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A Palestinian Appeal to Europe to Recognize the Free Palestine

By Salim Nazzal

Al-Jazeera, CCUN, January 3, 2011

In memory of the 1400 palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli troops like these days two years ago
Palestine addresses all to pray for justice and peace in Palestine. Prayers are part of the spiritual power which is stronger than all physical powers, stronger than the Zionist occupation, and stronger than the Zionist culture of racism.
 While millions of believers are chanting for peace on earth Palestine addresses Europe to recognize Palestine because this is the best Christmas present Europe can give to Palestine.
Europe has a moral and historical obligation towards Palestine, and Palestinians wait that Europe stand for its commitment to peace by recognizing the free Palestine.  Europe must take more responsibilities because the Zio Jewish lobby in the United States has paralyzed the Us from playing any constructive role in the peace process.
This makes the European role even more important .The European recognition of Palestine will spare much blood and much wars .And as we are commemorating   the war on Gaza where more than 1400 of Palestinian children, and woman and men killed by Israel in its Christmas attack on Gaza. let us remind Europe that its strong intervention in the peace process will prevent more blood sheds Israel might do in the region.
Palestine is addressing Europe and all human beings who believe in the values shared by all humans, the value of justice, the value of love, the value of mutual respect and the value of the human dignity. It is words of faith, of hope and words of wish to stop this dark occupation which has created incalculable suffering for Palestinians. It is a message to the world to expose the darkness of the Israeli occupation because as the American president Thomas Woodrow Wilson and the Nobel prize winner said the history of freedom is the history of resistance. For that reason Palestinian sends a firm message of strong determination that they will be free nation no matter of the coasts paid to achieve this goal.
The Palestinian leadership addressed the Israeli public with a clear language that all parties will benefit from peace and that war is the only alternative for the lack of just peace. Palestinians made it obvious that peace contradict with the Zionist policy of stealing Palestinian land for Jewish settlements.
But the voice of the Palestinian leadership was not heard in Israel because it is obvious that there is no culture of peace in the state of Israel, which indeed is the key problem in the whole conflict. Peace is only possible when the Israeli culture put peace as a priority something which is lacking now. What we see now is the fact that the racist and the ultra rightist cultures are gaining more ground in Israel, and the Israelis who believe in just peace are getting weaker and weaker.
However despite of the contradiction between the Palestinian culture of peace and the Israeli culture of war, Palestinians are optimist regarding the future. They are optimist because Palestinians have developed since the Canaanite times a relationship of love to Palestine which the Zionist Russian and Polish immigrants cannot understand.  For that reason Palestinian resisted for decades the Zionist arrogance and humiliation and occupation and did not give up hope that they will be free one day.

One day the sun of freedom will shine over Palestine. From the ruins of the occupation the Palestinian dream will appear. From the zionist policy of humiliation   Palestinians shall stand proud like Palestine mountains. The birds of Palestine which stopped flying because of the military Israeli planes will fly again to greet the spring of Palestine. The Palestinian landscape which was made ugly by the Jewish cemented settlements will restore its greenery and beauty. Europe and the rest of humanity can help to make this day near.
Dr. Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the











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