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While Syria's Doomed Assad Teeters, “Anti-Imperialist” Pretenders Make their Last Stand

By Nureddin Sabir

Editor, Redress Information & Analysis

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 6, 2012

The UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly denounced the Syrian regime's crackdown on the people's revolution.

The resolution, passed today by 133 in favour, with 12 against and 31 abstentions, says "the first step in the cessation of violence has to be made by the Syrian authorities".

Before the vote, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reminded the assembly of the fresh violence in the city of Aleppo and drew comparisons between the failure to act in Syria and past genocide in Srebrenica and Rwanda.

"The acts of brutality that are being reported may constitute crimes against humanity or war crimes," he said of the Aleppo fighting. "Such acts must be investigated and the perpetrators held to account."

Meanwhile, a tiny but vociferous group of ultra-reactionaries and racists masquerading as "leftists" and "anti-imperialists" continues to poison and disinform on behalf of the doomed sectarian regime of Bashar Assad.

Obsessed with imaginary conspiracies, ridden with empty slogans and determined to fight their armchair pseudo-ideological battles until the last drop of Syrian and other Arab blood, these pretenders are now completely at one with the sectarian Alawite clique that has sold the Syrian Golan Heights to its soulmates in Israel.

In 1967 Bashar Assad's father, Hafez – the butcher of Hama and Tal al-Zaatar – abandoned the Golan Heights to the Israelis without a fight. Now Bashar – the butcher of Homs, Hama, Aleppo and all of Syria – has told the Israelis they can keep the Golan in return for convincing the Americans that his regime is the best guarantor of Israel's security on the northern border.

But no more. The Assad regime is doomed. Just as the light of day is sure to follow the darkness of night, it will fall and with it the self-styled "leftist" and "anti-imperialist" pretenders will be exposed for the ultra-reactionary fascists that they are.

The Arab people has erupted and there is no rolling back of their intifada.

But freedom and justice have never been cheap. Along our path to liberation there will be many rivers of blood to cross and mountains of propaganda, disinformation and lies to demolish – the fossilized scum of the ultra-reactionay pretenders and their Russian, Chinese and regional sectarian godfathers.

Soon Aleppo, Homs, Hama and all of Syria will be liberated.

The Syrian people will be free – free to exrcise their inalienable civil and political rights and free at last to liberate the Golan Heights from the terrorists and colonists of the Zionist entity.

And beyond Syria, progressive forces all over the world will be free to build genuine grassroots movements with justice and democracy at their core, unshackled and cleansed from the Stalinists, reactionaries and fascists.

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