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June 28, 2010


Videos, Letters, & Annoucements, June 28, 2010

Generals Get Replaced, American Warmongering Does Not By Ben Tanosborn 

US Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Fortunes for Investors, Misfortunes for Everyone Else By Steven Strauss

Leader of Death Squads, Juan Manuel Santos, Wins Colombian Presidential Election By James Petras

Afghanistan Another Victim of British Hypocrisy By William Gladys

Shalit and 8,000 Palestinian Prisoners Example of Israeli Leaders' Moral and Political Cowardice By Uri Avnery 

The State of Israel Cannot Survive for Long By Christopher Bollyn and Kourosh Ziabari  

Deir Yassin, Gilad Atzmon, and All This Jazz By Eileen Fleming

Opinion Editorials/2010/June/28 o/Connecting the Zionist Dots By Gilad Atzmon

Renee's Family Vigil More Than A Picket at Arizona Christian Zionist Mega Church By Charles E. Carlson 

Choose Peace, End the Siege of Gaza and Occupation of Palestine By Mairead Maguire  

Rebuttal of ADL Flotilla Ad By Rev. Ted Pike

Britain's Conservatives Talk the Same Bollox as Israel's Regev By Stuart Littlewood  

Let them Eat Coriander Blockade Eased as Gaza Starves More Slowly By Jonathan Cook

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Righting a Perpetual Wrong By Ramzy Baroud

Making Plans from Tennessee to Iran By Eileen Fleming

Brazilian cartoonist, Carlos Latuff, creates artworks that call on the world to condemn Israeli holocaust of Gaza


June 21, 2010


Afghanistan: The Longest Lost War By James Petras

End US Support for Israeli Terrorism Against Gaza, A Statement By the Freedom Socialist Party

Deficit Terrorists Strike in UK Is US Next By Ellen Brown  

Popular Resistance Continues Against Israeli Occupation of Palestine at Home and Abroad By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

The American “Church” and “Republic” Join Netanyahu’s Psychologist in Suicide By Mark Dankof  

Global Peace and Conflict Management: How the Arab, Israeli and the West Leaders Duped the Humanity? Mahboob A. Khawaja  

Twenty-Two Reasons Why American Working People Hate the State By James Petras  

Middle East Is Changing, and Ankara Knows It By Ramzy Baroud  

We Bless Thee! A Gratitude by the USA to Israel By Mark Glenn  

What Sort of Christians Become Zionists? By Stuart Littlewood  

World War III: Mountains of Israel to be Major Battle Site, an Israeli (Ezekiel) View Posted By Pakalert  

A Flash of Lightning: Israeli Attack on Gaza Aid Flotilla By Uri Avnery  

Account of My Capture and Imprisonment as Part of the Freedom Flotilla By Paul La Rudee  

Flotilla Attack Mirrors USS Liberty By Harmony Grant Daws  

Gaza Aid Flotilla Assault Serves to Isolate Israel By Kourosh Ziabari  

Kyrgyzstan: Eurasian Geopolitics 101 By Eric Walberg  

Passengers of the Flotilla to Israel: We Demand Our Property  

Let's Chant: Free, Free Palestine By Kourosh Ziabari  

Obama's Two Crises: Afghanistan and the Oil Spill By James Zogby

Chicago and Houston: Two Hot Spots for Potential False Attacks By Captain Eric H. May  

The Helen Thomas' Resolution By Gilad Atzmon  

Right Swallows Israel's Flotilla Lies By Rev. Ted Pike  

Letters from Palestine, a New Book By Kenneth Ring and Mohammed Omer

Quicksand: America's Pursuit of Power in the Middle East By Geoffrey Wawro, a Book Review By Jim Miles  


June 14, 2010


Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide By Michael K. Smith  

Psycho-Biological Basis for Image Leverage and the Case of Israel By Denis G. Rancourt

Helen Thomas' Remarks Are Biblically Sound By Rev. Ted Pike

Thank You Helen Thomas for Telling the Truth By Salim Nazzal

The Moral Failure of American Liberals: A Defense of Helen Thomas By Jonathan Cook  

The Bogus War on Terrorism: How America and Britain Were Dragged to Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  By Mahboob A. Khawaja  

