen                                   
1272    Vivien Ashley                            
1273    Nahed PUST             international law and justice for the Palestinians            
1274    Hala Zawati                                  
1275    Robert Hand       Please continue the good work          
1276    Amara Samir                                  
1279    Aman P.V.                                    
1280    Dr Farid Ghanem                              
1281    Dina Willemse                                
1282    Moumene Toudeft                              
1283    Nada Jaffal                                 
1284    Murad Boucquet         Boycott is the minimum we have to do                 
1285    marwan mohamed adel                                  
1286    May Khoury                                   
1287    Wendy Campbell/MarWen Media           FREE FREE PALESTINE!                 
1288    hossam ali             no for israel                 
1289    Menard                               
1290    Harland Harrison      Please do not follow the USA out of fear.                 
1291    Mark Pickard                         
1292    Carol Rodocanachi                                    
1293    FAISAL BEN KHADRA     Academia is supposed to be objective and I hope sincerely they will be in this case. The victim cannot be labelled a terrorist while the terrorist is called a victim. There is no neutrality by anyone who justifies the murder of thousands of civilians in three weeks of concentrated war by the regular army machines of a STATE in retaliation to the loss of a few citizens over many years by rockets launched by the VICTIMS of the aggressor state.                 
1294    Labib H. Dajani                              
1295    Farrah-France                       
1296    AIPPP (Association Internationale Préservation Patrimoine Palestinien                               
1297    khaldoun                                     
1298    LEGEMBRE Camille                                     
1299    Hala Seoudy                                  
1300    el abouyi                                    
1301    ellen Rohlfs           Boykott Israel - the occupation with all its crime against the Palestinian people must be stopped                  
1302    mark green                          
1303    P Rey                                
1304    Vicki Armstrong        Thank you                     
1306    naim med               with the boycott                     
1307    Zeeshan        Give Justice , Boycott Opressor Israel               
1308    shatha         Ya boycott them!                     
1309    Naeem Akoojee                                
1310    Barjesh                              
1311    Thafer A Qamhiyeh              a nation that for too long has lived by violence, ethnic cleansing, military expansionism, illegal occupations, subjugation of millions of innocent Palestinians, defied all divine and international laws that respect and value human life, and that since its establishment has committed countless terrorist acts and war crimes, lately documented by the Goldstone Report, all with impunity, never accountable for its actions in courts of justice, the U.N., or to all of humanity. The West, especially the U.S., has constantly protected Israel's interests at the expense of its own interests             
1314    Shafiq Gamiet                                
1315    Moragues José Luis             Maître de Conférences Université Montpellier III- France (retraité)                    
1316    sarwar hussain                               
1317    akli           yes                   
1318    cherifi hocine         from canada                   
1319    souheil azar    please please listen to the voiceof justice            
1320    charlotte comellini                                  
The A Plea to Norway's University of Trondheim to Boycott Israel Petition to University of Trondheim, Norway was created by and written by M. A. Khodr M.D. (
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