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 Islamophobic Hyper Hysterical Attack On US Constitution: 

A Spectacular Failure in Seattle

By Tommy Tucci

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, January 10, 2011

Islamophobic hyper hysterical incendiary attack on the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution fails again by the assault against an eighteen-hundred dollar ad in Washington State versus the multi-billions of illegal US citizenry taxes confiscated to protect select exclusive special interest Jewish Zionist groups.

Anti-Palestinian ads to counter anti-Israeli advertisements on Seattle Metro Buses.  First Amendment US Constitution is revoked automatically as plans to buy its own ad if the "Israeli war crimes" ad appears on buses in Seattle / King County Metro Transit. 

Spectacular failure by alerting the "Beacon and Light to the World" and  the masses of humanity that "Israel commits war crimes" daily. Article by Seattle Times.  Subsequently, releasing the muzzle of corrupt mainstream media's attempt at diversion and distractions of perpetuating Hate Speech.  Nothing really wikileaks new, the entire world is fully aware of America and Israeli "war crimes" however this incendiary attack on 1st Amendment "Free Speech" highlights alarming violations against humanity.

Seattle / King County Metro Transit decided to reject the anti Israel bus ads.  King County Metro Transit confirms the complete shadowing insecurity extreme fear and self anointed reverse victim status by relenting to special interest groups. 

The very same self anointed select special interest group and self anointed reverse victims that circulate jingoistic banter and Islamophobic hate speech.  The same select special interest group that has succeeds in invoking  1st Amendment"Free Speech" as outlined in the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution when assaulting human rights violations, reverse hate speech banter, and crimes against all humanity. 

Major Distraction Self Implosion
America's unaccountable Czars major daily distraction and self implosion dynamic methodology.  Sympathizing to the whims of a select exclusive special interest group results in the exposure, to the world, the constant assault on the liberty freedom and democracy rights, to the detriment of 'We the People.'   Simultaneously, a methodology of artificial and flawed ideology crashes with the stark reality of diminishing returns on deceptions, distractions, and diversions.
Diminishing Returns Threats To Humanity
American self anointed reverse victim status and eternal conflict with war on humanity.  Perpetuating anachronistic military superiority, threats against peace, high-achievements, scholastic merit, magic of compound interest, Nazi Muslim hoaxes, and Noble prize parodies. Results in directing all focus and attention away from bowels of lower Manhattan's parasite criminal operatives confiscating the citizenry of the worlds labor, property, natural resources, and hard assets. 
Threat and assaults against the US Constitution and 'We the People' by select exclusive special interest groups and counter-party Czars only result in alarming the masses to the diminished returns the self imposed manufactured collapse of an impotent bureaucratic apparatus.  Hollow threats, assaults on citizenry US Constitutional Rights, and fatigued pathetic deceptions to cover up and shadow the criminal corruption of select exclusive special interests. 
Spectacular failures that serve to alert and alarm the world that in the last 40 years America has been manufactured from the greatest creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation in recorded history.  Consequently, operating a pretext militaristic state of war against humanity.  
Asymmetric Superiority Resulting Self Immolation
Preemptive global destruction by US threats of 10,000 nuclear weapons and the select special interests Zionist 400 nuclear weapons unleashed on the planet earth.  A hollow siren threat dynamic of billions of years of self anointed immolation and annihilation.   A spectacular failure ultra bluff and supreme impotence.






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