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Lon Solomon and Other Christian Zionists Promote Permanent War in the Middle East

By Charles E Carlson

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 14, 2012


To: Lon Solomon, Pastor McLean Bible Church 8925 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA 22182 Staff members

Dear Pastor Lon Solomon:

Once again we are coming to McLean Bible Church on Sunday.  Project Strait Gate is a mission to the followers of the apostate belief called Christian Zionism, which misleads them to believe they are following Christ … into war.  At stake are millions of potential war casualties, including our own children. We ask you to stop supporting the Washington and Tel Aviv promoted bombing of the people of Iran and the occupation of Palestine.  We will bring this simple message to your congregation:


I want you to understand why we are returning to McLean after our first vigil there in March.  We have studied what you teach, Pastor Lon.  You are selling Christian Zionism that can only lead to perpetual war and sadness in the Middle East.  A study of your sermons reveals you to be inconsistent: you say all people are created equal by God; we assume you include the people in Iran and Palestine.  But the next time you say Israelis, and, in fact, all ethnic Jews, are superior to the rest of us in God’s eyes.

We have read your testimony about the Rabbi who told you, “hell is for gentiles” and  “all Jews go to heaven.”  You claim you rejected the Rabbi, believing salvation is needed to enter Jesus’ Kingdom.  But next you are back on the Rabbi’s track: Israel has all the rights, Palestinians have none, and Jewish children are more dear to God than Palestinian children.

Which  is it, Pastor Lon?  Yours is a more polished Zionist line than crude John Hagee, but it’s still Zionism, and Zionism kills.

•    Your sermon, Origin of he Jewish People, on April 15, 2012, teaches self-contradictory falsehood, distorting the words of Genesis 12:1-3: •    You say the political state of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophesy of three thousand years ago.  But there was no “Israel” when God spoke to Abram; “Israel” was a child born two generations later. Political Israel picked its name out of the bible.  A million Jews and gentiles call their children Abraham today.  Are they all blessed by God on account of the name their parents picked? •    You say God made an "unconditional eternal commitment" (3000 years ago) "to Abraham and the Jewish people" to inherit a specific land territory forever.  But there were no Jewish people then, and Israel simply picked its name out of the bible 64 years ago.  And then you say therefore, the Palestinians cannot have a claim to that land on which they have lived for hundreds of years.  You say it, but the Bible does not say it!  It is only written in man-made footnotes added into certain Bibles. •    You say God made a promise to bless individuals and nations (like our own) if they honor the present day state of Israel, and to lay a curse on those who oppose Israel’s actions. But the Bible does not say God is making promises to political subdivisions run by people who do not even believe in God, or to governments that did not even exist in Abram’s time.  God’s promise (in the King James Bible) is made to “thee,” rewarding Abram for doing God’s will 3000 years ago. You are the one who told us Jews today are secular; listen to your own testimony!

The words’ of Jesus tell us Christ is the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy, not Israel. Jesus does not share that throne with Israel or the U.S. or any other man-made government.  Land changes hands by acts of men (some of which are violent), and God never said he is in the real estate business.  Jesus said he would judge each man for salvation, fulfilling the old Covenant.  Never did Jesus say He would judge countries, tribes, states or churches.

Your own guest speaker at McLean, Mark Bailey of Dallas Seminary, recorded a talk on August 8, that refutes most arguments you make.  He quoted Apostle Paul lecturing the Greeks and Jews in Athens in Acts 17: 24-26 about the equality of man in God’s eyes.  Was not Paul a former Judean, a former Pharisee like you?  He said “there is neither Jew nor Greek…all are one in Christ and heirs to the promise” (of salvation through Jesus).   You seem to want it Paul’s way part of the time, Pastor Lon, but when you speak of Israel, you erect a chosen race that God loves more than the rest of us.  Which is it, Pastor Lon Solomon, your way or Paul’s and Jesus’ way?

If you were only injuring yourself, I would have no complaint.  I fear for those who take you seriously.  They are your victims.  Our prayer is that you will examine your own false and bloody position and make a Christ-like commitment to oppose the continuing American slaughter in the Middle East.  Stop supporting Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

You and your church members should be, but are not, the most peace-seeking persons on the globe.  Jesus is believed by all Christ followers to have said this: “For as much as you have done it to the least of my brothers, you have done it unto me.” He gave examples of both kindness and evil done. (Matthew 24.) 

What, Pastor, are you doing for the least of your brothers but guiding them on the path to war?  War is an act against Jesus, Pastor Solomon.  I hope you will come out and tell me you agree with me on the public right-of-way in front of Mclean Bible Church.  In the future we hope to have a team there regularly until you join us as a pastor for peace and justice for all men.


Toward the Strait Gate, Charles E. Carlson  

For Vigil important details call: Advance 303 238 1168, Day of event call 602 741 4650 Project Strait Gate

Video: Christian Zionists: Praying For War, (

Project Strait Gate

PROJECT STRAIT GATE: We are Coming to McLean Bible Church

What :  Al Quds Day (Jerusalem) Day


When: This  Friday 17, 2012


Where: Dupont Circle Washington DC


Time:   4:00 PM - 6:00


Eugene Puryear, International ANSWER
Mira Bishara, Occupy DC
Rev. Dr. Carolyn Boyd, DC Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ
Shelly Fudge, Jewish Voice for Peace
Damian Fontanez, Students for Justice in Palestine, American University
Charles Carlson, & Strait Gate Christian Ministries
Medea Benjamin, CODE PINK & Global Exchange
Imam Abdul Alim Musa, DC Masjid al-Islam (tentative)
Cynthia McKinney, former Congressional Representative & human rights




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