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May 31, 2010


A Day in November Obama's Capitulation to AIPAC By Uri Avnery 

The Gaza Flotilla A Battle for the High Seas and the High Ground By Lauren Booth

Israel Will Stop 'Violent' Aid Flotilla, Threatens Lieberman By Rev. Ted Pike  

Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Reading Between the Lines By Eric Walberg  

USS Liberty Attack: American Servicemen Expendable, Just Don't Embarrass Israel By Tammy Obeidallah  

US Connection to the Israeli Nuclear Program By Eileen Fleming  

The Internet is a Game Changer, a Paperless World By Ramzy Baroud  

Iran Under Ceaseless Spates of Propaganda and Demonization by Western Corporate Media By Kourosh Ziabari 

Lindsey Graham and Jack Kemp, Has the Tribe Protected them By Mark Dankof 

Palestinian Civil Society Condemns Repression in Canada Against Palestine Solidarity Campaigns and Humanitarian Efforts

Palestine, One Land, One People, One Destiny, Second Palestinian Popular Conference, October 29-31, 2010

Nuclear Offer to Apartheid Regime Blows Diplomatic Cover By Jonathan Cook

Shimon Peres Has No Clothes and CNN Is Exposed By Eileen Fleming 

Israel's Specialty Targeting Civilians By Stephen Lendman

Insight on Gaza's Infrastructure By Sameh A.Habeeb 

In the Zionist Entity, Law Makers and Public Call to Outlaw Human Rights Organizations By Adib S. Kawar  

Arab Attitudes One Year after Cairo By James Zogby


May 24, 2010


Letters, Videos, & Announcements, May 24, 2010

Time for Barack Obama to Scrap Israel-Bush Paranoia Doctrine By Paul J. Balles

Nakba-62 We Will Not Forget, We Will Not Forgive By Khalid Amayreh

Arrests and Injuries at Al-Ma'sara by Israeli Soldiers, 11 Videos About Zionists By Mazin Qumsiyeh 

The Mysterious CAFRs How Stagnant Pools of Government Money Could Help Save the Economy By Ellen Brown

A Muslim Response to 'Draw Muhammad Day' By Nihad Awad

Alarming Rise in Hate Crimes Against American Muslims By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

No War for Israel in Iran New Video By David Duke

Israeli public sector's door closed to Palestinian Arab workers Affirmative action promises ignored By Jonathan Cook 

What John Lennon might say to Sir Elton and a Call for 21st Century Artists Against Apartheid By Eileen Fleming

Karazai's Washington Visit: The War Awaiting Kandahar By Ramzy Baroud  

Overcoming The Bush Legacy in Iraq and Afghanistan By Deepak Tripathi, a Book Review By Ramzy Baroud

Latin America's New Middle Class Rulers Stabilization, Growth, and Inequality By James Petras

Jews are eight times over-represented in UK parliament By Stuart Littlewood

Government Silence on Israeli Mossad Forging Australian Passports By Asem Judeh 

Introducing the Heritage of Omar Khayyam By Kourosh Ziabari

Business Confidence Up in Gulf States By James Zogby  

Ahmed Abu Ali: Guilty of Being Muslim at the Wrong Time in America By Stephen Lendman  

Israel's Permanent War on Palestine By Stephen Lendman  

Planet Chomsky Vs. Dershowitz's Orbit By Gilad Atzmon  

Talking About Athens and Jerusalem By Gilad Atzmon


May 17, 2010


Elena Kagan and the Supreme Court: A Barnyard Smell in Chicago, Harvard and Washington By James Petras  

Nabi Saleh Protest, Obama's Supreme Court Wrong Appointment, Commemoration of Iraqi Genocide By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

Memory Is the Power Zionists Cannot Destroy By Salim Nazzal  

If Israel Stalemates Proximity Talks, Will the US Liberate East Jerusalem and the west Bank from the Israeli Occupation? By Ali Al-Hail  

The Israel Lobby's Control of Western Media: Delusions and Illusions of Press Freedom By Paul J Balles

40 British Figures Urge David Cameron to Take Tougher Stance on Israeli Violations of International Law and Human Rights Abuses  

Ruling by Islam in the UK By Yamin Zakaria  

The Use and Abuse of Religion By James Zogby  

Afghanistan: The War that Won't Go Away By Anti-War  

The Meaning of Nakba and the Palestinian Right of Return By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

US Funds Israel's Apartheid Roads Plan: Settlers Benefit from Israeli-Only Routes By Jonathan Cook  

