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July 31, 2012


Mitt Romney Praises his Israeli Masters for Stealing Palestinian and American Fortunes By Hassan El-Najjar  


Romney and Obama Turning America from a Shining City on a Hill to a Virtual Jewish Zionist Fiefdom By Khalid Amayreh


Mitt Romney has a Relationship With Netanyahu, Who Is Known for Recruiting American Spies By Eileen Fleming  


650,000 Illegal Israeli Jewish Settlers and Adelson Versus World Opinion By Mazin Qumsiyeh  


Afghanistan: America and NATO Misadventures By Abid Mustafa  


American Dream Evolving into a Nightmare By Charles Mercieca  


Bodo-Muslim Clashes in Indian Assam and Racist Hindutva Politics By Asghar Ali Engineer  


EU Tells Israel: “Do Your Worst Without Fear of Sanction by Us” By Alan Hart  


Israeli Voters and Zionist Interests Poised to Hijack US Presidential Election By Jamal Kanj  


Lurking Danger: Palestinian Refugees in Syria By Ramzy Baroud  


Massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar-Burma in Photos  


Rohingya Burmese Muslims Massacred, Loosing Hopes By Syed Hassam Ahmed  


The Rise of the US Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition By James Petras and Robin Eastman Abaya  


Zionese Is The Language of Lust for More Wars By Charles E Carlson  


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July 23, 2012


Relocation of Israel to the U.S. State of Montana: The Only Solution for World Conflicts By John Himes and Simon Angelini  


The Disintegration of The Jewish State Has Begun By Gilad Atzmon  


Theft of a Nation: How Racist Zionists Stole Palestine By Paul Balles  


To Congress and AIPAC Regarding The Trees and The Children By Eileen Fleming  


With Predator Drones, Warfare has Reached a Psychotic Stage  By Paul Balles  


Titanic Banks Hit LIBOR Iceberg: Will Lawsuits Sink the Ship? By Ellen Brown


A War Israel is Just Begging for an Excuse to Start By Gilad Atzmon  


Beyond Bachmann: A Challenge for the GOP By James Zogby  


Colorado Massacre and the American Motto of Free, Armed, and Stupid By Lawrence Davidson  


Democracy and Slaughter in Burma: Gold Rush Overrides Human Rights By Ramzy Baroud  


Divide et Impera: The Israeli Social Protest Movement By Uri Avnery  


Have the Occupied Palestinian Territories Become the Native American Reservation of our Time? By Ridwan Sheikh  


How the Zionist Occupation Government Watches Americans' Every Move By Rev Ted Pike  


Israel Legalizing Land Grab of Palestinian Land By Khalid Amayreh  


Nationalism Versus Capitalism in USA: Guess Which One Wins? By Lawrence Davidson  


Netanyahu's Real Goal Is Not Bombing Iran, It's Defeating Obama By Steven Jonas  


Pakistan's Marriage With America Is Unsustainable By Abid Mustafa  


Shame on US University Presidents Who Visited Israel in Support of Apartheid and Occupation By Mazin Qumsiyeh  


The Color Revolutions of Former Soviet Republics By Lincoln A. Mitchell, a Book Review By Jim Miles  


The NRA's Dark Gun Culture By Bill Moyers  


July 9, 2012


Netanyahu to Obama regarding November's election, When we say 'jump' you answer, 'how high' By Franklin Lamb

Ariel Sharon Poisoned Yasser, Period Arafat By Uri Avnery

Death of Democracy in America By Terrence Edward Paupp

The JPM Derivatives Propping Up U.S. Debt, Why the Senate Won't Touch Jamie Dimon By Ellen Brown

Thoughts of an American Muslim on Independence Day By Nihad Awad

Wealthy Minority Profit Equals Majority Poor Loss By Frank Scott

Greece, What Can Be Done By James Petras

Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt: The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood By Yamin Zakaria

Pulling Lebanon Back From the Brink By James Zogby

Opinion Palestinians, Beware False Friends, Such as the Miliband Brothers By Stuart Littlewood

How Americans Interpret International Events By Paul Balles

Opinion Howard Phillips, Enabler of the Zionist Infiltration of the American Constitutional Party By Mark Dankof

Palestinians Want to Know Who Killed Yasser Arafat By Khalid Amayreh

A Post 'Arab Spring' Palestine By Ramzy Baroud

Does the PA want a deal with Israel by hook or by crook By Khalid Amayreh

Anniversary of Gaza Blockade, A State of Siege, and Normalcy By Ramzy Baroud





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