The Crucifixion of Kindness: Israeli Massacre of Freedom Flotilla Peace Activists By Gilad Atzmon

The Futility of UNSC Resolutions Against Iran By Kourosh Ziabari  

The US Foreign Policy: Disarm the Muslim World and Arm the Israelis By Yamin Zakaria  

Where is the American freedom flotilla? Pro-Peace Lobbying in US Congress Conspicuous by its Absence By Sama Adnan  

Why Vice President Joe Biden and USA Occupied Congress are Wrong! By Eileen Fleming

Targeting Whistleblowers: Truth Telling Julian Assange Endangered By Stephen Lendman

Private Contractors and Covert Wars in Latin America By Cyril Mychalejko  

Israel's Gaza Blockade: Letting the Chips Fall Where They May By Alan Sabrosky  

Israel Is Fueling Anti-Americanism Among US Allies By Nicola Nasser  

I Was Kidnapped, Then Released, But Israeli Destruction Continues By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

The Old Gaza Boy and the Sea By Ramzy Baroud  

America Needs Us, Make-Believe Capitalists! By Ben Tanosborn

Changing Direction on Gaza: Challenges Confronting Obama By James Zogby

Banks Profit from Near-Zero Interest Rate: Another Reason for States to Own their Own Banks By Ellen Brown  
There's Nothing Christian about Zionism By Eileen Fleming


June 7, 2010


Videos, Letters, and Announcements, June 7, 2010  

Dealing with a Terrorist State Requires More than Just Words By Khalid Amayreh  

Israeli Terrorism: Kill a Turk and Rest By Uri Avnery  

Israeli War Crimes: From the US Liberty to the Humanitarian Flotilla By James Petras  

Killing and Piracy by Israel in International Waters Must Be Prosecuted By Sam Hamod  

Lift this inhumane blockade of Gaza NOW! An open letter to UK PM David Cameron By Muhammad Abdul Bari and 73 Signatories  

People of the U.S. and the world must end Israeli impunity now! By Cynthia McKinney  

The Madness of Arrogance: Israel's Attack on the Gaza Aid Flotilla By Alan Sabrosky  

The Silence of America Over Israeli Crimes By Paul J. Balles  

Twelve Reasons for the International Community to Punish Israel By Yamin Zakaria  

The Violent Radicalization of Israel By Rev. Ted Pike  

Time to Call Out Israel's Bad Behavior By James Zogby

What If Iran Had Carried Out the Gaza Carnage? By Kourosh Ziabari  

What Is To Be Done? A Letter to President Barack Obama By Frank Scott  

What Legitimacy Does Israel Have? UN Recognition of Israel Is Fatally Flawed By Christopher King  

US Media's Pro-Israeli Bias: Response to the Freedom Flotilla Slaughter By Stephen Lendman  

"No Citizenship Without Loyalty": Fascism in Israeli Society By Neve Gordon  

New Problem for Obama: The Palestinian Enslavement By Richard Aberdeen

Mass Outrage World Wide Against Israeli Terrorist Attack on the Freedom Flotilla By Mazin Qumsiyeh

“Mad Dog” Diplomacy: A Cornered Israel Is Baring Its Teeth By Jonathan Cook

CIVICUS Vehemently Condemns the Israeli Government's Attack on Humanitarian Ships to Gaza  

Erdogan, the New Hero of Islamic World By Kourosh Ziabari  

Freedom Flotilla Fallout By Curtis F.J. Doebbler  

Is Israel Exempt From International Law? By Rev. Ted Pike  

Israeli MP's Terror on Aid Ship: Plan was to kill activists and deter future convoys By Jonathan Cook  
Israel's Overkill: Massacring Peace Activists in International Waters By Zeenia Satti  

Time to Hold Israel Accountable for its Crimes By Mazin Qumsiyeh  
South Korea's Ship Sinking: Another False Flag? By Stephen Lendman

Facebook and Muslim Outrage: Gleaning the Wrong Lesson, Again By Ramzy Baroud  

Economic and Environmental Crises Muffle Anti-War Voices By Ben Tanosborn  

Bilderberers Green Attack On Iran By Paul Joseph Watson  

Illinois: A State in Crisis By Stephen Lendman  

Israel Invites the World to Revolt! By Kourosh Ziabari







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