The Invention of the Jewish People, By Shlomo Sand, a Book Review By Jim Miles  

Examination of Logic Ralph Nader VS. Noam Chomsky By Nozomi Hayase

No Influential Voice in U.S. Supporting War on Iran, Peter Feaver Interviewed By Kourosh Ziabari  

US Website Salem-News Under Attack for Israel Stories By Tim King  

Vanunu Returns to Prison and The End of Israel's Nuclear Ambiguity By Eileen Fleming  

Israeli Persecution of Human Rights Activists By Stephen Lendman  

Israel's Repressive ID-Permit System: Worse than South Africa's By Stephen Lendman  

Lessons from the Gulf of Mexico: More than an Explosion in an Oil Platform By Stephen Lendman  

Surviving the Brutal Israeli Siege: Palestinians in Dair El-Balah, Gaza Strip Use Solar Energy for Cooking in Clay Ovens


May 10, 2010


Videos About AIPAC Control of US Government  

Why Don't the Corporate Media in NATO Countries Publish the Other Side of the Story? By Iranian Journalist Kourosh Ziabari  

Obama drone attacks policy widens Civilian Casualties in Pakistan By Moazzam Raza Tabassam  

US HR 2194 Comprehensive Iran Sanctions: An Act of War By Congressman Ron Paul  

US Sanctions on Iran: Precursor to War By Paul Balles  

The Price of Courage: On Goldstone's Bar Mitzvah and Finkelstein's Book By Ramzy Baroud  

UK Parliamentary Election 2010: Israel's Stooges Continue their Stranglehold Over British Politics By Stuart Littlewood  

Popular Resistance Continues for Palestine: Four Videos on Al-Wallajah and Gaza Fishermen By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

Local Defense Initiatives in Afghanistan: Making Everyone Feel Safer By Douglas Valentine  

Stock Market Collapse: More Goldman Market Rigging By Ellen Brown  

The Never-Ending War Between the DEA and the CIA By John Jiggens  

The Savior in Each of Us: Contradictions of Religion and Politics By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

John Hagee Calls for Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran, his Christian Zionist Followers Agree, Video By Charles Carlson  

Botched New York Car-Bombing Mayor Firm Against Backlash By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Mother's Day Manifesto 2010 By Eileen Fleming  

Memory & Memorialization, Remembering the Nakba: Screening & Discussion with Filmmakers, Toronto, Thursday, May 13, at Beit Zatoun  

Not Much Time Remains for Israel: A Film Review By Gilad Atzmon  


May 3, 2010


Letters, Announcements, & Videos, May 3, 2010  

To the Norwegian Doctors in Gaza, a Poem By Ali Al-Hail  

The Belly of Moloch, a Poem for Palestine, After the Bombing By Kristen Scott  

Netanyahu Versus Hamas By Khaled Amayreh

In Israel's Pockets: The Shame of Britain's Political Parties By Stuart Littlewood  

AIPAC's Stooges Mobilized: 76 Senators, 333 Representatives of US Congress Sign a Letter Rebuking Obama Administration for Not Showing Total Capitulation to Master Israel  

New Strategy to Resolve the Somali Conflict By Mahamed Abdullahi  

Zionism The Real Enemy of the Jews By Alan Hart, a New Book

The South Reduced How the News Promotes a Mistaken View of the World By Ramzy Baroud

When will Israel Attack the USA, Again By Jeff Gates

Rising and Declining Economic Powers The Sino-US Conflict Deepens By James Petras

Afghan Stability a Must By Neil Wollman and Abdulhadi Hairan

Analyzing & Exposing the Politics of Terror in the Age of Imperialism & Zionism By Veroze Mithiborwala

Canadian postal workers protest against “common values” stamp with the Zionist entity  By Adib Kawar  

Computerized Front Running: Another Goldman-Dominated Fraud By Ellen Brown  

Opinion Editorials/2010/May/3 o/Isn't It About Time To Abolish The AIPAC By Ali Al-Hail.htm

Israeli Cyber-Warriors "Crash" the Internet By Rev. Ted Pike  

Israeli Mass Expulsion, a PRC Report

Israeli Nuclear Arsenal and Reigniting NPT By Eileen Fleming

Most Unpredictable UK Election in Decades, a Muslim News Editorial

No Blood for Opium By John Jiggens  

The Complete Manual for the British Jewish Voter By Gilad Atzmon

When will Israel Attack the USA, Again By Jeff Gates

Goldman Sachs: Master of the Universe By Stephen Lendman  

Executive Director of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Geir Lundestad, Interviewed By Hubertus Hoffmann  

My Father Was A Freedom Fighter: Gaza's Untold Story By Ramzy Baroud, A Book Review By Jim Miles




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