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US Policies Only Conducive to Israel

By Kamal Khan

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, January 25, 2011

USA and its foreign Policies have "NEVER" been conducive to anyone but only ISRAEL, the one country that pulls all the strings in the UK, USA, most European nations, Australia , New Zealand, and Japan. Organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, ADB, UN, WHO, Amnesty International, Green Peace, Human Rights, NGO's, Agencies Like US Aid, Free Mason Clubs, like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Jaycies, etc etc. "ALL" are used as a network working in favour of Zionist Jews Worldwide, Particularly in Israel, USA, and UK.

What I am saying is "Common Knowledge" to the Very few Experienced/Mature/Savvy people who Know the inner/darker secrets. ONLY VERY FEW people know what is happening. Now Let's get back to USA and mistrust for US & Western countries/Agencies. The past few decades have always shown and time has proven it that policies have always been "AGAINST" MUSLIM communities/countries. Be it Iraq-Iran War of the past when Saddam Hussain was USA's hero .

Be it Afghanistan-USSR War of the past, when Osama Bin Laden was USA's hero . Be it Lockerbie bombing- Pan Am Flight 103 where Libya was Blamed. Be it September 11th , 2001, where out of the blue organizations never heard or before suddenly were born (AL Qaeda & Taliban) . Be it Iraq being Blamed for these and weapons of mass destruction "Excuse" used. Be it Osama Bin Laden who suddenly went from Hero to Zero (Villain). Be it Pakistan who has suffered over US$ 70 Billion Financial Loss for "USA's war or Terror" it is not Pakistan's whatever Obama or Biden or whoever says.  

This was forced upon Pakistan by USA and Everyone knows it (Give us some credit for having some brains and not all being totally Morons). Be it GITMO & most prisoners are Muslim.  Be it Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Be it Setting up bases in Whole of Middle East for the Protection of Israel. Be it Setting up of Bases and causing Internal unrest in Pakistan using Funds to promote internal crises & chaos. Be it Kashmir .

Be it Israeli bases in Turkey & India. One factor that everyone ignores despite all the well oiled Planning & Execution by USA, UK, The West & The Jews some spanner in the machinery always props up. The Future direction seen by the West  (USA, UK, Europe, Jews etc ) is completely different to what is happening albeit slowly. Let me spell it out for you  plainly which very very few People Know.

There is a GOD and all plans will always be screwed because everyone is deviating away from Religion. Over & Over again time has proven that. ALL things, signs  narrated by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)  have come true and the end result is near.

Call it World War III. Call it Armageddon . Call  it Fate . Call it what you will.  The Signs told 1432 Years Back have come true and time being relative (I hazard a Guess of Maximum 30-40 Years). This is when ALL ALLIED forces will lose World War III which will take place close to Jerusalem. History has proven that a few have vanquished Many.

The latest being  a handful of Hezbollah Defeating Israeli Army and UN had to be called in (Anyways that was Only a Test many More to come within that 30-40 years time frame) . So getting back to Lousy Foreign Policy and also Lousy Planning a Mechanism is now put into place which is Irreversible  and uncontrollable by anyone,  The End  maturing in 30-40 years with World War III/Armageddon.

Plan away. Do whatever Result is clear & guaranteed. Unfortunately People have so moved away from Religion that this has been always foretold by The Torah(Which Has been changed) By The Bible (Which Has been Changed) By The Holy Quran (Intact as given). Very Few will believe and they will be the victors. All you have to read up & Understand The Holy Quran. What was given 1432 years back is coming true and has been proven by the scientists also(So many things).

So what is there not to believe in the coming about or World War III/Armageddon and Guess who will Lose :)) ...... It is all written and we are just actors in a play with the curtain going to go up on the "TRUE MUSLIMS" (of which very few will be left), for the rest it will be curtains . IF you want Facts just look at your own selves.  Can you control your death ? Life ? Time? Weather ? . 30-40 Years is all  we have left according to my time Schedule. Your Children and your Descendants have only up to 2040-2050.

It is ALL written and Proven and Foretold. Even knowing this many have turned away from Religion as the Worldly pleasures have proved overpowering. USA is facing internal strife on 2 fronts Economy & seceding by some states (4 States have already Started the process). I guess The Economy will become so bad within the next Few years (ALL Factors Proven Debts of Over US$ 16 Trillion reserves of US$ 283 Billion ONLY) that USA will default in its commitments.  

For the Jewish Investors Only Euro & Europe is left for any returns otherwise most companies/Organizations will be bankrupt like the US Government. Real Estate and Gold are two assets that now for the next 10 years will not give any returns and in fact will give only Capital Losses. Israel will be facing extermination from 3 sides despite all  planning. it was better that future Place for the Jewish nation would  be an Island in Mediterranean or Bahamas or Far East near FIJI/BALI.  Maldives , Mauritius, Ibiza etc .

They would be Secure, build up and economy a nation with NO Threats and great environment and beaches. People Plan and then God Plans . God's Plan Always wins . Look at the Fires, The Flooding, Tsunami, Hurricanes, cyclones, storms etc etc Then there are BP's , Natural Disasters , etc etc.

There will be someone who will defeat the Evil designs.




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